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’Powerless: Sinking Day’ Review


We may have our own Clark Kent in Alex / The Olympian in the office. That he turns out to be just a normal person like the rest of us doesn’t matter. Listening to Jackie (Christina Kirk) lust over him may be one of the highlights so far.  Her character is just jaded enough that I could see her working within ‘The Addam’s Family’.  She’s definitely one of the reasons I keep coming back. 

Sly reference to Trump aside, It’s nice to see some actual problems within the DC Universe being looked after in the form of Ace Chemicals coming for something that Wayne Security to create.  That the Kane family is running Ace Chemicals is just another fun little mention.  It’s good to watch a show that could slam us over the head with references chooses to do it in smaller ways.  

It’s interesting that Van Wayne (Alan Tudyk) is the most developed character on the show.  You wouldn’t necessarily expect Teddy, Ron, or Wendy to have much in the way of character development yet, we are only three weeks in.  The same could be said for Jackie, though she’s had a fair amount of screen time.  Yet I feel more vested in all of the above than I do in Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens).  Perhaps we need to take her out of office and let her have a story outside of the other characters.  Something needs to happen with her though before she just becomes the annoyance each week.  

I’m not sure that there isn’t something to the idea that Stephen Baldwin  being a character of Alec Baldwin.

DC Universe mentions this week : Aquaman, Black Manta, Bruce Wayne, The Flash