This might be my first official blog entry. It’s just starring at me in the face. What to write about? What is this blog going to look like in two weeks? Will I even keep up with it? Ahhhh too many questions. I don’t even know yet. The future is bleak. Who’s going to read it? Will people I know read it? That’s scary to think about. If you can’t tell already, my tone is somewhat serious, and sarcastic. My mind is already starting to draw blanks. Booo. I really don’t want to start off with an introduction. For now I’ll just say that I am pretty much smitten with the Brits. 

I’ve already watched the whole series of “The IT Crowd”. And now I find myself re-watching it. It’s only about 4 seasons. But each season, just got funnier and funnier. Also watching it makes me miss “Doctor Who”. So, I might re-watch that again. Quite frankly, there aren’t any shows on TV that I’m watching. I was somewhat watching “Castle” on and off, and “Bones”. I mostly watch tv shows from netflix, hulu, or amazon. So yes, the brits. I ended up watching some bloopers on YouTube, and finding other British shows. They say that the Brits are cold when it comes to their emotions. But I do love their cheekiness. And gotta love the accents too. 

Alright, so we got something to post now. Covered tv shows, brits, and maybe how lame my life can be? Just kidding. Sort of. I have nothing else begging to be written. So how’s about I leave you with a nice polaroid picture I took last week? Yea!

External image

If you haven’t already noticed my tagline…I’m FROM CHICAGO. So here’s a view from my friends apartment balcony on the goldcoast. 

Are you guys watching anything awesome, that I should I be watching too?