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Strange - Request

Requested by anon: Can you do a one shot with Stephen Strange where the reader is jealous of Christine and he reassures her that’s not true and end it with really cute fluff and smut? 

Pairing: Stephen Strange x Reader

Word count: 3.727

Warnings: Smut - unprotected, jealous reader.

A/N: I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I was sick. BUt it’s here now!


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Stephen had been missing for months, and (Y/N) was at the edge of an anxiety attack due to the stress of being so powerless. He had lost everything after the accident, and (Y/N) knew he was willing to give his whole self in order to save his hands, which made things a hundred times worse considering Stephen was impulsive and too ambitious for his own good.

She had managed to keep the apartment in which they lived by spending half of her salary in paying for it. Of course, he had lost everything else, and (Y/N) couldn’t have saved it without filling her own bank account with endless debts, but she wanted to make sure Stephen had a place to get back and call home when he came back – if he came back at all.

Because of her nervous breakdowns, (Y/N) was quite clumsy, and so she had multiple accidents every week. That time, she had fallen off the stairs after imagining the sound of Stephen entering the door. She ran without thinking that she only had one shoe on and now she had a sprained ankle.

“You’ll be fine.” Christine said soothingly as she finished putting (Y/N) the bandage on.

“Thanks…” (Y/N) muttered. Christine was about to leave when (Y/N) stopped her. “Hey, um… have you… You heard about Stephen at all?”

Christine sighed heavily. “Our relationship finished a long time ago, (Y/N).” Christine repeated, “If there is someone that should have heard something about him is you, and trust me, you know more than I do.”

With that being said, Christine left the room.

(Y/N) forced herself to walk, jumping on one foot while trying to keep the other high enough not to touch the floor. A strange alarm called her attention, dragging her eyes to the end of the hallway.

Stephen was there, calling for Christine.

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Look The Other Way

Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Beta: None. You have been warned. :P

Warnings: None that I’m aware of.

Word count: 1978

A/N: This is for @outside-the-government‘s Winter Blues Challenge (Rules Here | Challenge Masterlist Here). My prompt is in bold.

“Explain to me why you skipped coming to see me about this and went straight to this alternative horseshit?” Dr. Leonard McCoy asked you, pulling the curtain back from around the bio bed, the rings scraping against the bar as he flung it closed behind him.

“Don’t yell at me,” you said between clenched teeth from where you were sitting on the bio bed. Seriously, the day was bad enough. Yelling at this point was just unnecessary cruelty.

“I yell because I care, dammit,” he said, quieter than before but certainly nowhere near a regular speaking voice as he approached the bio bed.

“Well, care a little more quietly. I’ve gone blind, not deaf.”  

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  • Raoul: Christine... please marry me!
  • Christine: Woah woah dude... it's been like ten years and you've literally just come back into my life, i don't even know if i know you anymore...
  • Raoul: Yeh but i saved your scarf
  • Christine: it was a fucking scarf Raoul come back to me with a box of chocolates and then we'll see what happens

lovescreepyreadings  asked:

What I don't get is that Stephen actually has the power to control time with the Infinity Stone, yet he doesn't actually use it to fix his watch from Christine. I mean, its broken but you still played around with an apple for a minute and restored the missing page to the Ancient One's book, why not fix the watch? Because it IS SPECIAL!

I’m scared of…rewinding time too much and…erasing what Christine wrote.

I’m afraid that…if I miss the right timing during the ″rewinding”, when I advance time to fix it…the writing won’t come back…because…Christine wouldn’t write that again. I know it sounds stupid, but…even so…

anonymous asked:

Raoul buys a mask one time to wear to a party and Christine withdraws completely. Raoul takes off the mask and sits on the edge of a cliff for a full day. When he comes back home Christine is waiting for him. They cry together and don't talk.

Well shit, my heart is weeping :(
Actually, this would make a great phic anon. Have you considered writing something based on this?


NETFLIX BLURB: After global success, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hugely popular musical drama is captured on film in a lavish production staged at the Royal Albert Hall.

WARNINGS: Mild violence, heavy themes, ugly dude, memes. 


OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: All reviews are done solely for humor and should not be taken seriously ever. If you cannot handle cursing, crude humor and probably some offensive things, pls do not read this.

                    ********************NOW WITH GIFS! ********************

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gotta long lost memory of you holding on to me

gotta long lost memory of you holding on to me [like you’ll never let me go]
for Nonnie, and for Sully’s birthday I suppose. Kurt doesn’t like having the office celebrate his birthday. But doesn’t mind when a certain someone does. Fluffy future fic.

It was great being back on the team. And now just being back on the team, but really being part of the team. After months of being a suspect, and then going from that to being the former suspect under protective custody, and then being under probation to help the team on select cases, and after to that to being on the team but getting the cold shoulder from everyone, it was good to finally be accepted back in as a friend.

It was great being able to go back to having drinks with the girls once a week, to geek out with Patterson over puzzles, to playfully tease Reade with Tasha. And it was especially great to be able to smile at Kurt and get a genuine smile in return.

But some days she still felt terribly lonely. Especially on days like today. Reade was giving a seminar. Tasha was testifying in an old case and Patterson was busy with… whatever Patterson was busy with. And we’ll Kurt was head of the NYO so he didn’t exactly have free time on his hands to just hang out during a slow day.

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Andrew Lloyd Webber is a genius and a gift to humankind i can’t

In the final scene, when Christine and Raoul leave the Phantom, his music box starts playing and he sings along to “Masquerade” while crying. Think of the lyrics though. “Hide your face so the world will never find you. Masquerade, every face a different shade, masquerade. Look around there’s another mask behind you.” “Masquerade” depicts a world in which everyone is wearing a mask; everyone has their own dark secrets to hide, so the Phantom could theoretically eventually live a normal life with everyone someday. “Masquerade” represented the Phantom’s hope for a normal life; his dream to ascend to the beauteous world that his face prevented him from experiencing. He’s crying, remembering his dream, realizing that it has been crushed. And then Christine comes back to give him back his ring and she looks so sad and the Phantom looks at her and says “Christine I love you” and I die and Christine just leaves!!! And so many tears!!!! And then he hears Christine & Raoul singing “All I Ask of You” in the background and it’s so sad so sad so sad.

(Just the title - “All I Ask of You” - at first it’s ironic, because it’s Christine and Raoul’s love song. All they’re asking of each other is to “say you’ll spend with me one love, one life time.” And that’s it, just a simple favor, that’s all they’re asking of each other. Yet when the Phantom asks that (at the end of “Point of No Return”) despite the immense passion and fervor with which he sings and essentially bare his soul to Christine in front of the entire opera audience and people who want to kill him, all he’s asking is for her to love him, a simple favor, and she just can’t. The one thing the Phantom has yearned for, dreamed about, set his sights and hopes on, and he can’t have it. AUGhhhhhh)

And then Phantom follows Christine & Raoul’s duet with his own song - “Music of the Night” - saying, “You alone can make my song take flight! It’s over now, the music of the night.” And there’s such a swell and crescendo and my soul ascends and there’s so much passion and emotion; the Phantom has held all these hopes and dreams for all this time. Christine was his one chance to fulfill his dream of 1) letting his music see the light of day (see “Music of the Night”) and 2) seeing the light of day himself (see “Masquerade” and “Down Once More”). And then Christine is just gone, and his one chance is gone. And Andrew Lloyd Webber conveys this so beautifully because “All I Ask of You” was supposed to always be Christine and Raoul’s song because it’s in major and optimistic but Phantom sings this line (which fits into the melody of “All I Ask of You” beautifully by the way) to the melody of “Music of the Night” - which is exclusively his song; only he sings lines to that melody because he is the one who invented?/found?/discovered? the music of the night and now it’s just him so it’s back to just his song that is beautiful yet was birthed from loneliness. And so now Christine is gone and the Phantom is all alone, back to where he was when he started.

But here’s the thing that kills me everytime - he’s NOT back to where he started!!!! There is character development!!! I’m dead augh. For the longest time I struggled to figure out what “Point of No Return” meant. It’s so meta and amazing and I love it - the Phantom and Christine, singing this amazing duet with such passion while they’re acting in an opera, but they’re also NOT acting in an opera it’s REAL life for them, and aughshgds. I thought it was about Christine being seduced by the Phantom - not necessarily sexually, more so by the music he could give her, and the amazing sensual experience of it (see “Music of the Night”) - and I think it’s up to interpretation that perhaps it is partly about Christine being past the point of no return in that once she’d heard the Phantom’s song she would never be the same again because of how beautiful and thrilling his music was. But then I thought perhaps the point of no return meant that once Christine had seen his face and uncovered his dark secret that she was condemned, she could “never be free” (see “I Remember / Stranger Than You Dreamt It”).

But then I realized: the Phantom wrote “Point of No Return.” It is his song, and it’s about him, mostly, not Christine. The whole opera of Don Juan Triumphant (or at least what we see of it) is about (sexual or not, I think he uses sensuality to convey his point but I don’t think it’s his greater/main desire) dominance and power and authority and appeal - everything that the Phantom tries so hard to have. (Also can we talk about how meta it is???? The Phantom orchestrated the whole thing, planned the whole thing out - just like Don Juan in the opera!!! planning out how he would seduce the girl!!! by tricking them into thinking he was someone else!!!) And it represents what the Phantom’s been trying to do his whole life! He’s been trying to make himself look like someone else in order to get what he yearns for. He tries to give himself the appeal of Don Juan through appearance - a hauntingly elegant mask with a masculine, angular shape, shiny, perfectly combed hair - and displays of power - somehow always appearing when Christine is thinking about her father, making secret doors open and close, knowing all the secret passages of the opera house, singing with a booming, overpowering voice in the opera house without showing himself, launching fireballs at Raoul. So anyway I think “Point of No Return” is about how far gone the Phantom is in his desperate desire to achieve his ultimate dream of normalcy and seeing the metaphorical and literal light of day. By the time he sings this song, he has murdered 2 people, and the fact that he literally delivers this epic song beautifully with such passion and emotion immediately after murdering Piangi indicates how far gone he is - even murder has no effect on his soul or emotions. He wants his dream, and he will do anything to get it, he’s past the point of no return.

Webber (or Leroux?) demonstrates this further in the “Down Once More” part (which i loOOoooOOove by the way). (Side note: when the Phantom sings “down once more… down we plunge… down that path into darkness deep as HELLL” the melody line ascends! SUCH JUXTAPOSITION! Webber is conveying the beauty in the Phantom’s darkness - the beautiful music that has resulted from his dark existence. which raises questions about how do we define beauty? how do we define right and wrong? which is also related to the musical as a whole. but I digress.) In this song, the Phantom finally reveals his emotional vulnerabilities and insecurities to Christine. He sings, “hounded out by everyone, met with hatred everywhere,” and screams “Christine, WHY?!” with such emotional vulnerability, as well as “this face… which earned a mother’s fear and loathing, a mask, my first, unfeeling scrap of clothing.” But voice becomes deeper and stronger and angrier as he sings “pity comes too late, turn around! and face your fate, and eternity of THIS before your eyes.” The Phantom is past the point of no return - no pity can help him anymore, he has lived his whole life hated by everyone and has decided that that is who he is, that is what defines him. When Christine sings the crucial line, “this haunted face holds no horror for me now. It’s in your soul that the true distortion lies”, there’s this moment of emotional vulnerability - the Phantom probably knows this is true, but he’s so far gone he refuses to acknowledge it. His obsession of pursuing his dream has become a delusion for him, as he abruptly changes the subject (“Wait, I think my dear, we have a guest!”) and assumes an enthusiastic voice. Luring Raoul into the trap of his Punjab lasso, the Phantom is once again at his games (sings in the same melody as the Notes n stuff). Raoul & Christine both yell at the Phantom to have pity and compassion and free them. But the Phantom is too far gone, excited by his games (Norm Lewis’s interpretation of Phantom portrays this really well). Webber demonstrates the connection between “Point of No Return” and the Phantom’s mercilessness by utilizing the same melody in the huge climactic moment when Raoul is begging for Christine’s freedom and Christine is completely shattered by what her angel of music has become - the Phantom meanwhile sings a reprise of “Point of No Return.”

So back to my original point about “Point of No Return” - the Phantom is past the point of no return, willing to murder and break Christine’s heart to get what he has his heart set on. And yet!!!! Christine shows him compassion. And there’s a pause. And the Phantom turns around. He thought he was past the point of no return but Christine’s compassion brought him back! And he lets them go free! 

And this brings us back to that part where he’s alone, singing “Masquerade” and crying and then “Christine, I love you.” (Do you see now how circular this whole thing is and why I have to watch/listen to it over and over again??) That “Christine, I love you” breaks my heart every single time. The Phantom has learned what love is, experienced love, and he’s now able to love back. (BUT CHRISTINE LEAVES WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID CHRISTINE UGH)

So like what happens after? I can’t stop thinking about it. Does the Phantom make anymore music? He has to I couldn’t live if he didn’t.

Also on a side note it’s interesting to consider the perhaps biblical significance of Christine, her name having “Christ” in it and she essentially redeeming/saving the Phantom when he truly believed he was past the point of no return.

Also I don’t know how much of this credit actually goes to Webber as opposed to Leroux. I still haven’t read the book but my soul neeeeds to. Perhaps it was Leroux who was the genius behind these amazing subtextual messages. Even so, Andrew Lloyd Webber illustrated it all beautifully and perfectly through his choice of lyrics and melodies and repetition of melodies & etc.

Okay I could write about this musical for days but I’m just going to stop here. Hopefully now I can stop thinking about this for days on end.

anonymous asked:

I've never seen "Love never dies". I've heard ALW ruined the characters and the original story,but do you think I should still see it at least once?

Hi Anon. I think that Love Never Dies is worth seeing, if nothing else because like it or not, it has become part of the discourse of the Phandom.

However, if you don’t want to watch it, but still want to know what happens, I’d recommend watching Christi Esterle’s hilarious Musical Hell review. Actually, watch her review regardless of whether you watch LND, because it will make you laugh until you cry:

In my opinion, LND is an utterly ridiculous, musicalized au phanfiction (reminiscent of a lot of 90s badphic) that bears little to no resemblance to ALW’s Brilliant Original production of Phantom.

Raoul and the Girys have probably suffered the most character assassination, but Christine and Mr. Y (the Phantom’s name in the musical) are drastically different, as well. I think that LND is slightly more palatable to watch if you go from the assumption that it is a standalone musical, and not an actual sequel to Phantom of the Opera, since the amount of change that the characters undergo is far more than even 50 years would produce, let alone 10.

I watched the Australian production of LND once, and I’m glad that I did, though I have no desire to see it again. The music is very pretty, and is the best that ALW has composed since Sunset Boulevard (although in typical ALW fashion, the theme song, “Love Never Dies,” was most likely stolen from Charles Williams’ “Jealous Lover,” which was the theme to the Jack Lemmon film, “The Apartment” — listen here).

Anna O’Byrne and Simon Gleeson are both excellent as Christine and Raoul, and I give Simon Gleeson extra props for making Raoul a sympathetic character, even though ALW and Ben Elton tried to turn him into a villain. Ben Lewis is unintentionally hilarious as the Phantom, and makes some of the most bizarre faces I’ve ever seen outside of a silent movie. The costumes are gorgeous and the sets are lavish, though they went overboard with some of the sets, especially “Beauty Underneath,” making a creepy scene even creepier in all the wrong ways.

The main problem is the plot. I cannot fathom why ALW thought that Frederick Forsyth and then Ben Elton were the right people to collaborate with to write the book. I am convinced that Forsyth and Elton read a bunch of 90s E/C badphics as part of their research, because the plot is an amalgam of a lot of the popular storylines of that day: Christine leaves with Raoul but regrets her decision, so she secretly comes back to Erik and they proceed to have wild, passionate, and mindblowing sex (despite the fact that they are both virgins, and Erik has SEVERE body image issues, but whatevs). Christine becomes preggers, and returns to Raoul carrying Erik’s baby. Raoul then becomes abusive/gambling/alcoholic, etc. and Christine pines for Erik and regrets that she didn’t stay with him (you know, the guy who threatened to kill her fiance if she didn’t agree to marry him, if we’re following the ALW storyline). Then Christine and Erik meet again and reunite passionately, and various madness ensues.

Added to this convolution is the way that Meg and Mme Giry’s characters were handled, which takes a badphic and makes it awful.

I don’t drink, but if I did, I imagine that watching LND would make an amusing drinking game — like, drink every time Ben Lewis makes a crazy face, or drink every time Raoul’s character gets assassinated. In either case, one would probably get drunk pretty quickly.

Another way to watch LND would be to dress up and bring props, like one does for Rocky Horror Picture Show. So one could, for instance, dress up as Bathing Beauty or as a circus freak, and then throw condoms and other contraceptives at the screen during “Beneath a Moonless Sky.” Or perhaps do a floor show, complete with crappy imitations of the costumes, dancing, and lip syncing.

Anyway, the overall gist of what I’m trying to say is don’t take LND too seriously, feel free to enjoy the parts that you find enjoyable, don’t feel obligated to like or dislike any part of it, and if nothing else, watch Christi Esterle’s Musical Hell review, because it will probably make you laugh harder than you have all week.


#recoloring Christine

It’s back!  So I’ve been coming across so many pictures that I never had a chance to recolor, so I’m getting back into the swing of things!  If you have any Phantom pictures you’d like recolored, go ahead and submit them!  You can check out the tag I’ve linked if you’d like to see the pictures I’ve done in the past.  Hope you enjoy!  

Alternate ALW musical ending:

(already posted it in German, but here it is in English)

After the “Past the Point of No Return” duet, one of the policemen fires a shot at Erik, but Christine makes a step forward at the wrong moment and gets hit. Erik catches her as she falls; she is dead before Raoul can make it onto the stage.

The Erik, seeing Christine’s blood on his hands, cries out and flees the scene. We get an “All I Ask Of You” reprise in which Raoul begs Christine  to come back to life. (“Live on - that’s all I ask of you…”)

The final scene shows Erik at the rooftop. He sings “Masquerade” like he does in the Final Lair, but after “Christine, I love you” he flings himself of the roof (Javertstyle!).

And then the lights fade out as we have have a lone violin play “Angel of Music”.

Our Chris is back in the Fleetwood Mac!!! After a few months away from Tumblr and Instagram due to my busy schedule (and NOT because I stopped following her or the Mac), I’m celebrating this great and, finally, OFFICIAL news with all of you, with this new edit. But the best news has yet to come, because on October 21 all my dreams will come true and I’ll be able to see Fleetwood Mac live in Indianapolis (which means that I’ll also be able to see CHRIS and take pics and videos for all of you) thanks to my wonderful girlfriend (and soon to be wife), that I love more than anything else in the Universe. Chris, I’m coming!!!!!! <3 I LOVE YOU, EJB <3

The Underwear Theif

She had first noticed it a few days ago when she was folding laundry. Chris would fold some of her underwear and set it down, look away a Dan then a second later it would be gone. She thought she was just imagining things and she didn’t want to bring it up to her roommate, lest he think she was crazy, but now, now she caught the their in action!

“Come back here you crazy cat!” Christine yelled, running after Milo, her roommates cat that held her underwear in his mouth. How had that cat even managed to get any, she didn’t know, but he wasn’t getting away with it. “Come on! You can’t take those! I actually need them!” Chris was so busy trying to chase him that she didn’t hear the door opening.