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Who wants to fuck this chick up?


Just came across this… christina hopkins of bad girls club season 5 video tapped on a drunken racist rant..

This or Thats Round 2 - Bold your Choice


  • Jordyn Jones or Lexee Smith
  • Bailey Sok or Ava Siniscalchi
  • Tate Mcrae or Jaycee Wilkins
  • Michelle Cheung or Emmy Cheung
  • Chloe East or Kayla Mak
  • Trinity Inay or Larsen Thompson
  • Dylynn Jones or Bostyn Brown
  • Brooke Flores or Hallie Reggio
  • Simrin Player or Carlee Schield
  • Mackenzie Ziegler or Brooke Kosinski
  • Hayden Hopkins or Christina Ricucci
  • Brookin Cooley or Elle McAuley
  • Jessalyn Ward or Jessalyn Hall
  • Sarah Shepherd or Genneya Walton
  • Charlize Glass or Kaycee Rice
  • Kaeli Ware or Tillie Glatz 
  • Talia Seitel or Sophia Kaloudis
  • Areanna Lopez or Bizzy Bendure
  • Grecia Cruz or Venecia Cruz
  • The Morales’ or The Hopkins’
  • The Hylands or The Zieglers
  • AUDC 1 cast or AUDC 2 cast
  • DP minis or Club minis


  • Scream and Shout or Run the world
  • Boyfriends back or Single Ladies
  • Glamorous life or Yacht Club (Club)
  • Songbird or Drive a Person Crazy (Club)
  • Childhood Dreams or Goodnight Stories (Club)
  • Ghost or Secrets (Sophia Lucia)
  • Call me back or Italian Love (Jojo Siwa)
  • Tears of an Angel or Into Darkness (Mckenzie Morales)
  • Roxie or Beautiful Like Me (Jaycee Wilkins)
  • Toy Box or Borrowed Angels (ALDC)
  • Red with Envy or Frost (ALDC)
  • PB&J or Beauty and a Beat (Mather)
  • Autumn’s Titanium or Sophia’s Titanium
  • Peyton’s Titanium or Jessalyn’s Titanium
  • The Light or Hallelujah (Makenna Miller)
  • Bowl of Cherries or Firework (Kaylee Quinn)
  • Hunger Games or Beyonce (The Rage)


  • Addison’s improv or Kalani’s improv
  • Minis or Juniors
  • Teens or Seniors
  • We Werk Wednesdays or Combo Thursdays 
  • Dancers on Instagram or Dancers on Youtube
  • Molly and Alexa’s workshop or Bootie Camp (would you rather attend)
  • Buns or French Twists 
  • Ballet numbers or Tap numbers
  • Lyrical numbers or Jazz numbers
  • Contemporary numbers or Musical Theatre numbers
  • Two Piece costumes or One Piece costumes 
  • Dances to popular music or Dances to non-popular music 
  • Banji or Girl Party

Once again, this is just for fun and isn’t aimed to cause offence or show favouritism towards any studio or dancer