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The Game of Thrones

Title: The Game of Thrones

Category: Merlin
Character(s): Arthur & Morgana

Words: 3,561
Genre(s): Romance/Angst
Rating: Rated: M
Summary: SPOILER ALERT FOR SERIES 4 Inspired by the new trailer, Morgana and
Arthur finally meet upon the place they both deserve… the throne of Camelot.
One Shot Rated M for good reasons! ArMor!

Of Prejudice Magic & Love chapter 16 ~ In A Gloomy Place

Title: Of Prejudice Magic & Love
Category: Harry Potter
Character(s): Harry P. & Hermione G.
Chapter 16 Title: In a Gloomy Place
Words: 7,993
Genre(s): Romance/Family
Rating: Rated: M
Summary: Century AU fic. Miss Hermione Jane Granger & Mr. Harry James Potter
must marry for their respective reasons… problem is… they must marry each
other in a time of Prejudices, Secrets, Sensibility, Freedom and Duty…How on
earth will they survive?…