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Squip Squad's Prom Night

More squip squad headcanons because why not here’s the squad at prom ✨

-Michael asks Jeremy in the nerdiest way possible by getting him dozens of flowers and singing him an 80′s love song

-he’d do it in private tho bc he wants the moment to be shared with just the two of them 

-Jake wants to prove to everyone that he’s brave enough to ask Rich to prom rather than the other way around

-the squad teases him like “you’re always so nervous to ask Rich out on dates you’re never gonna do it” so it becomes his mission to ask Rich first

-the boy is sO NERVOUS LIKE “RICH YOU’RE A REALLY COOL GUY CAN YOU COME WITH ME TO PROM OR WHATEVER” and he shoves Rich’s favorite chocolates in his face before burying his face in his jacket

-of course he says yes and jumps on his boyfriend to cover him in kisses

-Brooke asks Chloe by stopping by her house with an arrangement of her favorite flowers and favorite frozen yogurt flavor (of course) and has Jenna film Chloe’s reaction

-Chloe would actually start crying and tells Jenna to stop filming bc she can’t stop herself from crying over how much she loves Brooke

-Christine doesn’t really want to go with anyone special, but she notices Jenna doesn’t have a ticket and looks really sad (mostly bc Jenna feels really insecure about hanging out w everyone and thinking that no one wants her there) so she runs over excited and is like “hey Jenna!! I noticed you didn’t buy a ticket to prom yet!! Wanna go with me and the squad?? It’ll be super fun I promise! We can hang out together!!” and Jenna’s just kinda like ???? “whatever sure” 

-at prom, Jeremy arrives in a bow tie while Michael wears a worn down jacket from the 90′s and a tie and he drives them there in his car

-Rich, Jake, Brooke, and Chloe arrive together in Brooke’s mom’s car

-Christine wants to give Jenna the best night ever since she was feeling so down and insecure about going that she rents the two of them their own limo

-after a while at prom, Jeremy starts to get nervous with all the people and both Jeremy and Michael get bored anyways so they leave a few hours early

-they go home, get in their pjs and get stoned together while happily falling asleep in each other’s arms

-back at prom, everyone’s dancing super hard, but Christine notices Jenna off by herself on her phone looking very uncomfortable

-Christine goes to ask what’s wrong, but Jenna doesn’t feel like talking about it, so Christine decides to cheer her up by suggesting they pull pranks on everyone on prom

-they’re little harmless pranks like putting a fake bug in someone’s cup, or tapping someone’s shoulder and quickly running away but they cheer Jenna up and she ends up having an amazing time anyways

-Rich notices what they’re doing and decides he wants in, but takes it way too far by doing insane pranks (pulling down people’s pants, telling people their car was set on fire, etc)

-the entire time he’s pulling his pranks, Christine and Jenna are just like “RICH OH MY GOD N O”

-Rich is the one kid who ends up spiking the punch bowl

-Brooke and Chloe eventually get bored of dancing as well and end up hiding in the storage closet kissing and just talking to each other the rest of the night

-Rich and Jake have the most fun dancing the entire night, but about an hour before prom is over, Rich gets caught pantsing someone and gets kicked out, so everyone decides to leave early because of him

If someone drew any of these scenarios I would literally cry of happiness 


Christine Plymouth Fury, 1958 (movie 1983).  From the movie based on the Stephen King novel about a evil, sentient car. Apparently (according to wikipedia) 17 cars were built for the film, because of the relative rarity of the Fury some were modified from Belvederes and Savoys. A number of cars were destroyed during filming and only 2 “Christines” survive, both in the hands of collectors

Christine Falling - “The Babysitter From Hell” murdered 5 neighborhood children in Perry, Florida between 1980-1982.

Due to her appearance and mentality, Christine was unable to carry a job, thus resorting to babysitting for her neighbors and relatives. On February 25, 1980, two-year old Cassidy Johnson was rushed to a doctor’s in Blountstown, presumably suffering from encephalitis. Unfortunately, little Cassidy had passed away only three days later. An autopsy discovered she had died of blunt trauma to the skull, leading Christine to explain that the child had simply passed out and fell from her crib. Though these claims were largely unconvincing, the case was quickly closed.

Once arriving in Lakeland, Christine had taken four-year old Jeffrey Davis into her care. The boy had “stopped breathing” according to Christine, and an autopsy revealed he had symptoms of myocarditis, a hardly fatal heart-inflammatory disease. Just three days later, while attending Jeffrey’s funeral, Christine was ordered to sit by two-year old Joseph Spring, a cousin of the deceased. That afternoon, Joseph had died in his crib while napping. Physicians had noted a viral infection which might have killed Jeffrey as well.

Christine arrived back home and soon took up caregiving once again in July of 1981. She tried her hand in housekeeping, but 77-year old William Swindle died in his home the first day of her job.

A short time later, while accompanying her stepsister and her eight-month old niece, Jennifer Daniels, to the doctors for a standard checkup. Christine’s stepsister had stopped at the market on their way home, leaving Jennifer and Christine alone in her car. Shortly returning, she discovered that Jennifer was unconscious, with Christine simply explaining that the baby had “stopped breathing.”

Seen as a victim of unfortunate circumstances, this quickly changed on July 2, 1982, when 10-week old Travis Coleman died in Christine’s care. This time, however, the autopsy showed that the child bored signs of evident suffocation. Christine was finally taken in for questioning, where she readily confessed to killing three children by means of “smotheration,” doing so because of disembodied voices telling her to kill the children.

It’s crazy to think several people had to die without others being skeptical of the girl, but alas, she was sentenced to a term of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for 25 years.

Squip Squad at the carnival

(So I’ve been thinking about this all day and had to write)

-The squip squad planned to attend one all summer, and they finally got to go on the week before school.

-Everyone put their money together to get a huge supply of tickets for rides and games.

-Jake and Rich are very competitive. They competed in almost every game they saw, no matter how stupid they may look.

-The two of them are always neck to neck on who wins each game, but Jake usually walked away with the prizes. He never made a big deal about it though.

-However, when Rich wins that’s a whole different story. He may be small, but he can shout really loud.

-”Did you thee that? I won sucka!”  

–Rich clings onto his prizes like it’s a lifeline. If you even do as much as bump into the plushies in his hands, he’ll glare at you with death in his eyes.

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