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BMC Characters As Things I've Said While Doing Illegal Things


Jeremy- “Am I allowed to stand up or is that weird?”
Michael- “I can’t tell if it’s from the drunk, but I’m gayer than ever right now.”
Rich- *crying about the one time I ate a lobster and how it ‘stared’ at me*
Chloe- “She needs to stop, and like, I hate her face, stop her, I’m so mad like can she just stop getting in everyone’s business?” *insert 5 more minutes of angry high rambling*
Brooke- *paranoidly runs into CVS to spray on perfume to cover the scent of weed, only to panickingly spray deodorant onto my jacket, not realizing the perfume was right next to the deodorant, and continuing to speedwalk out of said CVS*
Jake- “Guys. Stop saying fish are dumb. They probably can understand us and feel bad about themselves and- oh my god they can’t cry because they’re in water already.” *cries for 30 minutes*
Christine- “I sing better when I’m drunk.” *continues by belting out showtunes*
Jenna- *laughing uncontrollably because someone said they needed their 'ralph machio helmet’ as they tied paper towels around their forehead*


“Are you sweet on Barb? Us too. That’s why this year, in search of an alternative to the sickly-sweet Valentine’s Day content we’re all accustomed to, we called in our favorite candy conjurer, Christine McConnell. And boy, did she deliver.”

Christine McConnell’s Stranger Things Valentine’s Day spread, full article at

You know what, Booth and Brennan will always be my #1 otp because they gave me so much as a couple. I mean, I’m not talking about sex or smut because that’s fanfiction material (like you go girl, want to see your fave ship bang on a piano? go and read that !!!! that’s what that website is for) but everything else. The ‘platonic’ aspect of their relationship has always been the best part of their dynamic to me, but they were still able to overcome that phase and be a family. This being said, that original dynamic has never been compromized, not to me at least, because when it comes to the important stuff, Booth and Brennan are still partners first, they are still the people they would give up their life for, they would fight for each other. While the majority of other ships kinda change once they get together. Booth and Brennan never completely changed, so much that people complain because they’d rather have them being romantic the 100% of the time. I don’t. Also, it’s the little things that matter to me, like it might sound stupid, but I find it extremely adorable and precious that Brennan knows Booth by knowing his injuries. Every time something happens, she’s able to compare factures and other stuff to Booth’s. And that’s so IC, that’s something I really want to see because it’s them. And it’s been this way since she first found out about his past in 1x15 and it never changed. She imagined him on that autopsy table in 11x01 by looking at the bones, just like it happened on 12x04 with Aldo and in other many occasions. Brennan saying like I know that because of your brain tumor. She knows his brain scans. YAAAS. Give me this stuff. Give me Booth and Brennan that can’t sleep without each other at night when one of them is struggling with something, give me them talking about taking someone’s life and carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Give me them hurting each other to save each other. They would never cheat on each other or hurt each other because they want to. They only do it because it’s the only way. Yaas. Screw sex, just give me this stuff.


“I used to tell Walter, ‘Never start a fight… but always finish it.’ I didn’t start this fight… but by God, I’m going to finish it.”

The original Phantom of the Opera really is not that problematic tbh it’s just some people take the story out of context and see it as bad.
Christine was a strong female character who saves HERSELF, Erik did the right thing in the end, their relationship was told how it was (unstable and unhealthy) instead of pulling some twilight shit. And Erik, a very CLEARLY mentally ill character was actually written pretty well especially when you consider that the time period the book was written in. He was the villain but his illness was used more to explain why the way he was rather than the reason for his actions. Most stories even today can’t portray mentally ill villains without sending the message that mentally ill = evil. Gaston Leroux however was somehow able to accomplish that in the 1900’s. (unfortunately though people still list being mentally ill as being the main reason Erik is the bad guy)

That’s not to say that some of the adaptations don’t send bad messages though. (see the rat fetish movie for example)

  • What I Used To Think Phantom Was About: There once was a kind and musically gifted young man. However, there was a fire at the theatre where he performed and he was tragically disfigured. This turn of fate led him to wear a mask and live underneath the stage, becoming the dark, mysterious, romantic Phantom of the Opera. Eventually, a girl meets the Phantom and falls in love with him. However, her father, who owns the theatre, hates him and doesn't want them to be together.
  • What I Now Know Phantom Is About: Crazy homicidal man kidnaps woman and wants to blow everything up also he can sing good

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Hey Christine! @mtsheetmusic did a cool thing to celebrate a follower # milestone where she had followers send in videos of them singing and she dissected their performance/technique, almost like a mini voice lesson. I'd love to see you do that, maybe for your next follower milestone or big life event!

I personally don’t like working just based on a single video like that unless it’s critiquing an audition song. There’s so much that goes into technique that I find it difficult to just give a few quick statements on what’s wrong and how to improve it. Unless I’m working with you, how is “your support is off so you need engage into the diaphragm on the initiation of sound and sustain through the phrase” going to make much sense? Furthermore, I really don’t like jumping into parts of technique people aren’t ready for–for instance, someone’s vibrato may be laggy, but the journey to fix that is long and complex, and me just telling them their vibrato is laggy doesn’t help, nor does me coming up with some fake, quick solution. Part of what I do in lessons is build a vocabulary and a toolbox of information to help people become curious and knowledgeable about their voices, and it’s incredibly difficult to just give some quick tips and circumvent all of that. I don’t think I’m serving the singer or myself with this kind of advice.

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So i had to go to the hospital today and they had to take blood and give me a lot of meds and it got me to think what if bones got hurt and had to go to the hospital and they did the same things to him and hes kinda loopy and keeps complimenting jim

((cont)) And spock and flirting and asking them on dates and jim and spock explain that they are both married to him and bones says something like good lord i hit the jackpot or something like that. I just need this. Could someone right a fic of this?

imagine bones being helped up by nurse chapel and hes pulling on her hair and saying things like ‘chris-ch-christine nurse chap-stine did-did you know that i have a *hic* husband???? two of them????? a *hic* mazing look how pretty they are’

and jim is cracking up while spock blushes

Modern Day Christine and Meg out on the Town!

The whole time I was drawing this, I was just picturing something like:

Meg: The Slavemaster just texted me.

Christine: Add that to the list of things I did not need to know about your love life.

Meg: Oh shut up, I know you remember Sergei. He played the Slavemaster when we were in Hannibal!

Anyways, I just really wanted to style/design some cute spring outfits for them. I also gave Meg voluminous curls because she could so pull it off. And for rendering practice. I stuck with Meg’s Masquerade color scheme for this and the Wishing one for Christine, just cuz.

More Modern Day Phantom here.

after all this time, he’s finally learned to love

I’m so fucking pissed off, they all know Christine is a fucking liar. She’s lied to literally everyone. They even know that Zach didn’t say half the things that Christine claimed he did, yet they’re doing exactly what she wants and voting him out. 

Why would you get rid of Zach and deplete your numbers when you know another person in your alliance is untrustworthy and will need to be cut soon?