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thots on christine brecht

I don’t hate her as much as most people seem to, like I’m not mad at her for trying to flirt her way to that COIN honey, she wasn’t that strong of a player to me, like I think it’s be interesting to see her play again and after what she went through leaving the house and getting booed n national TV I think she deserves another chance
(There have been far worse players both personality wise and strategically that have not been booed, but applauded sooooo)

Remember when Julie called out Aryan Gries and Christine Brecht in their exit interviews. Why does Julie never hold the men accountable for their behavior. The most hypocritical was when she called out Christine for her relationship with Cody inside the house and I’m sitting at home like “Bitch, your husband was married to another woman and you started an affair with him! Are you serious? You used to be a journalist for fucks sake.” Christine held someones hand and pet him on the head. Frank can literally assault women in the house and not get booed on exit or called out in interview. Victor was mad at Natalie for her eviction message and all she said was maybe you’ll learn to treat women better. Julie should have been like “roll video” and shown him the receipts.

Paulie and Corey should get fucking torn to shreds on their exits but they probably won’t because of straight white male privilege.

CBS really is the channel for old straight white people. Year after year they fail at representing POC, LGBT & WOMEN characters on their scripted series’ and each year they say its something they’re going to do better at and then they don’t. Watch, their new shows in Fall will all have a straight white male character as the lead.

This message brought to you by a white guy.


There is also Training Day (TV Show) coming to CBS this Fall with a black male co-lead but I guess CBS does not want to promote it with the rest of its shows which all have white male leads.

Things HGs have actually done to Zach:

  • Framed him for the Team America stealing things mission (and used him for every other one)
  • His own alliance members have wanted him out since he pretty much started it
  • Made up lies about his character (such as he hits women, i.e.)
  • Made fun of his weight
  • Physically threatened him (Christine/Vic saying they want to chop his balls off, i.e.)
  • Used mental illnesses to make fun of him
  • Arianna Grande’s brother blatantly told him he as going up, then gave him false hope (Also got away with breaking the rules like what the hell cbs)
  • Cody/Christine lied about what was said over the fence to them (Thank you Derr I <3 you for telling the truth)
  • The hat thing with Victoria
  • Talked a bunch of shit about him 24/7
  • Blamed him for everything (Cody blamed him for his zing? Like wtf how could he have anything to do with it you fucking idiot?)
  • Pretty much isolated him at this point

Things Zach has actually done to HGs:

  • Called Nicole a Froot Loop dingus
  • Called Christine a floater
  • Stole a cueball
  • …?

And who gets painted as the heroes by CBS, and who is the villain?

Fuck these HGs (other than Zach/Donny precious angels), fuck bb16, and fuck CBS