christina rae


tribute to my fav girl rae. check it out <3


“If any of you are voting for or supporting Mitt Romney today, I want you to go find the nearest woman, look her in the eyes and tell her, “I am voting for Mitt Romney because my tax break matters more than your healthcare and well being. I would rather save a few dollars than make sure you continue to have equal pay for the jobs you do. I do not feel guilty about stripping you of your fundamental rights.” I want you to find the nearest gay couple and tell them, “My personal beliefs mean more to me than your lifestyle. I am perfectly okay with someone legally and forcefully divorcing you for my own selfish views.” I want you to find the nearest orphaned child and say, “We are going to flood the adoption system and the odds of you getting adopted are going to plummet. We will not allow gay couples to adopt you, and we will cut the support budget for parents that would like to take care of you, making your adoption even more unlikely. You will probably rot in the system until your eighteenth birthday.” I want you to find the nearest rape victim and tell them, “Your rape was a gift from God. It was meant to happen and you have no right to be upset. With my vote today, I will make sure that the man who forcefully sexually assaulted you will have parental rights over the child you are no longer allowed to abort.” and then kindly realize that your reasons for voting for that awful man are pure shit.”-anonymous