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The Friendly Wager (Part 4)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,578

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, unrealized romantic tension, drinking

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?

I’m really behind on posting my parts for this challenge, I’ve got a long weekend, I wanna move this along because I’m dumb and entered another challenge, and I don’t wanna be a PIA for Kait, so I’m posting more frequently. Tags are closed.

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Strange - Request

Requested by anon: Can you do a one shot with Stephen Strange where the reader is jealous of Christine and he reassures her that’s not true and end it with really cute fluff and smut? 

Pairing: Stephen Strange x Reader

Word count: 3.727

Warnings: Smut - unprotected, jealous reader.

A/N: I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I was sick. BUt it’s here now!


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Stephen had been missing for months, and (Y/N) was at the edge of an anxiety attack due to the stress of being so powerless. He had lost everything after the accident, and (Y/N) knew he was willing to give his whole self in order to save his hands, which made things a hundred times worse considering Stephen was impulsive and too ambitious for his own good.

She had managed to keep the apartment in which they lived by spending half of her salary in paying for it. Of course, he had lost everything else, and (Y/N) couldn’t have saved it without filling her own bank account with endless debts, but she wanted to make sure Stephen had a place to get back and call home when he came back – if he came back at all.

Because of her nervous breakdowns, (Y/N) was quite clumsy, and so she had multiple accidents every week. That time, she had fallen off the stairs after imagining the sound of Stephen entering the door. She ran without thinking that she only had one shoe on and now she had a sprained ankle.

“You’ll be fine.” Christine said soothingly as she finished putting (Y/N) the bandage on.

“Thanks…” (Y/N) muttered. Christine was about to leave when (Y/N) stopped her. “Hey, um… have you… You heard about Stephen at all?”

Christine sighed heavily. “Our relationship finished a long time ago, (Y/N).” Christine repeated, “If there is someone that should have heard something about him is you, and trust me, you know more than I do.”

With that being said, Christine left the room.

(Y/N) forced herself to walk, jumping on one foot while trying to keep the other high enough not to touch the floor. A strange alarm called her attention, dragging her eyes to the end of the hallway.

Stephen was there, calling for Christine.

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jeremy and michael go SO FUCKING HARD to queen songs in michael’s basement all the time. they can’t play video games while queen is playing because they get so fucking into it. jeremy’s favorite bonding activity with michael is jamming out to bohemian rhapsody and somebody to love together, whether they’re stoned or sober.

one time they’re driving with christine in the back seat and bohemian rhapsody comes on and they form a little choir with christine for the duration of the song. she hits the high “galileo” notes

Look The Other Way

Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Beta: None. You have been warned. :P

Warnings: None that I’m aware of.

Word count: 1978

A/N: This is for @outside-the-government‘s Winter Blues Challenge (Rules Here | Challenge Masterlist Here). My prompt is in bold.

“Explain to me why you skipped coming to see me about this and went straight to this alternative horseshit?” Dr. Leonard McCoy asked you, pulling the curtain back from around the bio bed, the rings scraping against the bar as he flung it closed behind him.

“Don’t yell at me,” you said between clenched teeth from where you were sitting on the bio bed. Seriously, the day was bad enough. Yelling at this point was just unnecessary cruelty.

“I yell because I care, dammit,” he said, quieter than before but certainly nowhere near a regular speaking voice as he approached the bio bed.

“Well, care a little more quietly. I’ve gone blind, not deaf.”  

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Be More Chill Possession AU: The Basement

“Eagle number one in position, I repeat we are in position,” Jake spoke into the walkie talkie as Chloe rolled her eyes.
“Alright, we’ve just arrived at the mall. You have around an hour before we get back.”
“This is eagle three, I have a visual on eagle two.”
“Great, don’t let them out of your sight Brooke.”
“He’s coming back, eagle two out.” Christine cut off her walkie talkie.
“Eagle one, out.” Jake put the walkie talkie in his jacket pocket before following Chloe towards the Heere household. “Alright, now Christine said there was an extra key-” Chloe ignored him in favor of climbing through the open window and after a few moments opening the front door. “Or you know that works too.”
“Hurry up.”
“Hey, I can only go so fast in these things.” Jake said as he walked through the door. “If I was a creepy psycho computer where would I keep a body?”
“The basement, I think I saw a door in the living room when I came through.” Jake followed Chloe until she suddenly stopped.
“Ow, what the-” she slapped her hand over his mouth, pointing to the sleeping figure on the couch.
“Jeremy’s dad.” They quietly tiptoed, well Chloe tiptoed, Jake tried muffling the noise of his crutches. Slowly opening the door both stopped when the man on the couch snorted loudly before laying back down. “Quiet!”
“Gee, you think?”
“You may be in crutches that doesn’t means I won’t still hit you. Now move it before he actually wakes up.”
“You know that you're​ are my favorite person right?”
“Then why do you keep thinking about that other Jeremy?” Another shock made Michael cringe in pain.
“Please stop.”
“Tell me I’m the only Jeremy you care about.”
“You’re the only Jeremy I care about.” The SQUIP relaxed slightly at these words. At this point Michael genuinely meant it. But it never hurt to make sure he still believed him completely.
“And you’d never leave me.”
“Why would I ever want to leave you?”
“Or this place?”
“I just want to be here, with you.” The SQUIP’s attention was diverted from Michael when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs.
“I’m just saying if we find a dead body and he comes back at that very moment you should be the one left behind. It’s your duty as my boyfriend.”
“The hell it is-FUCK!” Jake’s crutch got stuck on the last step causing him to fall face first on the ground. “Ow.”
“What are you doing here?” Both Chloe and Jake turned to see Michael laying on the ground.
“Michael? We’re here to save you.”
“Save me from what?”
“From the thing, the squid or whatever.”
“Why would I want to leave here?”
“Okay, dude seriously you’re being weird,” Jake said having finally gotten up with Chloe’s help. “Let’s get out of here before he gets back.”
“I’m not leaving.” Michael was standing now, backing away from the two. His eyes looked different.
‘Like Jeremy’s did,’ Jake thought.
“If you don’t leave now I’ll scream and wake up Mr.Heere.” After a few moments of silence Jake was surprised when Chloe took one of his crutches and hit Michael hard enough to knock him to the ground.
“Jesus Christ Chloe!”
“What? He was going to get us caught. Now how are we gonna fit him in your car?”


Royal Albert Hall 2011 - Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, Hadley Fraser

Differences between the RAH and the replica blocking:

#1 and #2: No portcullies, the phantom chokes Christine to keep Raoul away from them, after this Christine falls to the ground and Raoul runs to her.

#3 and #4: Raoul is strangled on the staircase, hence Christine doesn’t run around him. The phantom has to walk up to Christine before he can grab her, this happens much later than usual.

#5: Christine doesn’t walk up to Raoul after ‘shattered’, she just turns around to stop the phantom.

#6: The phantom never puts the veil down, so he still carries it during ‘I gave my mind….’

#7 und #8: The throne is on the other side of the stage, therefore the phantom just sits on the ground. He puts the veil down after ‘make your choice’.

#9: The phantom directly addresses Raoul after he frees him.

#10: Christine stops halfway up the stairs, Raoul comes back to lead her out.

I was asked some time ago to do a RAH gifset and didn’t know how to do it because there are too many differences in the blocking - I can’t ignore them, they are important for the atmosphere of this interpretation but I also wanted to point the subtle acting choices out. Therefore I decided to do two gifsets, in this one you can see the most relevant (imo)  changes from the replica blocking. You can read my opinion under the cut.
(The other gifset can be found here)

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Squip Squad: Summer Jobs

(Hey! I’m back at it again with some headcanons because I love the squip squad so much.)

-Michael got a part time job to help his family out. Though he didn’t want a job just yet, he couldn’t just let his mom work 24/7 on her own.

-He applies at this grocery store across town and starts working right once school gets off.

-He was still too young to do much, so he worked as a stock boy.

-One day he saw Jeremy walking over with this box, and he kinda freaked.

-”Jer, what are you doing here?”

-”Working. I thought it was obvious.” Jeremy says with this sly smile.

-Once he found out Michael was working here, he didn’t want his friend to do it alone so he applied as soon as he can. Surprise

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Concept: LND but it’s called “Revenge Never Dies”. Carlotta lures Christine and Raoul to Spain to get her revenge. She plans on making Christine sing Bathing Beauty and be humiliated. Erik goes after them to alert Christine.
In the end, Piangi comes back from the grave and he and Carlotta walk together to the sunset. Erik stays around to bother Christine and Raoul.

Good Girl - Part 7

Summary: Werewolf!Reader Story. Readers a young doctor and uses her skills to keep her condition hidden, until she transfers to the Enterprise and tries to deceive a certain grumpy Doctor

Bones x Reader

Wordcount: 2130

A/N: Another long one. I rewrote the last part two or three times, bc I wanted to get McCoys Character right. There is some medical BS in there I suppose, but I tried to be as accurate as possible. (I had a beautiful couple of hours reading about mauling incidents). So pls bear with me :)

This could be AOS and TOS

Warnings:  Language, slight Body Horror, Blood, Injury


„Doctor M’Benga, what’s our status?“ - it was the special power of anyone who worked on call, not just werewolves, to get ready, dressed and cleaned of any bodily fluids within about 10 minutes if necessary. That’s how you stormed into the sickbays operation room A - the blue shirt slightly disarranged, hair still damp from a very short shower. You slid into the scrubs on auto pilot to get a look at the scenery.

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real talk: I have a ton of work & exams that I need to prep for and I don’t want anyone to think I’m ignoring them :( as a result my blog’s going to be running on queue for the next week or so!

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Are there any sequels that aren't fix-it fics? Like just stuff about Raoul and Christine adjusting or coping... Like i feel like all sequels have 1) Erik alive 2) Raoul's an asshole or just weak 3) Christine coming back to him either that or Erik is alive and meets a new girl (possibly blind, with a symbolic name).

Ha, you’re not wrong.  A lot of sequels fall into those categories.  I think the reasons are probably something like:

1) Erik is alive.  For a lot of fans, especially of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Erik is the main draw of the story.  He is, after all, the title character, and without him the story would be considerably less dramatic.  I think for the majority of writers, writing a sequel without Erik active in it defeats the point; he’s what they were interested in, and stories often focus on him finding love or fulfillment in some way (”fixing” the fact that the original story left him without getting what he wants, as you note) or on Christine and Raoul discovering that their struggles haven’t yet ended.  I think there are lots of great ways to do stories about Erik after the events of the original story, but you’re right, it’s definitely the dominating force in sequels.  Sequels that focus on the other characters are rarer, which is too bad since there are amazing opportunities there for stories about Christine’s and Raoul’s life together or their dealing with the aftermath and trauma of the main story, about the Daroga and what he does after his focus on Erik has ended, or even about the Girys.

2) Raoul’s an asshole/weakling/deadbeat.  This is a trope you get mostly from writers who prefer a romance between Christine and the Phantom; it’s a way of getting Raoul “out of the way” so that they can have a relationship between Christine and Erik instead.  If Christine were just to leave Raoul for Erik, the reader might not enjoy the plot because it would feel bad that Raoul was being hurt or “unfairly” dumped, but if Raoul is just undesirable or abusive, nobody has to feel bad about him being dropped, and in fact readers might root for him to be “punished” by having Christine taken away from him.  It’s often a lazy device to avoid having to do any character development or plotting that describes Raoul and Christine growing apart or finding that they don’t want to be together, so a writer can skip ahead to the Erik and Christine romance instead.  (It also gives the story a baked-in antagonist if Raoul becomes a Bad Guy, so bonus, you don’t even have to come up with a new conflict or enemy!)

3) Christine or <insert possibly blind OC> returns to the Phantom.  Like #2, this is usually motivated by a desire from the writer to see Christine and Erik be the endgame romance instead of Christine and Raoul, so either he comes up with some shenanigans or she has a change of heart or something else happens, and she decides to come back after all.  This can be done with varying degrees of skill and reasoning - sometimes it’s really neat and moving, sometimes it’s a trainwreck of poor justification or abuse glorification - and it is by far the most common kind of sequel.  If it’s an OC, it’s a more general desire for Erik to receive romantic love from a character (sometimes a self-insert, sometimes just a representative of the love he otherwise doesn’t have during the original story), and they’re often presented as stereotypical Perfect Heroines because they function more as trophies to reward him for his sad life than well-rounded characters on their own.  Which isn’t to say there are never great OC love interests for Erik in sequels!  But they aren’t the majority, in my experience.

And yeah, when it’s an OC who becomes the Phantom’s love interest, there’s a baffling trope where the OC is blind.  I think this comes from a desire on the writer’s part to give Erik a love interest who doesn’t have to struggle with his physicality because she can’t see it anyway and who can therefore be unconditionally loving and ignore a lot of his conflicts from the original story, but in practice it often comes across as lazy, since it’s just a way of not dealing with the Phantom’s issues so much as avoiding them completely.  I personally usually prefer coming up with a reason the character loves Erik for himself including his physical disabilities, so I always find the “is unaffected by/unaware of said disabilities” feels a little like a cop-out.  (Also, the disability of the blind OC is often glossed past and not addressed, and it feels uncomfortable for it to just be presented as a way of avoiding the Phantom’s problems without any acknowledgment of how it affects the OC herself.)

While these sequels do technically fulfill some of those tropes, you might want to try some of them anyway:

Christine by Althea Liu - This is a sequel with Erik still living and Christine returning, but it focuses on Christine translating her experiences into becoming a new and somewhat startling character, and the romance isn’t the focus.

Beauty and the Opera, or The Phantom Beast by Suzy McKee Charnas - A sequel with Christine remaining with the Phantom, but with motivations and discussion of why she might choose to do so and how her relationship with Raoul might change.

Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera - A video game rather than a book, but the plotline is a sequel which involves Christine and Raoul long ago having built a happy life together, and the Phantom’s vengeful ghost targeting not them but their adult daughter.

  • Raoul: Christine... please marry me!
  • Christine: Woah woah dude... it's been like ten years and you've literally just come back into my life, i don't even know if i know you anymore...
  • Raoul: Yeh but i saved your scarf
  • Christine: it was a fucking scarf Raoul come back to me with a box of chocolates and then we'll see what happens

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[There’s a ‘ding’ sound.]

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