christina help

· 2/1/2016 ·

Biology flashcards from this morning. Good way to start the year.

How is everyone’s day?
I love studying the human heart, it’s the best topic in my syllabus. I can’t understand any other sciences though so adios, my inner Christina Yang.

It’s a beautiful day to save lives.

Generation X - Amilcar Pinna

I did this just for fun and also to studie some Generation X looks, Christina Strain help me with some fashion tips for these kids :)


christina perri sings “cant help falling in love” (cover) [x]

it’s crazy how just about 2 days ago we were only worried about omg dan’s birthday! omg misha is joining tumblr!…

and now here we are, christina grimmie is gone, and 50 people got shot in the pulse club shooting.

i hate the world that we live in, please help to make it brighter, we the new kids can make things better.