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Christina Radish will be interviewing Arrow EP Wendy Mericle, so be sure to get your Oliver, Felicity, and Olicity questions in.  You know the drill: Ask about stuff you like, don’t mention anything you don’t. Submit your questions here.

Don’t be shy, Oliciters. Ask all your questions.  Even if someone has already asked it, ask it again.  the more interest they see in certain topics, the more likely the question will be asked.

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Our sources on Twitter have told us varying degrees of information regarding Klayley and on whether Klaus will have a romance soon.

First there is the interview Christina Radish who interviewed Michael Narducci (my future husband) on whether Klaus would have a romance.

My associate HannaFangirls got the scoop. These were the questions asked and the answers.

This was the response

Close the book on one thing before opening the book on another, she says. From what I’m seeing on the show it can’t be Cami because Cami is not currently in a relationship nor is she actively seeking any out other than Klaus, nor is she half in love with anyone else. Klaus is currently single and Klaroline was closed long ago. Klaus promised to never come back and Caroline now has a relationship with Stefan. Klaroline has been closed and both Cami and Klaus are single so what exactly about this relationship is hindering them from being together? Absolutely nothing.

My associate HannaFangirls speculated that maybe she meant close the book on Hope being in danger before Klaus pursued a romance. But I responded Hope has always and will always be in danger. Hope has been in danger since day one when witches tried to kill Hayley and the baby. Hope’s never not going to be in danger, nor the Mikaelsons for that matter. If there is no danger then the plot becomes stale and doesn’t really add any drama or suspense. Also if Klaus  and everyone else was too preoccupied with Hope being in danger to not pursue a romance then he would never randomly visited Caroline and Haylijah would have never happened.

From what we know close the book on something means close the book one one story. The story of the Mikaelson being in danger or Hope being in danger will be a continuous plot. They can’t close the book on that. However what they can close the book on is a relationship, which actually pertains to the question. The only person who is currently in a relationship, and is torn between two men is Hayley.Jackson and Elijah are her main love interest. However, I think we all know Jayley won’t last and Haylijah when asked by a interviewer Kristin D Santos if Haylijah was the shows love story,  Julie Plec responded that Haylijah was the shows not meant to be couple. So if Klaus is having a romance these are the only relationships that need to be closed before pursuing Klayley. No one else from what we can see is in a relationship that would directly be related to a Klaus love story. So this leads me to believe the romance they are planning is Klayley.

When a rabid Klayley asked Michael Narducci when would Klayley happen,
this was his response

Michael Narducci I don’t respond to shipper questions. It helps me to think of our characters as individuals. I don’t want to identify w/ any single shipper fandom. Not sure why anyone would want a writer to spoil the excitement of their story still being told.”

This post was then later deleted.

This was very interesting because as many of us have seen before Narducci has continuously answered Klamille questions, however when Klayley questions are asked the writers say they can’t release spoilers. Even in simple questions such as will Klaus and Hayley get along or will we get any good Klayley scenes in future episodes. The answer is always we can’t release spoilers.

What was very interesting about this was Narducci saying he doesn’t understand why anyone would want to spoil the excitement of their story still being told.




This is very interesting indeed. What is also very interesting is the rumors that Joseph and Phoebe were the first ones casted for the show and that he is the male and she is the female lead.

But what is the most interesting is how soon after Narducci tweeted this he quickly deleted it. Did Narducci know he spilt too much tea?

A few weeks ago when Julie Plec was asked about the future of Klayley this was her response

Hmmm.. all of this is very interesting

But what is the most interesting is how she said in the long run of the series. She also said right now Hayley is torn between two men, so to throw in a third would be complicated. Could this be use to refer back to what Christina Radish said  Narducci said? Close that Jayley and Haylijah book Julie. CLOSE THEM BURN THEM NEVER OPEN AGAIN!

But the long run of the series