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Request: ‘Hey! I wondered if I could request 47,42,60 with the song Express by Christina Aguilera’ 

Lyrics are in italics and so are the prompts

Genre: Fluff, Burlesque

WARNINGS: Dirty minded HYDRA agent, non descriptive pole dancing,  Bucky being charming, Avengers out for the night, Reader being flawless (because you are) 

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

“Remind me again why we let our youngest Avenger do this?” Tony was heard through the com. 

“Because I’m the only one who knows how to do it, Tin Man.” You responded while walking in the burlesque bar, wearing a casual outfit of jeans and a loose t-shirt. “And because I’ve been bored out of my mind without any missions.”

Walking a good twenty paces behind you were Steve and Bucky, dressed in fancy office wear clothing to blend in so they’d look like they were average customers. You flicked your hair back before discreetly pointing towards the bar so the two super soldiers would sit there and would be able to watch the target’s moves. The guy you were there to get information from, worked for HYDRA and hang out a lot at the place and his name was Victor Slakov. Slakov always took a ‘lucky’ stripper home and you were hoping you were the one tonight. 

Tony and Clint were dressed up in a tuxedo each to match the dress code for the VIP zone, quietly scanning the club below for the target, and commenting on clientele patterns. Bruce was staying by the quinjet in case he couldn’t keep his cool.

“Remember why you weren’t allowed in a mission for so long?” Natasha spoke. She got the bartender job for the night along with Wanda since they both knew their way around a bar. 

“Just because I was telling the truth he tried to shoot me. I don’t see how that was my fault.” 

“You say that like you only corrected his times.” Wanda talked this time, making you roll your eyes as you were entering your dressing room. You said your hello to your boss and locked the door. 

As you were changing Clint spoke up. “You know this is the most we’ve been told about that mission. What happened?” 

You smirked as you shimmied off your sports bra and swapped it for the top half of the lingerie set. “I told the French President’s head of security that I wear heals bigger than his dick whilst we were under heavy fire.”

You changed your bottom half and looked at yourself in the mirror. The lingerie set complimented your body perfectly and to be honest you looked even more flawless than you already were. Nobody was used to seeing you like this, all dolled up. Of course they wouldn’t see you in your underwear only, but they almost never saw you with make up on or with a different hairstyle other than your basic stylish messy ponytail. It made them wonder how you could be so beautiful already, and what you’d look like all dressed up. Well, this was the night they’d find out. 

“Y/N are you dead?” Clint said through the com, shaking you out of your trance. 

“You wish.” You smiled at yourself in the mirror and you were certain he heard the smirk in your voice and his eye roll was audible. 

Not really.”

The song was rolling to a close which signified it was your turn to show up. You made your way to the dancefloor through the five second blackout and walked slowly over to the pole. 

It’s a cold and crazy world, raging outside.

You swang yourself around on the pole to get a feel for it after being away from it for so long. 

Well baby me and all my girls are bringing on the fire.

Turning your head to the left you saw Tony and Clint with a shocked look on their faces. Tony took off his FRIDAY moderated glasses and was struggling to keep his jaw from touching the floor, whilst Clint’s open mouth turned into a smirk.

Show a little leg, gotta shimmy your chest. 

 Natasha and Wanda were watching your hips swaying to the beat before you grinded back against pole, throwing a wink their way. 

It’s a life, it’s a style, it’s a need, it’s Burlesque. 

You glimpsed over to Steve and Bucky, as you climbed the pole and leant back removing your hands from the pole; their eyebrows raised and mouths turning up slightly in a smirk, boosting your confidence up to where it needed to be. You flipped and spun yourself around the pole, way up from the floor.

E-X-P-R-E-S-S, love, sex

Ladies no regrets. 

E-X-P-R-E-S-S, love, sex

Ladies no regrets.

You gave a wink to the dancer to your right. Your focus was then on the guy you were originally here for, Victor Slakov. He was seated in the front, right in front of your pole and your big sultry eyes never left his tired and red ones. 

Been holding back for quite some time and finally the moment’s right.

You danced to the music, doing your flips and aerobatics on the pole, silently praising yourself for taking those classes. 

I love to make the people stare

“Guys are you seeing what I’m seeing?” Tony said, his mouth never really closing from the moment you showed up. 

They know I’ve got that certain savour-faire

“Oh sweet Jesus. I’m about two and a half drinks away from being gay.” Natasha was the one to speak this time. 

“I’m already gay for her.” Wanda whispered loud enough for the comms to broadcast it so everyone in the team could hear.  

Fasten up

Can you imagine what would happen if I let you get close enough to touch.

“Come on t-team, we’re here f-for Slakov; no other r-reasons.” Steve stuttered. 

Step into the fantasy

Tony snorted. “Speak for yourself, Captain.” He muttered into his glass.

You’ll never want to leave, baby that’s guaranteed

“My, my Y/N.” Bucky whispered.


Teasingly, you licked your lips and and made eye contact before winking at the soldier. Unfortunately, you couldn’t play around with the guys anymore since you were making your way down the dancefloor and over to Victor.

It’s a passion, and emotion, it’s a fashion, Burlesque

It’ll move you, goin’ through you, so do I what I do, Burlesque

All ladies, confident, flaunt it boys throw it up if you want it

You continued to strut your way, swinging your hips till you were seated in his lap.

Can you feel me, can you feel it? It’s Burlesque.

I tease them till they’re on the edge

You gave him an, explicit, lap dance until you were seated comfortably on Slakov’s lap facing forward. 

You rolled your hips once more for good measure. You arched your back against him and wrapped a hand around his and brought your lips level to his. 

“You know,” You snapped those hips slightly, feeling him hard beneath you. “These aren’t the only tricks I have.” 

He smirked and responded in a gravelly voice. “There’s a room upstairs with my name on it; I would love to see any other tricks you have.” He punctuated his statement with a squeeze of your hips. You slipped languidly off his lap and he stood, taking your hands in his and climbing up the stairs. 

You winked to Steve, making sure the team knew that you were successful. There were ‘fuck’ rooms on the floor above, for when a customer liked what they saw and the dancer did. Entering the room he had reserved, he spun you around and onto the bed. He trailed open mouthed kissed down your jawline. Deciding to get this over with, in the blink of an eye you flipped him over so you could straddle him and pulled the knife that had been in his blazer pocket out. 

“You always carry this with you?” You asked in a playful voice, idley twirling It around your fingers. 

“I keep it just in case of some… difficulties occuring.” He watched mesmerised as you switched hands. 

“What sort of difficulties, sir?” You were going to be teasing the hell out if him until you got the information you and the team came for.

He smirked. “My job doesn’t come without risks, DC’s a dangerous place.” 

You widened your eyes innocently. “DC? I know DC well; where about’s?”

“Palisades? Heard of it, kitten?” He gave you a dirty smirk and you refrained from shuddering in disgust.

“Yes, sir.”

He bucked his hips into yours involuntarily, causing you to smirk; you were good when you wanted to be and damn, did you know it.

“Potomac Avenue is where I was earlier, baby girl.”

“Thank you sir, for your help.” You purred with your voice low before rocking forwards and pressing the knife to his throat before pulling a cable tie for his wrists. “Now, sir, if you don’t mind.”

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … 

The ride on your way to the tower was silent, as you had gotten rid of Slakov to the federal agents there for retrieval. There worst part of it all now was that you could feel all of your team mates’ eyes boring into you, and since you didn’t have time to change back to the clothes you arrived with, your were still wearing the lingerie with a short length silk gown which barely covered your behind because it was the only thing you could grab before storming out once you got all the info you needed. 

“If you guys don’t get your eyes off me I’m going to be in with a serious chance of crashing the quinjet.” You chuckled slightly, uneasy at just how much attention they were giving you despite the silence.

“How did you do that?” Tony asked from the seat directly behind you, next to Natasha. 

“Do what?” You questioned, looking back over your left shoulder to look at him. Bucky from beside you in the seat next to the pilot’s answered your question. 

“He’s talking about the fact, Y/N, that you look so innocent around us, wearing Steve’s and mine sweaters and having your hair up but just magically turned into a sex bomb out there, dressed in lingerie with your hair down.” 

You smirked whilst shrugging. “It’s just part of the package, Barnes.” 

“Mind showing me the whole package in my room tonight, doll?” Bucky whispered so only you could hear.

“God, your charm just doesn’t stop does it?; that was smooth, James.” A sultry tone slid off your tongue without you thinking about it. 

Bucky subtly crossed his legs at you tone. The men laughed at his predicament whilst you chuckled with Wanda and Natasha.

“Don’t you even for a second think I didn’t notice all of your guys’ boners.” All of the guys stopped immediately, too embarrassed to even move leaving the girls to be the only ones left laughing. “Or that I didn’t hear the conversation on the comms earlier.” 

You were the only one left grinning to yourself as the tower came within sight.


An interwoven set of mixtapes for Victor and Yuuri.





5/14/17 EDIT: Gah! I forgot that I had swapped a song and rearranged a few for Victor’s list to have it make more chronological sense since I typed the list by hand. The link was correct and this post now has the right songs

problematic things about grey’s anatomy:

  • ruins every ship
  • kills everyone
  • alex had such nice character development and now hes the bad guy again
  • deluca sucks ass
  • jolex is shit
  • miranda freaking bailey didn’t side with alex
  • owen just wants children and Christina 
  • why
  • meredith only deserves the best
  • alex and meredith are the only ones left
  • alexs work with peds is so underrated
  • alex and meredith deserve to have their waffle sundays FFUCk
  • alex and meredith would be good together
  • who decided minnick was a good character to add

I know this is a long shot, but I’m wondering if you guys might be able to help me out so here it goes.

I read Wonder when I was in college and immediately knew I wanted to read it to my future students, but I haven’t been able to do that yet because I only have my copy of the book. I know that sounds silly. Just read form the copy, right? Well, I personally can’t process something unless I can see it. When people read things to me, I can rarely understand what I’ve just heard without looking at it myself, and I’ve had plenty of students who were the same way. I’ve also had students who are tactile learners and need to use their finger/a pencil/a line guide to follow along on an actual page.

PLUS, I don’t just want to read the story to them. I want to use it to teach my standards. I want them to be able to break into groups and discuss, reread parts of the book, put sticky notes in the book, etc.

Unfortunately, I can’t do any of this without more copies of the book. And I just don’t have the funds to do that because I need 25 copies to be able to supply one to all of my students.

My school only gives each teacher a $100 credit to a local school supply store. Everything else comes out of my pocket (I literally spent $50 of my own money yesterday to upgrade the seating in my classroom, and that doesn’t even come close to how much I’ll spend to get my classroom ready for this coming school year OR how much I’ll have to spend throughout the school year).

So this is where you guys come in. If any of you are willing to donate a copy of Wonder to my classroom, I would be FOREVER grateful. I don’t care if it’s hardcover or softcover, new or used. I just need copies for my students to read! You’ll be helping to provide a child with a wonderful story!

Here’s the link to my wish list (that’s literally just copies of the book): BOOKS

(If you are able to purchase one, it gives you the option of sending it to my address. Please don’t forget to do that.)

If you aren’t able to donate a copy, please share this!! Thank you all so much!

Songs to get fucked to:

Best ones are in Bold/Italic letter

  • She - Zayn (Mind of Mine)
  • Wrong - Zayn (Mind of Mine)
  • TIO - Zayn (Mind of Mine)
  • Strange Love - Halsey (Badlands)
  • Young God - Halsey (Badlands)
  • Outside - The Weeknd (Trilogy)
  • Good For You - Selena Gomez (Good For You)
  • Chill - Trey Songz (Intermission I & II)
  • Ride - SoMo (SoMo)
  • Hold Tight - Justin Bieber (Journals)
  • Slow Motion - Trey Songz (Slow Motion)
  • Often (Kygo Remix) - The Weeknd (Often Kygo Remix)
  • Nasty Naughty Boy - Christina Aguilera (Back to Basics)
  • All That Matters - Justin Bieber (Journals)
  • Rocket - Beyoncé (BEYONCÉ)
  • Robbers - The 1975 (The 1975)
  • SEX - The 1975 (SEX EP)
  • We Can Make Love - SoMo (SoMo)
  • Sex on fire - Kings of Leon (Only By The Night)
  • Do I Wanna Know? - Artic Monkeys (AM)
  • Earned It - The Weeknd (Fifty Shades of Grey)
  • Trust - Justin Bieber (Purpose)
  • Pillow Talk - Zayn (Mind of Mine)
  • Make Love - Chris Brown ( Royalty)
  • Back To Sleep - Chris Brown (Royalty)
  • Dangerous Woman - Arinana Grande (Dangerous Woman)
  • Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? - Artic Monkeys
  • R U MINE? - Artic Monkeys (AM)
  • Arabella - Artic Monkeys (AM)
  • Dark Times - The Weeknd ft. Ed Sheeran (Beauty Behind The Madness)
  • Angel - The Weeknd (Beauty Behind The Madness)
  • Valerie - The Weeknd (Trilogy)
  • English Love Affair - 5 Seconds of Summer (5 Seconds of Summer)
  • Good Girls - 5 Seconds of Summer (5 Seconds of Summer)
  • Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen
  • Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless
  • Only - Nicki Minaj ft Drake and Lil Wayne ( The Pink Print)

playlists for the signs pt. 2







Fiction is truth, even if it is not fact. If you believe only in facts and forget stories, your brain will live, but your heart will die

Arthur Blackthorn, Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

the signs as love songs
  • Aries: "Endlessly" by Green River Ordinance
  • Taurus: "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis Presley
  • Gemini: "The Only Exception" by Paramore
  • Cancer: "Halo" by Ane Brun
  • Leo: "Arms" by Christina Perri
  • Virgo: "Kathy's Song" by Simon & Garfunkel
  • Libra: "The Blower's Daughter" by Damien Rice
  • Scorpio: "To Make You Feel My Love" by Mick McAuley and Winifred Horan
  • Sagittarius: "Northern Downpour" by Panic! At the Disco
  • Capricorn: "I Believe" by Stevie Wonder
  • Aquarius: "Sweet Creature" by Harry Styles
  • Pisces: "Falling Slowly" by Glen Hansard

keepingupwiththeblackthorns  asked:

hey again cassie! so you answered whether emma will tell julian and mark the truth about the parabatai curse, but what about christina? i don't think emma will tell her either, but christina is very intuitive and she already knows that emma is actually in love with julian. what kind of feelings can we expect from her on this emmark thing? support mixed with a bit of jealousy, maybe, bc of her own feelings? will there be changes in their (her and emma's) relationship? love your work, xo <3

Cristina is an interesting situation, because Cristina is the only one besides Julian and Emma who knew they were in love, as Emma confided in her. Therefore is Cristina very likely to believe Emma flipped her affections so suddenly? That to me is the question!

“A Lesson in Love” Soundtrack
  1. Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson
  2. The Emotion by BØRNS
  3. Breakable by Ingrid Michaelson
  4. Girls Chase Boys by Ingrid Michaelson
  5. TALK ME DOWN by Troye Sivan
  6. Blindsided by Bon Iver
  7. Caffeine by Kalina Tyne
  8. Fallingforyou by The 1975
  9. Four Walls by Broods
  10. Winter by Joshua Radin
  11. distance by Christina Perri feat. Jason Mraz
  12. Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran
  13. Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish
  14. Stolen by Dashboard Confessional
  15. Force of Nature by Bea Miller
  16. This by Ed Sheeran
  17. I Found by Amber Run
  18. Ultralife by Oh Wonder
  19. Drive by Halsey
  20. What I Really Wanna Say by Nicole Serrano
  21. Next to You by Of Rust & Bone
  22. Is this Love? by James Arthur
  23. Survey by Erin McCarley
  24. the words by Christina Perri
  25. Say Something by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera
  26. Dynasty by MIIA
  27. The After You by Miakoda
  28. Don’t Forget About Me by Cloves
  29. In My Veins by Andrew Belle feat. Erin Mccarley
  30. Lovesick Mistake by Erin McCarley
  31. Tattoo by Hilary Duff
  32. Unrequited Love by Yuna
  33. Broken Over You by Grace Mitchell
  34. Never Leave Your Heart Alone by Butterfly Boucher
  35. Can I Be Him by James Arthur
  36. Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer
  37. Breathe Again by Sara Bareilles
  38. The Only Reason by 5 Seconds of Summer
  39. Killing Me To Love You by Vancouver Sleep Clinic
  40. Dreaming with a Broken Heart by John Mayer
  41. Fix You Up by Tegan and Sara
  42. Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons
  43. Matches by Cash Cash & ROZES
  44. Where Does the Good Go by Tegan and Sara
  45. Let It All Go by Birdy & RHODES
  46. Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl by Wet
  47. I Hate U I Love U by gnash feat. Olivia O’Brien
  48. Should’ve Been Us by Tori Kelly
  49. Tears Dry On Their Own by Amy Winehouse
  50. Sad Beautiful Tragic by Taylor Swift

Playlist link here

*Massive thank you to @whothehellisbella for coming up with more than half of these songs and for the amazing cover photo. And special shoutout to @viollettes for contributing a few songs too. 

Friends Part 3

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1790

Warnings: Fluffy so much fluffy

Thank you @amrita31199 you are amazing. 

credits to the gif owner

Part 1 Part 2

You have been waiting in the parking lot in the car for the past 15 minutes, in 5 minutes Dan will arrive for your date and you don’t know if you’re ready for it. Sure, Dan was a great guy, he was nice and funny and polite. But there is a part of you that is hearing Bucky’s words in your brain over and over again and as much as you try you can’t silence it.

You hate how insecure you feel right now, what if Bucky was right and Dan was using you for some ulterior motive? Or if Dan was drunk and regretted asking  you for this date? You try to calm yourself down, thinking about all the possibilities in the worst case scenario “You went to another failed date and you had an overpriced cup of coffee” you think.

You get out of the car when you see Daniel coming down the street “You look beautiful.” He says you can’t help but blush, you are wearing some jeans, with a white shirt and flats. Nothing that deserves such a compliment “You look nice too, black really make your eyes pop.”  He smiles shyly at you, having almost the same reaction as you with the complement.

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Slow Hands is that song that you put on when you’re still only half dressed and wandering around your room in a shirt and underwear and you dance slowly around, mouthing the words, hands in your hair, fingers sliding down your neck, playing with your bottom lip, your hips moving with the beat, slow sways, and singing to yourself like you’re starring in the damn music video


“Sometimes God allows terrible things to happen in your life and you don’t know why but that doesn’t mean you should stop trusting him”
—Christina Grimmie

Today one year ago we lost an incredibly talented singer. A role model. And above all an angel.
Today one year ago we lost Christina Grimmie.
I’m still heartbroken.

I wish for her family to find peace and to know that there is so much love for them all, despite the time that has passed since our initial heartbreak.

Let’s celebrate Christina by listening to her new posthumous Album “All is vanity”.

Christina i love you and miss you.
You will never be invisible.


maddmusic reference

this is what i use, i’m only sharing what i experience as i experience it. it might me different for everyone, but i hope this helps 💙

* paradise / coldplay
* oh ms believer / twenty one pilots
* soon / thumbelina
* astronaut / simple plan

* how does a moment last forever (montmartre)
* shouldn’t come back / demi lovato
* dark paradise / lana del rey [warning: this song tends to trigger extremely depressing daydreams, i only resort to this when i’m already feeling significantly sad)
* colors (stripped) / halsey
* the house that built me / miranda lambert
* danny boy / declan galbraith (can be interpreted as parent and child or separated sweethearts relationship)
* bottom of the ocean / miley cyrus
* talking to the moon / bruno mars
* never grow up / taylor swift

* sorry / halsey
* almost is never enough / ariana grande ft. nathan skyes
* just give me a reason / p!nk and nate ruess
* wildest dreams / taylor swift
* need you now / lady antebellum
* the heart wants what it wants / selena gomez
* she will be loved / maroon 5
* hey there delilah / plain white t’s
* what to do / demi lovato
* the last time / taylor swift ft. gary lightbody
* someone like you / adele
* back to december / taylor swift
* cosmic love / florence and the machine
* heart attack / demi lovato
* daylight / maroon 5

* mirrors / justin timberlake
* summertime sadness / lana del rey
* look at me / carrie underwood
* love alone / katelyn tarver
* if you told me to / hunter hayes
* come on get higher / matt nathanson
* when i look at you / miley cyrus
* wanted / hunter hayes
* everything has changed / taylor swift ft. ed sheeran
* a thousand years / christina perri
* all of me / john legend
* catch me / demi lovato
* fearless / taylor swift
* marry you / bruno mars
* begin again / taylor swift
* i see the light / tangled
* young love / kip moore
* death of a bachelor / panic! at the disco
* ours / taylor swift
* let me be your wings / thumbelina
* more than miles / brantley gilbert
* a year without rain / selena gomez
* bright / echosmith
* state of grace / taylor swift
* without you / lana del rey [warning: comes with feelings of dependence on paras, may break the fourth wall]
* drive / halsey
* starlight / taylor swift
* if i lose myself / onerepublic
* salvatore / lana del rey
* can’t help falling in love / ingrid michaelson or twenty one pilots or céline dion or elvis (the original singer)
* malibu / miley cyrus

* treacherous / taylor swift
* pillowtalk / zayn
* take me to church / hozier (especially sinful vibes with this one, watch out)
* wildfire / demi lovato
* casual affair / panic! at the disco
* lust for life / lana del rey (seriously recommend this song, not only is it aesthetically pleasing and sexy but it’s also full of hope and general positive inspiration)
* miss jackson / panic! at the disco
* criminal / britney spears
* crazy in love / sofia karlburg or beyoncé
* stars dance / selena gomez

* already gone / kelly clarkson
* jar of hearts / christina perri
* paper doll / john mayer
* goodbye / miley cyrus
* mine would be you / blake shelton
* when i was your man / bruno mars

* hold me down / halsey
* ballad of mona lisa / panic! at the disco
* gasoline / halsey
* teen idle / marina and the diamonds
* habits / tove lo
* chandelier / sia

* set fire to the rain / adele
* trouble / halsey
* grenade / bruno mars
* wild one / i am harlequin
* nicotine / panic! at the disco
* dear john / taylor swift
* stay / rihanna ft. mikky ekko
* i’m low on gas and you need a jacket / pierce the veil (super emo, suicidal vibes, highly emotional and poetic lyrics)
* love the way you lie / rihanna (there are 2 parts, i personally prefer part 2)
* teddy bear / melanie martinez (her music generally tends to focus on children’s lifestyle which can be creepy and seem pedophilic and i have mixed feelings about her but this one is kinda okay. just warning you in case you’re sensitive to it)
* dollhouse / melanie martinez (same with this one, i actually really like this one)
* cold as you / taylor swift

* clean / taylor swift
* i’m not a robot / marina and the diamonds
* if i die young / the band perry (it’s a reminder of the aftermath of suicide)
* warrior / demi locator
* human / cher lloyd
* human / christina perri (they’re different songs)
* fight song / rachel platten
* try / colbie caillat (on female body image and standards)
* scars to your beautiful / alessia cara (also female body image and standards)
* wide awake / katy perry
* saturn / sleeping at last
* lovely / twenty one pilots
* carry on / fun

YOU’RE MY HOME + FAMILY OF FRIENDS + PLATONIC ROMANCE + JUST HANGING OUT (with a hint of friends with benefits)
* sweater weather / the neighborhood
* love / lana del rey
* she looks so perfect / 5 seconds of summer
* team / lorde
* we are young / fun
* this is what makes us girls / lana del rey
* tennis court / lorde
* 22 / taylor swift
* LA devotee / panic! at the disco
* holy ground / taylor swift
* forest / twenty one pilots
* royals / lorde
* new romantics / taylor swift
* i’m yours / jason mraz
* house of gold / twenty one pilots
* castle on the hill / ed sheeran

* castle / halsey
* how to be a heartbreaker / marina + the diamonds
* heathens / twenty one pilots
* blank space / taylor swift
* dangerous woman / ariana grande
* control / halsey
* can’t be tamed / miley cyrus
* national anthem / lana del rey
* primadonna girl / marina and the diamonds
* centuries / fall out boy
* emperor’s new clothes / panic at the disco
* circus / britney spears
* music to watch boys to / lana del rey
* defying gravity / idina menzel
* homewrecker / marina and the diamonds
* off to the races / lana del rey

an extra bit of advice:

-follow up a series of dark/sad themes with a few happier themes
-try not to engage in the violent/depressing themes, but i know sometimes it’s just too hard to resist, so when you just *have* to daydream violence and the like, if it gets too intense for your health, cut off the music, take a little break, put on a happier song even if you don’t feel like listening to one yet
-please turn the volume down, darling
-drink water!! take breaks
-if you cry, it’s okay

i hope this helps!! sorry to the boys, these are mostly directed @ girls cause i’m a girl and so is my parame :// if you’d like to request more themes, drop them in my inbox or leave a comment and i’ll see what i can do for you!!

An annotated compilation of some of my favorite love songs

listen here  )

Be My Forever – Christina Perri (feat. Ed Sheeran)

“We’re on top of the world now darling so don’t let go…”

This song is one of my favorites by Christina Perri. It’s fun, quirky, and most importantly it features Ed Sheeran (plus Taylor Swift’s laugh towards the end) It’s the ultimate story about a couple who sees themselves being together forever. My favorite lyric is “You’re my bright blue sky // You’re the sun in my eyes // Oh baby you’re my life // You’re the reason why” because it describes that feeling of true love and how magical it can be.

Give Me Love – Ed Sheeran

This song is basically 8 minutes and 46 seconds of pure magic. When I first came across this song I couldn’t believe such a thing existed. It may not be as uplifting as the previous song, but I feel that its story of hopeful romance is really heartwarming and Ed’s way of turning lyrics into something so powerful really puts me in his position of needing love. It is incredible to see how he can take simple phrases and reword them into something so thrilling. When he says, “paint splattered teardrops on my shirt” instead of simply saying he is crying is just crazy to me. This song is one of my favorites by Ed and it is my go-to song whenever I need to calm down.

Fearless – Taylor Swift

“In this moment now // Capture it, remember it”

Throwing it back to Taylor’s country days, this song is a love story about being fearless and not knowing why. “And I don’t know why, but with you I’d dance. In a storm, in my best dress. Fearless” This song is about when you just can’t help how you feel about someone, and you’re nervous and scared, but also excited. It’s cute and really captures the story of someone who just can’t control how they feel. It’s totally a classic T-Swift love song.

From the Ground Up – Dan + Shay

This song is the definition of true love. It’s the story of Dan and Shay’s grandparents, and how they built their love step by step and grew old together. The song starts with, “Grandma and grandpa painted a picture of sixty-five years // And one little house // More than a memory // More than saying I do // Kiss you goodnight’s and I love you’s.” These few opening lines are so powerful because it shows how much love means to them and how their love is not just “saying I Do” at their wedding, but it’s all of the work and effort they put into it. This song is different from other Dan + Shay songs, because most of their songs are the type I would roll down the windows to in the middle on the night during the Summer, but this song is beautiful and meaningful.

Perfect – One Direction

Okay yes, judge me all you want, but I love this song for multiple reasons. 1) It is totally about Taylor Swift and 2) It is actually a really cute story. It’s basically a song about not being the typical “Mr. Perfect”, but being perfect in his own way. It lists off things that aren’t ideal for a boyfriend. “I might never be your knight in shining armour // I might never be the one you take home to mother // And I might never be the one who brings you flowers.” But then it continues into the reasons why he is perfect for this specific girl. “If you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms // And if you like having secret little rendezvous // If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do //Then baby, I’m perfect // Baby, I’m perfect for you.” It’s funny and cute and really gives the listener a sense of the crazy relationship that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift shared.

How Would You Feel – Ed Sheeran

This song literally just came out tonight, and after the first time I heard it I automatically fell in love with it. I love how Ed starts by saying, “You are the one girl, you know that it’s true.” This song is so beautiful and I really love how Ed’s music has evolved into music about pure love, rather than the heartbreak he used to sing about. I love how he says, “Love flows deeper than a river, every moment that I spend with you.” It’s exciting to see his music grow and this song only makes me more excited for his album coming out in March.

All of the songs in this collection share one main similarity in the theme -  Love. They are all different in genre and sound, but they all share the same focus of falling in love, finding a soulmate, or being totally wrong and right for a person at the same time. Each artist brings something different to the theme, but they all leave you with one message – love is inevitable.

DIVA - a Kaikaina Grif fan mix

Die Young - Ke$ha // Cheap Thrills - Sia // On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull // Gimme More - Britney Spears // Lady Marmalade - Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, Pink // Tag, You’re It (mashup) - Melanie Martinez vs Lady Gaga ft Beyonce vs Ariana Grande vs Britney Spears // Sail - AWOLNation // Royals - Lorde // Burn - Ellie Goulding // Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? - Arctic Monkeys // You Know I’m No Good - Amy Winehouse // Diva - Beyoncé

Cover art by @iceslime

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Got7 reaction to you being able to sing

The boy was astounded to walk in and hear angel singing. Then when he found the source of the voice he was even more shocked to find how beautiful the person with the voice was. You were simply recording a guide vocal for a song you were working on for another artist, but Mark’s entrance was unexpected and shocked you, that is till he started blubbering about how amazing you were. Let’s just say that now you were working on a song for Got7.

You two had been dating for only four months, but he still knew he had deep feelings for you. These feelings grew deeper when he got to where you two were meeting for a date. He was going to sneak up on you while you had headphones in, but when he heard you softly singing along to the song he froze in place and stood there till you finished before tapping you on the shoulder and demanding why you had never mentioned that you sang. Now he was insisting you two do a duet sometime and you knew he wouldn’t let it go.

The puppy had asked you to do a song while you hung out with the other members for a karaoke night. You had been happily listening to your friends either singing very well or very unwell when Jackson shoved the mic in your hand and picked out Big Bang’s If You. No one expected that you would actually do good since you never expressed that you had an interest in music aside listening to it. After that night Jackson’s crush on you only grew bigger.

This boy was salty after hearing you. He thought that it was unfair that you were so beautiful and then to find out you could sing like Christina Aguilera! He complained and nagged, but he was also thinking of how he could sneak a recording of you to listen to when he was on the road performing. You also complained because these were the feelings you always expressed to him when he sang, but he brushed that aside and continued pouting even though he and you both knew he loved it.

After he found out you could sing at all the real battle began. He tested your range and who could hold the longest note and then demanded a duet to put up on YouTube, even though you two were a secret thing, but the boy was madly in love with you and your voice. He asked for song after song. You suddenly became a human jukebox, but enough was enough so when your throat began to hurt you let him know. It was a mistake though as soon he was practically shoving tea and cough drops down your throat claiming he needed to protect the angelic vocal cords.

We know he can’t sing, but when he found out you could. This boy got hype. He actually started working on raps more and insisting you come up with melodies to accompany him. He even showed off a song you two had recorded to the boys and even JYP himself. Everyone admitted you were good and he happily bragged that you were his best friend, and he then wanted to be more as he realized your voice had caught some of the members attentions after all.

This kid was worse than Youngjae. He wanted you to sing everywhere. He wanted you to record your voice for him when he was away, he wanted you to sing him to sleep, he wanted you to sing when you were relaxing together. When he was learning a dance he insisted you learn the words so you could sing while he danced. You sang more while being with Yugyeom then you did before you met him. He loved you though and when he noticed you getting tired he would tell you relax and take a break.

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