christina jersey


I'mma look damn good for all of your friends

High Heels” by Jojo | Choreography by Michele JERSEY Maniscalco

ft. dancers: Jess Cummings, Stacey Johnson, Paola Gamache, Christina Barras, & Jersey

Back to School

1. Waiting on the bell to ring 

2. Getting a look at the cafeteria food

3. “Guy’s this is a fun class” 

4. “Don’t worry, I won’t assign much homework” 

5. When you see you’re first day outfit on for the first time

6. Seeing you’re crush…

7.  Day dreaming of sleep, Tumblr, and Netflix 

8. Getting reprimanded by a teacher 

9. Forgetting to do summer reading 

10. Reuniting with all you’re friends