christine glade


OK, shameless self-promotion here. But one of my favourite things is to see others wear Phantom costumes I’ve made. It’s like… if I wear these costumes myself, or see them on the mannequin, it’s a quite static experience. But when I see them on others they suddenly become alive. And that’s <3 Here’s some favourite photos, compared to stage costumes that inspired the replicas. 

Row 1: Elissa skirt, US style. Here photographed in Las Vegas on an awesome gal. She had made a spot-on Hannibal Slavegirl costume and also wore an actual Degas wig. What a perfect combo! Basically all of the photos we took turned out great. 

Row 2: An European-styled dressing gown I made for Selentiny some 10 years ago. She had made the golden collar underneath herself and looked so beautiful in the full outfit. 

Row 3: Aminta costume, European style. This one has never looked better than when @enchantedseastudio wore it in Las Vegas. Seriously! It was extra cool that she had made a Don Juan robe for the same event, and we were able to take photos of the two together. 

Row 4: Sylvan Glade, European/World Tour style. @christinesphantomblog recently rocked this costume SO HARD in London. I mean, look!