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Biology flashcards from this morning. Good way to start the year.

How is everyone’s day?
I love studying the human heart, it’s the best topic in my syllabus. I can’t understand any other sciences though so adios, my inner Christina Yang.

It’s a beautiful day to save lives.

Generation X - Amilcar Pinna

I did this just for fun and also to studie some Generation X looks, Christina Strain help me with some fashion tips for these kids :)


Poem by merlinwnchstr

Always By Your Side

Request: Hi! If your requests are open could I please get a Four/Tobias x reader? While running from amity in order to escape Eric, (Y/N) is shot in the side. When the factionless show up and things get rough, Four decides to give up his name not to keep Tris safe, but to keep (Y/N) alive. He knows that once he reaches his mother, (Y/N) can be taken care of and Four refuses to leave her side until that happens. 

Word count: 823

 Your legs are getting heavier. All your body is aching, actually, but you have to keep running. Gunshots can be heard and they’re not too far. Eric is restless, hunting you and your friends. You’re scared, no need to fake that. Four is right by your side, forcing you to keep your pace. Too fast. When you finally reach an open field, everyone stops suddenly.

 “Why did you stopped, Four? We need to keep running.” Christina argues, too desperate, just like you.

 “We have to wait for the next train.”

 “They’re getting closer!”

 “We don’t have a choice.” Four takes your hand but you barely feel him touching you. “Be ready.”

 “I’m always ready, don’t worry.”

 You hear the train before seeing it. But then you hear it, a shout and more gunshots. You all start running again, hoping to get inside the train before falling dead on the ground. Eric is fast, he’ll be the first to reach you if anyone dares to slow down. You look over your shoulder to locate him. He’s near. Near enough to shoot someone’s head.

 “Eric is catching up! Get in the train now!” You yell, trying to be heard above the noise.

 They start to jump in and you stay behind with Four to make sure they’re alive. You hear Four shouting for you to go first. And that’s what you do. But at the same moment you jump, you feel a sting on your side. You almost fall, but Peter and Christina pull you up.

 “(Y/N), God, are you ok?” Christina helps you sit, but you lay down instead, the pain taking over you.

 When Four arrives, he doesn’t look at you, but at those strange people. You haven’t noticed anyone else, but now you can see them. Their colorful clothes and their strange weapons. Factionless. You keep your mouth shut as they threat Four. A fight is just about o begin and you can’t even stand up.

 “Four!” Is Peter who makes him finally turn around and notice you.

 “What happened?” He kneels beside you, a hand on your forehead.

 “Eric shoot me. But I’m fine.” You struggle to sit down, but a groan escapes your lips as you fall back.

 “Don’t move. Let me see.” Four moves your shirt up carefully, but it still hurts you. “We need to… It’s bad. The bullet is still inside you.”

 “Take it off, then.”

 “We can’t, not here.”

 You watch him as he stands up with a serious expression.

 “We don’t have to fight. I need to get her to somewhere safe right now. And you’ll take me there.”

 “Why would I help you or her? Give a very good reason.”

 “I am Tobias Eaton. Is that a good reason?”

 “Four, what are you… ”

 “Keep still, you’ll be fine, I promise.” You can hardly see him when he comes back to your side. Everything goes black.

 You have this nightmare. You scream in pain so loud that your throat burns. Then you fall asleep again.

 When you open your eyes, your boyfriend is sitting on the edge of the improvised bed, smiling at you.

 “Where am I?”

 “Evelyn helped us. Helped you.” He slowly moves to your side, so you can lay your head on his shoulder.

 “The bullet?”

 “Is out of you. You screamed so hard I thought you wouldn’t… ”

 “Survive? I’m a tough girl, I can take it.” You giggle, trying not to move too much.

 “I know. I’m proud of you.”

 “I’m sorry. You just told them your real name because of me and I’m so sorry, Tobias. I didn’t mean to…” You raise your head a little, so you can look into his eyes.

 “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to keep you alive. We will find a way out of this chaos together. ” Tobias leans forward and peck your lips.

 “There you are.” Evelyn enters the room, speaking loud to make sure you hear it. “Tobias, my son, I need to talk to you.”

 “I’m not leaving her.”

 “You’ve been with her since you jumped off that train. I want your company as well.” The tone of her voice make it clear that she’s not asking. “I’m sure your… girlfriend will be fine.”

 “I already told you but I’ll say it again. I won’t leave her.”

 “Tobias, I am your mother. This girl will be fine with or without you.” Evelyn stares at you with anger. You and Four sigh together. If she only knew a bit about your relationship, she wouldn’t lose her time.

 “Yes. A mother who abandoned her son.” Tobias moves to get comfortable, your head now laying on his chest. “I love her and I won’t leave her alone. Now do me a favor and leave us.”

 “I don’t like your mother.” You say after Evelyn is gone.

 “Don’t think about her. Just… try to rest. I love you.”

 “I love you too, Tobias.”

A/N: Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn’t my first language.

christina-dh ha risposto al tuo post : i need your opinion on things

personally, book length doesn’t really matter, cause it depends on how you handle the space you have to develop your story, characters etc. sorry if this isn’t really helpful

@christina-dh This is really, really helpful! I am a little scared of going overboard and write something of the length of the bible, so maybe handling the spacing better is exactly what I should do. Thank you so much for your advice 💕

Request Number 1

Oki Our first request comes from @thatoneweirdgirl1 whom asks: Could you do a Eric imagine you can chose the prompt and is it possible there could be smut? Sure thing Lets get started! But before that I’d just like to say this is my first smut so i don’t know how its gonna turn out.
Warnings: Cussing, Fluff, and Smut (~,~) (My makeshift kiss emoji) 
Prompt: You are a new recruit in Dauntless from Amity, From the moment you got in to Dauntless you had your eyes Eric, and he to you. And once all the trainer started picking there recruits Eric came over to you and picked you little did you know the relationship would blossom from trainer and student to lovers?
A/N: This is my first smut so ya O_O hope you like it

*On the train Y/n P.o.v*

Did I really just chose Dauntless? That question ran through my head to whole ride. I looked down at my yellow and orange dress thinking this might be the last time I see a glimpse of home. But pulling me out of my thoughts were the Dauntless born screaming as they jumped off the train. “Are the jumping?” said an Candor girl. “I think so,” me and a Abnegation girl said in sink. We laughed and I said,”Hi I’m Y/n.” “Beatrice and this is  Christina.” “I hate to break up the meet and greet but we might wont to jump now.” We all backed up and ran of the edge and landed on the roof covered in gavel. So not a very soft landing.

I got up and brushed the gravel off my body and helped Christina and Beatrice up and we walk to the others who stranded in front of a man I couldn’t see him but he had a loud and deep voice. I scooted over to see the mysterious man and damn! He was tall and hugely built and was covered in tattoos with pierced ears.

I could keep my eyes off him. And then I heard a soft voice from my right side and low and behold it was Christina. “Hey your drooling, who’s the eyes candy.” I whipped my mouth and looked down at her and nudged her shoulder but before I could say a word I heard the low voice I knew. “You whats your name.” I lashed my head to look at his figure. I blushed lightly and said,”Y/n, Y/n Y/l.” “Y/l, come up here since you were talking you get to jump first.” Shit.

I walked up to the wall where he stood he jumped down and looked down at me with his blue eyes that could catch anyone’s attention. I got up on the wall looked down and fear struck my heart. “Today Y/n,” he said as he pocked my  lower back. My face turned red and I looked back at him and jumped off bowing.

*That Night at dinner*

After Max gave his little speech on what it takes to be a Dauntless member Eric and Four said,”All recruits to the gym!” And with that we all followed them. Once we got to the gym we had all the trainer go in front of us and Eric started talking. I zoned out in the beginning but once I heard him say “cut,” my attention was fully fixated on him.

“Cut?” asked Christina.

“At the end of each stage of training the lowest ranking people will be leaving us.”

“To do what?” asked Al.

“There’s no going back to your families so you live faction-less,” my eyes grow and he said fraction-less like it meant nothing.

“Why didn’t we know that,” Al said frustrated by the words chosen.

“Its’s a new rule.”

“A new rule, somebody should have told us that!” Christina said teaming up with him.

“What, would you have chosen differently? Out of fear? I mean if that’s the case you might as well get out now. If you’re really one of us it won’t matter that you might fail. You chose us. And now we get to chose you.”

He looked me strati in the eyes on the last sentence. “Okay trainers pick your recruits.” With that large men and small but strong women started out to pick there recruits. I stud there alone waiting for someone to pick me and the most unlikely come behind me and tapped my shoulder.

I quickly turned around and saw his face. “Eric? Why did you chose me?!” “You seam like a hard-worker and I like that.” I felt my face burn up and I heard Eric start to laugh as I looked down now at my all black clothes. “The others are gonna started to train tonight I thought me and you could maybe train some and get to know each other?” I looked back up to him. Our eyes meet and it felt like all time stopped. “Ya I’d enjoy that.” “Great so lets get started,” we started walking to the gym and everything was going great but then I felt his hand snake around my waist. My face started to warm up and not a moment later he squeezed my side. I could felt my legs becoming wobbly and he keep a hold on me as if to say I’m here.

*First day of real fighting*

Christina, Tris, and I were in a circle practicing punches. I was all going great and then Eric yelled out my name. “Y/n in the ring. Peter in the ring. It’s time to fight.” My eyes grow and my heart races as we both faced each other and walk in to the ring. Eric grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear,”Give him all you got.” Me and Eric were friends nothing more nothing less. My eyes looked back up to Peter, and Four said, “Fighters ready, Fight!”

*Eric’s P.o.v*

“Fighters ready, Fight!” Peter throw punches at Y/n and she backed up and kicked him in the side with her right leg, but he grabbed it and lifted her up. She swung her opposite leg on to him shoulder trapping him. God damn it I wont to be in there. Peter gripped on to her hips as he fell backwards and Y/n gasped, and I felt my jaw clench. Peter rolled over to tower over her and he punched her in the face causing her lip to bleed. “Oki that’s enough!”

*Y/n’s P.o.v*

Peter rolled me over towering over my small form and with a single punch to my lip it bled. “Oki that’s enough!” I looked toward the home of the voice and saw Eric red and clenched. “Everyone out, Four take them some where else!” Peter got off my body and look deep into my eyes with anger. I stud up and looked at Eric and the moment the door closed I yelled. “What the hell was that about i can handle my self you know that! And you said give him all you got! Why the fuck did you stop it!” He walked up to me and looked down into my eyes and said. 

“You really don’t know do you?”

“Of corse I don’t! Why the.”

Half was trough my words he slammed his lips onto mine. In shock my eyes stayed open and wide but I eventualy I melted in to the kiss. “I love you.” I kissed him back and said, “I love you too.” 

*Third P.o.v*

Eric put his soft lips of hers as the kiss got more heated Eric pushed he against the wall. Y/n moaned onto his lips do to the pressure. There lips separated and his emeditly to her neck giving her soft love bits all along  her neck and collarbone. All Y/n could do was moan and hold on to him. Once Eric’s lips left her and he smirked viewing his art work. Y/n and Eric’s hands emedtly to each others clothes practicality ripping them off. 

Eric started kissing down her neck and then unlatched her F/c bra. Y/n covered her breast embarrassed by her breast size. “Y/n please you know I really love you do you think something like thats gonna change it.” Eric said sweetly before placing a kiss on her kiss. Once she let go he started working on them. sucking on one ans massaging the other to show some offection to the other and then switching. Gasps and moans left her lace like lips.

Y/n grabbed Eric’s underwear and begged for them to come off seeing she was the only one fully nude. He let the fall letting his large and hard member out of it’s cage. He pressed his tip in and out of her wet womanly hood.

 “Are you Wet for me love?” 

“Yes Eric she said out of groans.”

 “And only me?”

He pulled more in and barely thrusted. “Yes Eric, I’m wet and only for you!”

With that he slammed his whole length in to her and and thrusted hard and fast as her gasps ans moans came. 

“Eric, I’m so close,” she barely said. 

“I know, but your gonna have to earn it.” He sighed breathing on her neck.

“Please ERIC,” her first organism hit her and she rode out the waves. His thrusts became sloppy and messy her juices going all over his member. “Eric I”m so close,” Me to Love.” he thrusted once more and they both exploded at the same time. Eric pulled out of her and looked her strati in the eyes ans said, “I love you Y/n don’t ever think I don’t.” he gave her a sweet soft kiss and she kissed back. “I love you too.”

Did it turn out good? Hope y’all like it and sorry it toke so long I wonted it to turn out good.