christina marie

“Just Friends”

Word Count: 5,738 (holy crap! I’m so proud of myself!)

Warnings: fluff, swearing

Request: Anon: u and daniel are ‘just friends’ and u are joining the wdw boys and a few of the girlfriends to go on holidays, but ur scared of flying and u didn’t tell any1 and now ur sitting next to daniel and ur grabbing onto him and snuggling into him and he loves it !! blurb or imagine

Request 2: Anon: that daniel imagine could be so cute, like after the plane the romantic tension between the pair on the holiday, like throwing each other into pools, skinny dipping just cute cute u kno and everyone can see it too, it’s so obvious that there is something there

A/N: again, thank you anon for keeping me in my lane. i was smiling the entire time i was writing this. i don’t think i’ve ever wanted a boyfriend as much as i want one after writing this. just letting you know, i make some accidental wdw song puns. it was not intentional, but i didn’t feel like fixing it. xoxo

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Happy birthday

Jonah Marais Roth Frantzich

I love u so much. You mean the world to me, u opened up my eyes and showed me true happiness in this cruel world. You gave me the will to go on and i will forever owe u for that. So I just want to say thank u for being the amazing person u r.

Happy birthday my love.❤❤❤

You [banging hands on the table]: Why are men always spitting all over the sidewalk?! Do men create more saliva than women and need to get rid of it? Are they marking their territory? What’s going on?

Christina [sipping on her lemonade] : No, they can’t swallow because it’s gay.

WDW boys: [choke]


The 2003 VMAs were quite something : Madonna and Britney locked lips in front of millions, Snoop Dogg brought some semi-naked girls on leashes, Lindsay Lohan was drug free

Dating Jonah Marais would include…

Requested: not requested, I was just bored

  • frickin cute nicknames like: baby, munchkin, SWEETHEART ALL THE TIME
  • Hickeys… like yes please, all over
  • Hickeys yet again
  • Like low PDA just probably hand holding
  • Lots of jealousy from his side; if ANYONE (even Corbyn who’s head over heels for Christina [queen]) looks at you a second longer than needed, he’ll raise the PDA to 101%
  • Sex is just… fluffy if you know what I mean- he’s gentle, he calls you beautiful every two seconds, he holds your hips while doing it…
  • He’s a big fan of cuddling since he’s a cuddly bear… (I wanna cuddle him so bad)
  • He loves it when you play with his hair
  • Lots of tears from both sides when he has to leave for tour…
  • Your best friend is Daniel (Jonah’s often jealous of you two)
  • Loving Minnesota (his place)
  • Him loving your country and your family
  • His family adoring you
  • Him basically adoring you…