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· 2/1/2016 ·

Biology flashcards from this morning. Good way to start the year.

How is everyone’s day?
I love studying the human heart, it’s the best topic in my syllabus. I can’t understand any other sciences though so adios, my inner Christina Yang.

It’s a beautiful day to save lives.


Poem by merlinwnchstr

Generation X - Amilcar Pinna

I did this just for fun and also to studie some Generation X looks, Christina Strain help me with some fashion tips for these kids :)

Always By Your Side

Request: Hi! If your requests are open could I please get a Four/Tobias x reader? While running from amity in order to escape Eric, (Y/N) is shot in the side. When the factionless show up and things get rough, Four decides to give up his name not to keep Tris safe, but to keep (Y/N) alive. He knows that once he reaches his mother, (Y/N) can be taken care of and Four refuses to leave her side until that happens. 

Word count: 823

 Your legs are getting heavier. All your body is aching, actually, but you have to keep running. Gunshots can be heard and they’re not too far. Eric is restless, hunting you and your friends. You’re scared, no need to fake that. Four is right by your side, forcing you to keep your pace. Too fast. When you finally reach an open field, everyone stops suddenly.

 “Why did you stopped, Four? We need to keep running.” Christina argues, too desperate, just like you.

 “We have to wait for the next train.”

 “They’re getting closer!”

 “We don’t have a choice.” Four takes your hand but you barely feel him touching you. “Be ready.”

 “I’m always ready, don’t worry.”

 You hear the train before seeing it. But then you hear it, a shout and more gunshots. You all start running again, hoping to get inside the train before falling dead on the ground. Eric is fast, he’ll be the first to reach you if anyone dares to slow down. You look over your shoulder to locate him. He’s near. Near enough to shoot someone’s head.

 “Eric is catching up! Get in the train now!” You yell, trying to be heard above the noise.

 They start to jump in and you stay behind with Four to make sure they’re alive. You hear Four shouting for you to go first. And that’s what you do. But at the same moment you jump, you feel a sting on your side. You almost fall, but Peter and Christina pull you up.

 “(Y/N), God, are you ok?” Christina helps you sit, but you lay down instead, the pain taking over you.

 When Four arrives, he doesn’t look at you, but at those strange people. You haven’t noticed anyone else, but now you can see them. Their colorful clothes and their strange weapons. Factionless. You keep your mouth shut as they threat Four. A fight is just about o begin and you can’t even stand up.

 “Four!” Is Peter who makes him finally turn around and notice you.

 “What happened?” He kneels beside you, a hand on your forehead.

 “Eric shoot me. But I’m fine.” You struggle to sit down, but a groan escapes your lips as you fall back.

 “Don’t move. Let me see.” Four moves your shirt up carefully, but it still hurts you. “We need to… It’s bad. The bullet is still inside you.”

 “Take it off, then.”

 “We can’t, not here.”

 You watch him as he stands up with a serious expression.

 “We don’t have to fight. I need to get her to somewhere safe right now. And you’ll take me there.”

 “Why would I help you or her? Give a very good reason.”

 “I am Tobias Eaton. Is that a good reason?”

 “Four, what are you… ”

 “Keep still, you’ll be fine, I promise.” You can hardly see him when he comes back to your side. Everything goes black.

 You have this nightmare. You scream in pain so loud that your throat burns. Then you fall asleep again.

 When you open your eyes, your boyfriend is sitting on the edge of the improvised bed, smiling at you.

 “Where am I?”

 “Evelyn helped us. Helped you.” He slowly moves to your side, so you can lay your head on his shoulder.

 “The bullet?”

 “Is out of you. You screamed so hard I thought you wouldn’t… ”

 “Survive? I’m a tough girl, I can take it.” You giggle, trying not to move too much.

 “I know. I’m proud of you.”

 “I’m sorry. You just told them your real name because of me and I’m so sorry, Tobias. I didn’t mean to…” You raise your head a little, so you can look into his eyes.

 “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to keep you alive. We will find a way out of this chaos together. ” Tobias leans forward and peck your lips.

 “There you are.” Evelyn enters the room, speaking loud to make sure you hear it. “Tobias, my son, I need to talk to you.”

 “I’m not leaving her.”

 “You’ve been with her since you jumped off that train. I want your company as well.” The tone of her voice make it clear that she’s not asking. “I’m sure your… girlfriend will be fine.”

 “I already told you but I’ll say it again. I won’t leave her.”

 “Tobias, I am your mother. This girl will be fine with or without you.” Evelyn stares at you with anger. You and Four sigh together. If she only knew a bit about your relationship, she wouldn’t lose her time.

 “Yes. A mother who abandoned her son.” Tobias moves to get comfortable, your head now laying on his chest. “I love her and I won’t leave her alone. Now do me a favor and leave us.”

 “I don’t like your mother.” You say after Evelyn is gone.

 “Don’t think about her. Just… try to rest. I love you.”

 “I love you too, Tobias.”

A/N: Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn’t my first language.

My Little Angel||Zach Herron||Why Don’t We Imagine

Prompt: “I’m pregnant.”

Warning: Just some friendly swearing :)

You sit on your bed next to Zach, one foot crossed under your other thigh. Your hand rests in his lap, his thumb brushing its back methodically. Your head hangs down, your hair falling in your face. 

“What’s wrong, princess?” You look up at him, your eyes wet with tears. 

“I’m pregnant.”

*7 months later*

You rive in pain, your breathing heavier than it has ever been. All you want to do is close your eyes and rest for weeks, but Zach’s hand in yours squeezes tight, keeping you conscious. You watch from afar as a nurse, Hazel, wipes down your daughter with a wet cloth, and wraps her in a white blanket. She walks over to you and puts her in your arms. 

“She’s beautiful.” Hazel says, smiling before walking away with the doctor, leaving only you, Zach, and your mother in the room. You look down at your daughter, a smile blooming on your face. You take in her little, shriveled eyes, her small wrinkled fingers, and suddenly, all the pain goes away. You can only think about this tiny baby in your arms. 

“Hi baby. Hi Melody.” You whisper, stroking your daughter’s cheek with the back of your finger. 

You can’t stop smiling, your fingers tickling her under her chin, her laugh echoing in your ears. She reaches out to your hand and wraps her tiny, little fingers around your index finger. Tears fall from your eyes to your cheeks as you stop yourself from sobbing. After nine long months, you finally had your baby.

You cradle her, bouncing her ever so slightly. After holding her for what felt like hours, you feel Zach’s hand on your shoulder. You smile up at him, the tears in his eyes. 

“You should get some rest.” He says, not taking his eyes off your daughter for a second. 

“Yeah. Do you want to hold her?” He nods, his arms reaching out for the girl he’s waited months and months to see. You watch as he takes her, instantly missing the feel of her in your arms, but you find yourself smiling as the man you love kisses your daughter’s forehead. She lets out a little noise that makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time. You dose off the sleep, the last thought in your head being It was worth it. 

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Being Corbyn’s Sister would include:

- him having his arm around you protectively whenever he sees someone flirting with you

- your Instagrams are literally the definition of aesthetic 

- being best friends with Christina

- being kind of good at makeup cause Christina is willing to help you

- pranking Corbyn by putting makeup on his face when he’s sleeping

- “What the heck?!?! (Y/N)!!”

- you running after him trying to get a picture before he attempts to wash it off

- helping him plan his dates with Christina when he is completely clueless

- waging twitter wars on each other

- the wars include roasts, embarrassing pictures and stories

- but lucky for you, you have the limelights helping you out

- meeting the rest of the Why Don’t We boys as soon as they become a band

- just Corbyn being more of a BFF than a sibling


Okay, I saw this video a long time ago, and now for some reason I can’t stop watching it??? Someone send help.