christina's house

300k on house hunters: here’s a shack, you might be able to afford paint.
300k on fixer upper: here is an Irish castle that was moved brick by brick from it’s oceanside cliff. We can completely update it, with new appliances, and three pools. We’re also going to make it really personal for you and invite you to hang out at our cool farm.
300k on flip or flop: We bought this studio at an auction. It doesn’t have a ceiling, the walls have holes, and there is a family of racoons living in the floor. We’re going to cover everything in granite and sell it for a million dollars.

Christina se enamora de Lincoln, quien lo diria, el chico loud logro conquistar a su amor, bien solo me falta maggie, pensaba hacer el harem numero dos con tdoas las chicas secuandarias con nombres oficiales antes de ir por las Qt, saben sobre otra chica con nombre oficial? si es asi, respondanme para asi comenzar con el segundo harem :)

Christina falls in love with Lincoln, who would say, the loud boy managed to conquer his love, well I just need maggie, I thought to do the harem number two with all the girls with official names before going for Qt, know about another girl With official name? If so, answer me so start with the second harem :)

4 Loud House Yuri Ships

Here’s Some Yuri Ships I Find Interesting (No Loudcest Included!!)

1. Lenrol (Leni Loud x Carol Pingrey)

2. Lunartino (Luna Loud x Ms. Dimartino) (Yeah.. You Never Heard Of This Ship, But If You Dislike This Ship, That’s Fine!)

3. Luaggie (Luan Loud x Maggie) (Im Surprise That This Ship Is Popular!)

4. Lynnstina (Lynn Loud X Christina) (I Felt This Ship Is Underrated..)

What Do You Think?

Multiple Fandoms: Gryffindor Edition (with main trait)


Some Loud House ships that aren’t creepy!

Lincoln and Clyde
Mom and Dad Loud
Lori and Bobby
Clyde’s dads
Lincoln and Christina (okay, maybe that one is a little creepy)
I would have included Ronnie Anne on this list but she hasn’t appeared on screen yet.

Anyway, we need to agree on some ship names.


The Cast of “House of Cards”


Crown Prince Carl Gustaf now King of Sweden with his mother and sisters