christinas hat

silverfae16  asked:

For the pixel scribbles, could you draw Christina Kuroda? Thanks in advance! ^^

The stripes, the skirt, the bowtie? Clearly this lady is a mafia queen pin. BC Sol is a front for heinous criminal activity! There is no other explanation for such impeccable fashion sense!

Really though, does Christina’s outfit somehow remind anyone else of 1920s gangster fashion, or at least the Halloween costume version of it? Or am I just seeing things.

Multiple Fandoms: Gryffindor Edition (with main trait)

I really want to know the current state of Niall’s hair. He’s been wearing that hat for 84 years. What’s happening under there? Is it all brown? Is he trying to grow a manbun and it’s an awkward length right now? Did Smelly shave a heart into the side of it while he was sleeping? Is it full of secrets? Is Harry living under there? WHAT THE FUCK
—  niallcotics asking the important questions