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I remember being surprised that Jay’s only reaction was to praise Kim for her shooting abilities, but my mind didn’t fall down a what-does-this-mean-for-jay’s-past rabbit hole until I was rewatching for Addendum-writing purposes. 

Dealing With Change

I remember the first day of school on a foreign campus in a classroom full of new students. I was excited to start at a new school, but I had no friends in class and I had no idea what this new experience would be like. This common experience of starting over in a new environment impacted me more than any other major event in my life. I learned to reach out and say hello to the people around me instead of sitting alone quietly like I always had before. I learned to make friends, a skill that I never needed growing up with the same people around me. I learned new subjects and began to enjoy school. But most of all, I learned that the world was not just my old school, my hometown, and my family and friends. I discovered a new side of myself that thrived in a new, strange environment. Although I encountered some challenges, they forced me to live and learn in ways that I had never been pushed to before.

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