yahalreadyknowme asked:

Can I just tell you how adorable I think it is, that you asked Pat on a date? I realize a lot of girls LOVE The Maine. They love their music, and they think the guys are cute. It's understandable. But, I read your post about Pat, and as weird as it was I could sense you really liked him. & I think the two of you would be ADORABLE together. The fact you were brave enough to ask him on a date actually showed a lot. Because, many people (including me) aren't courageous enough to do it. I can only imagine how nervous you were, and the fact you took that risk is just another baby step.

Sorry, if this came off creepy! But, I promise I didn't mean it to. <3

awww ajsbdvhads thanks so much. it was so hard for me to do. i put if off until he came back out later and i was afraid he wouldnt come back out and it was just so weird until i got him alone and then it just because natural. 

it wasn’t creepy at all dajbas i love it when people say we would be cute together i just like him so much and i cant believe people think we would be cute together and actually care about my crush ahahah