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Christina Carreira and Anthony Ponomarenko | Exogenesis Symphony Part 3 (2017 Junior Worlds)

I don’t understand why Teen Titans: the Judas Contract is getting so much hate.  I thought it was great!

  • I thought Terra was a great character to watch.  I knew she was going to betray the Titans since I watched the CN Teen Titans and read a summary of the Judas Contract comic, but it was still interesting.  Christina Riccie did a great job voicing her.  The way she screamed Slade’s name after she broke free and was ready to let all hell break loose, that gave me legit chills.  Maybe I’m a little biased ‘cause she was my favorite character in the CN Teen Titans, but still.  I enjoyed her.
  • Damian wasn’t quite as annoying as he was in the last film, so that was a perk.  I guess some of his “little shit” mannerisms will never change.
  • Kori and Dick were so freaking cute.  They were the best thing about this movie tbh, besides Raven getting Damian the puppy at the end.  The way they play off each other, the way Kori still lets Dick voice his opinion even though he’s not leading the Titans anymore, the way Dick is constantly checking himself to make sure he doesn’t overstep Kori’s authority, the way he proposed they move in together, ugh.  They were adorable.
  • It was nice to get some insight into Jaime and how the scarab has affected his life.  
  • So, yeah.  I liked it.  Suck it.

Lesbian!Clarisse La Rue

“You could try and take us
But we’re the gladiators
Everyone a rager
But secretly they’re saviors
Glory and gore go hand in hand
That’s why we’re making headlines
You could try and take us
But victory’s contagious”

You Know, Most People Have Saner Hobbies

Divergent One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Eric + Tris Prior, Will, Christina, Albert, Four

Warnings: Threatening, mentions of violence, mild swearing

Request: “Can you write an one-shot about your “ imagine Eric taking an interest in you when he sees you arguing with another initiate”, please?” - Anon

Word Count: 1,556

A/N: First Divergent one shot, enjoy ! Original gif imagine here [x] !

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Prompt #42 “Sometimes, You Fall for Someone You Didn’t Expect but that Doesn’t Make it Wrong” PART 2

Originally posted by hi-i-am-paula

Written by Danielle

Word Count: 1504

A/N: Our most liked fic EVER is a lovely one Christina did a little bit ago and a lot of people really wanted a part two so… here it is!!! Although Christina wrote the first part, I really tried to capture the characters and keep cute moments from her writing to really tie this part two in with the first one. I am really nervous, but I hope you guys still like it! Christina and I both agreed that we’re not as good with coming up with more parts to a fic, but this one was highly requested. We would love to know what you think and requests are still open :) Love you guys! 

Originally loosely based off of prompt #42 from this list

Requested by: anonymous, @princeofsassgard , @tmrhollandkay , @lacklusterleah , @twilight-loveer , and @psychh-ic 

Read Part 1 here

There he was. You couldn’t help but smile as you entered the library and spotted Peter in his blissful state while studying. He was the only one you ever saw do so. He had a massive textbook out with papers sprawled like always. As he’s writing you walk towards him making sure he doesn’t see you (which isn’t too difficult since he tends to get really focused in his work). You stand behind him with your test paper in hand. You had gotten a B+ and couldn’t wait to show Peter your improvement. You wrap your arms around Peter, putting your paper in front of his face which confuses him for a moment. He smiles when he realizes it’s you and you both look at each other.

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“You can’t stay away from him, can you?!”

Word Count: 3294

Warning: Smut

Your eyes were still wide opened, when you turned around to see Mark. As Mark was approaching you started putting the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle.Those two. Christina’s reaction every time Jaebum was around and how Jaebum had relentless angry towards Mark. Christina was cheating on Jaebum when they were together with Mark. However, Mark didn’t know Christina had a boyfriend. It all makes sense now.

“I gotta go, Mark.” you said walking away from him as he kept coming towards you. “What? What’s wrong Y/N?” Mark asked concernedly. “We’ll talk later” you walked away with haste. You couldn’t think straight. Why am I caught into all this mess. You found a nearby bench and called your dad to get your mind off of things.

“Hey baby girl, how is everything?” your dad said answering the call. “I’m ok, I just miss everyone” you said as you sighed into the phone. “Ohh Lord, what happened now?” your dad asked. “Nothing, I’m just a little stressed out at the moment” you said as you did your best to reassure him.

“Don’t make me have to come out there” he said laughing. You laugh also and said “No, Dad that won’t be necessary’’. Your dad senses your tone and says “Before I let you go, I just want to let you know that I love you and whatever is bothering you, it will pass and whatever decisions you make, do what you think is best for you. Follow your heart”. “Thank you Dad and I love you too, I have to go. I need to catch up on homework” you said to divert the conversation. “Alright, call me if you need me or text me”. “Thanks Dad, bye”.

You hang up the phone and head back to your dorm. As you stepped in front of the door and pulled your keys to unlock the door. You heard voices from the other side. “I’m here to talk to Y/N, I’m not here for you Christina”. “I’ve missed you and I fucked up, please come back. I’m sorry”. “What about Bambam?” the guy’s voice grew louder, he continued “You’re using him, aren’t you? just like you used me?!”. “I’m not using him!”. “YES, YOU ARE! YOU USE PEOPLE AND THROW THEM AWAY, YOU’RE NOT LOYAL TO ANYONE, CHRISTINA”.

You hurriedly unlocked the door and found Jaebum trying to pull Christina off him. Christina was in tears. You stood in the doorway for a moment, Christina and Jaebum both looked at you. Jaebum spoke first “Y/N”. “It’s ok, I know everything” you said putting your keys on the counter directing your attention to Christina. “How much did you hear?” Christina asked nervously. “I heard everything” you said as you looked at her. “This isn’t my business but for Bambam’s sake, don’t break his heart. He seems like a good kid. Every time, I see you two together, you act like you don’t want to be with him”. Christina froze in place, she couldn’t utter a single word to defend herself. Jaebum rolled his eyes and said “I was looking for you”. “I know”, you said as you turned around to leave. “Where are you going?” Christina asked as she tried to block the doorway. You gave a death stare and spoke “Move or I’ll make you move”.

Christina looked at you knowing she wasn’t capable of preventing you from leaving, she moved. “You told her didn’t you?!” Christina asked as she raised her voice at Jaebum. He glared back at her and said confidently “Yes” crossing his arms. He continued “Someone has to know who you truly are”. Christina launched herself at him pounding her hands into his chest. Jaebum immediately grabbed her and sat her down on the couch. You left not caring about what happens between Jaebum and Christina. You needed to speak with Mark.

As you got outside, you called Mark. “Hey, are you busy?” you asked as he immediately picked up the phone. “No, I’m at my apartment. Do you want to talk? You sound stressed”. “That I am” you said. “Alright, I’m coming in a few minutes, hang tight” Mark said before hanging up.

Mark picked you up and as you settled down in the car, Mark looks over to you and asked “Long day?”. You answered “Yes, you have no idea”. “You can relax at my apartment”, Mark said “I’ll even cook for you”. You smiled and said “I’d like that”. Mark leaned over to kiss you, your lips lightly touched his. He smoothly laid his hand on your thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze. You broke the kiss apart and blushed away. Mark slyly bit his bottom lip enjoying the moment.

“Alright let’s go”, he said as he drove away.

As you entered Mark’s apartment, you settled your things down. Mark’s apartment was nice and comfy. Mark led you to the living room to watch tv. Mark laid next to you and spooned you. You felt comfortable with him, You wish your mind was at rest but it wasn’t. You couldn’t stop thinking about what happened at the dorm.

“Mark?” you said to get his attention. “Yes, babe” he said in a sweet voice kissing your neck. “I need to talk to you about something” you said hesitantly. Mark pulls away and sits up, he could tell it wasn’t something good. “Is it about what happened early?” he asked. “Yes”, you said facing him. “I’m all ears, babe. Talk to me”. You breathed in and out and asked “Do you know my suitemate Christina?”. He drew back a little further and said “Yes, I saw her there also that night you and Jaebum came to the restaurant”. “How do you know her?” you asked cautiously wanting more answers. He grew quiet and didn’t speak for a long moment, he finally answers “Christina and I were together at one point. Then she broke it off without explaining why. Y/N, why do you ask?” Mark asked.

“There’s something I need to tell you. The reason I left earlier was because…. Christina was dating Jaebum at the time when she was with you also” you said trying to explain. He sat in silence some more and his eyes widen slightly. You could tell he was finally putting the pieces together and he said “I didn’t know she was playing us that whole time and the guy you were with at the restaurant was Jaebum, wasn’t it?”. “Yes, that’s the one and only…. But Mark, I’m so sorry” you said lowering your head.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about, because I’m glad I have you now” Mark said as lifts your chin to look him in the eyes. You still looked down slightly because you felt bad for lying to Mark about sleeping with Jaebum. He kissed you and pulled away saying “I need to cook dinner”. You smiled as he head towards the kitchen to get started.

Everything smelled nice as he moved around in the kitchen, you came in and looked over his shoulder and saw he was cooking ramen and grilling some bulgogi. “I’m impressed” you said in his ear and kissed it. “It’s not much”, he said as he handed you a bowl of ramen and sat the plate of bulgogi between the two of you. “It’s fine” you laughed as Mark set the table with more side dishes.

“That was so good, I can’t eat anymore” you said setting your chopsticks to the side. You didn’t realize how hungry you were and Mark looked at you stunned. “You didn’t eat nearly as much at the restaurant” he said laughing. “Let me wash the dishes” you insisted as he got up to put the dishes in the sink. “You don’t have to” he said trying to stop you. “Mark, let me help” you said running dishwater. “Fine” he said backing away and sat himself down in the living room.

So focused on getting the dishes, you felt Mark wrap his arms around your waist and softly kissed your neck. You tilted your head to the side to let Mark have full advantage of his kisses. You let out a slight moan as he pulled himself closer to you. He whispers in your ear, “I want you Y/N”. You whispered back “I want you too Mark”. Mark’s hands slid lower into your pants. He unbuttoned them and his hands slid further. He reached further finding your warmest place. His fingers gently opened you. You turned your head around for him to kiss you as he rubbed you. You felt his length growing underneath his jeans. He was ready for you. You continued to let out soft moans. Your heart was beating faster as he picked up the pace fingering your wettest opening.

He suddenly stopped and wiped your juices off his fingers. “Let’s take this someplace else” he said as he held his hand out. You grabbed it, letting him take the lead to his bedroom.

You both were silent as you entered his bedroom. He kissed you softly, letting his hands grab your waist again. His hands slowly moved downward and gripped the curve of your ass. He squeezed tightly pulling himself closer to you.

He was hesitant with you and he wanted to take his time. “I don’t want to hurt you” Mark whispered in your ear. “Mark, you’re fine” you assured him as you pulled your shirt off. Mark pulled his shirt off and you eyed him up and down. Your eyes filled with lust, you bite your bottom lip. Something about Mark enticed you. He was gentle and patient. He pulled you further in and deepened the kiss, his hand unhooked your bra leaving your breast exposed, giving him access to touch your hard nipples. You were ready just as much as he was. You pulled your jeans off and laid on his bed. He strips the rest of his clothes off and planted himself on top of you. He kissed you some more and worked his way down. Your body shudders under his touch as he began explore. His tongue found his way to your clit. He swirled around and softly sucked on it, he proceeded to lick the opening of your pussy. Your body arched from the bed as he was giving you all he had to offer. But you wanted more. You craved more.

“Mark, please” you said softly. He stopped and went to the bathroom to get a condom. He came back ready. You laid there with your legs slightly parted. He pumped himself a couple times. “Ready?” Mark asked as he climbed on top of you. You nodded. He entered you and he closed his eyes from the sensation of your tight pussy. He thrusted slowly, once you became adjusted to his dick, his thrusts became faster. You moaned and heaved at him. You pulled him closer to go deeper. Instead, he had a better idea in mind, he pulled himself up and positioned your legs over his shoulders to hit your G-spot. His length plunged in your pussy. You were shaking. You didn’t realize how wet you were. Mark pulled out and laid on the bed next to you. You both were on your sides. Mark lifted your leg up and entered into your wet pussy while spooning you. You never experienced this before. He gripped your breast tightly like handles and continued pounding. He grunted in your ear each time your thighs smacked against his. Your turned your head back and you both passionately kissed each other. You both were a sweating sexy mess. You couldn’t get enough of him. He couldn’t get enough of you. He went harder putting all his energy he has into giving you every ounce of him. You whimpered out loud and screamed “Oh God, yes. Mark”, “Fuck me good”. Those words drove him mad. He continued his pace, you felt tightness in your abdomen, you were about to release. “Mark, baby. I’m cummmmming” you said breathlessly. “Me too”, he managed to answer back. Mark rubbed your clit as he continued. You and Mark couldn’t hold it in any longer. You both released reaching each other’s heights in a moment of ecstasy. You came all over his bedspread as he came into the condom. He pulled out and threw the condom away, he put on his boxers and laid next to you. You crawled to his side and embraced him with his arm over you. “That was amazing, babe” Mark said after he managed to catch his breath. “It was” you said breathlessly. “I know I shouldn’t say this but….I love you” Mark said cautiously as he kissed you on the lips. His sincerity and the feelings you have for him, you finally said “I love you too, Mark”. He smiles at you and says “Let’s forget about the past, we have each other now”. You nodded your head in approval as you kissed him back. He turned the lamp off and spoons next to you. He fell soundly asleep. As you laid next to Mark that night, you still had the idea of Jaebum lurking in your mind.

Morning came, you woke up next to Mark still soundly asleep. You turned over to face him, you loved how peaceful he looked as he slept. You caressed his cheek feeling his soft skin. He slowly wakes to your soft touch and smirks at you, he pecks your lips with a morning kiss and cuddles you some more and he grumbles “I don’t want to leave this bed, it feels so good right now”. “That makes both of us” you said as you snuggle against him. You ask “What’s for breakfast?”. “Pancakes, maybe?” he mumbles and continues to fall asleep.

Your eyes shot open as you heard a knock at the door. Who could that be? “Babe, someone’s at the door” you said as you try to shake Mark from his deep slumber. “What?” he mumbles under his breath. “Someone’s at the door” you said smartly. He lifted his head and heard the knocking as well. He got from the bed and headed to the door, he peered through the peephole. “Oh shit” Mark says as he came into the bedroom rushing to put his clothes on. “Babe, get dress!” he said hurriedly. “What, what is it?” you said as you rush to throw your clothes on. “It’s my parents” Mark said get everything together in the apartment. Your eyes widen, this is not how you wanted to meet your boyfriend’s parents. “Babe, finish getting ready and come out” he said as he closed the bedroom door to give you more privacy before inviting his parents in. Your heart sunk, you had no clue what they would think about you.

As you got situated, you heard from the other side of the door. “Hey Mom and Dad, I forgot you guys were coming today” Mark said opening the door. “Hey sweetie” his mom spoke. “Took you long enough to answer the door, you got someone in here?” his dad spoke smartly. Your eyes widen in terror. You took several deep breaths as you continued getting dressed and fixed your hair to look presentable.

You opened the door confronting your boyfriend’s parents. They turned their heads towards you and their eyes widen. You shyly say “Hi” and waved your hand slightly. You felt ashamed they met you under these circumstances. His mother smiles at you and embraces you with a hug. “Well, hello darling, it’s so nice to meet you. Well Mark, I guess you did have company” she said as she pushed you towards Mark. You stood next to Mark flustered and faced his father to say “Hello sir, I’m Y/N”. “Hello Y/N, it’s a pleasure meeting you here” he says giving Mark a wink on the side. Mark’s face turns slightly red. All four of you sat down in the living room. You felt uncomfortable and awkward, you squeeze Mark’s hand for comfort. He looks up at you and squeeze in return to reassure you that everything will be ok. “So how long have you guys dated now?” his mother asks earnestly. The only words that came out were “ummmmm….”. “Not long, but we were close before I asked her” Mark managed to say. 

His parents nodded their heads and looked around his apartment. “Mark, this is all a surprise. We didn’t expect you to date anyone for a while especially not after what happened with what’s her name again?” his mother asked. “Christina” he said annoying under his breath. “Yes, her” she said. Mark rolled his eyes trying to forget the painful past. “I hope you treat our boy well” Mr.Tuan said as you looked up. “Of course, I love him” you said as you and Mark look at each other. His parents laugh at your response. “Alright, if you do love each other. I can’t argue with you” his dad said smirking. “We need to at least take them out to breakfast, get to know Y/N better” his mother whispered to his father. He nodded his head in approval. “Let’s go out to breakfast” Mr. Tuan suggested. “That’s a great idea” Mark said as his face brightens. You didn’t intend to go to breakfast with his family but back to the dorm.

“Ummm.. I’m sorry but won’t be able to join you for breakfast today, I was going to go back to my dorm and finish homework” you said anxiously gathering your belongings. “Ohhh ok. Well, we’ll be with Mark the entire day. So if you can’t join us for breakfast. Then how about dinner? My husband and I will treat” Mrs. Tuan insisted. “Sure” you said forcing a smile on your face as you felt uncomfortable. “Great, we’ll be at your dorm around 7:30pm, Mark will give us the directions” she said hugging you. “I’ll drop Y/N to her place now. Mom, Dad make yourselves at home in the meantime”. Mark said as he opened the apartment door to escort you. “Alright. See you when you get back” his father said propping himself in front of the tv. “Bye, sweetie. See you tonight” Mrs. Tuan said waving goodbye. You waved goodbye. .

Mark drove you back to the dorms and parked the car. You two stayed quiet for a couple of minutes. You finally spoke “That was an eventful morning”. “I know, I forgot they were coming” Mark said apologetically. “It’s ok, I just hope they’ll like me” you said. “They will. Besides, they want me to be happy” Mark smirked. “I see your parents know about Christina” you said awkwardly. “Yeah they do” Mark said quietly. “I’m sorry, she did this to both of you” you said touching your hand to his.

Mark turns his body to face you. You look into his eyes to offer your deepest sympathies. He looked into yours with hope. He slowly licked his lips and started to draw closer to you. You did the same. Your lips touched, his soft lips smoothly pressed against yours. He went deeper as he grabbed your thigh. He let out a soft groan and pulled away. You were still caught in the moment, your eye were  closed. You opened them to see Mark smiling at you. You smiled back. “I’ll see you tonight” you said biting your bottom lip. Mark nodded and pecked you on the lips before departing.

You opened the door to your dorm, to hear Christina taking a shower as her music was playing. As you opened your door, You hear Christina’s room door open, you expected to see BamBam leaving, instead it was Jaebum.

Thank you so much for supporting and reading HOMEWRECKER. We hope you guys enjoy Part 3. This one is a little shorter. Part 4 will be coming soon. Thank you so much for reading, we greatly appreciate it!!!! :)


In 2001, after September 11th, I was trying to build a decorative wooden box/cabinet thing, using just hand tools. I’d started it several days before the events, and I was determined to finish, regardless. Predictably, it was a disaster; the box had no structural integrity, and the slip of a chisel left me with a deep wound (now a scar) at the base of my left palm. Weeks later, a good friend and I were commiserating about our general incompetence, right in that aftermath, and he said, “That’s the public art, the memorial we need: just a huge pile of things people were trying to do.” In that spirit, here’s a piece I started a week or so prior to last Tuesday. It was intended to be short and ultimately sweet (similar in feel to Hotel). But like that futile box, it has no structural integrity; you’ll no doubt get an idea of how it’s meant to work, but it just doesn’t. It lurches around, overwritten, underwritten… I decided to finish it (or “finish” it) anyway, because: here is what I was trying to do. I haven’t forgotten about other stories, but it seemed better to take it out on this instead. Three parts: this today, second tomorrow, third on Wednesday. P.S. This story, despite its being about a pilot, has nothing to do with Sept. 11. I’m just marking a similarity in my own emotional state.


“Double whiskey and soda.”

The words are clipped and low. Helena Wells is not surprised by that drink order, for the person issuing it is a pilot. That the whiskey-and-soda pilot is in this case a woman is slightly unusual, but most people, Helena has noted in her relatively short career thus far as a bartender, do drink according to position, not gender. She places an ice cube in a tumbler, fills the tumbler with the bar’s well bourbon, adds a brief spray of soda, and places it in front of the pilot, whose eyes have followed Helena as she assembled the drink. Her gaze now meets Helena’s in cool appraisal.

Helena has not seen this pilot before. She’s seen this look, however; all pilots seem to know it and use it. Flight attendants do not. Flight attendants deploy smiles that do not reach their eyes.

Helena is becoming familiar with the looks proffered by flight attendants and pilots because the establishment whose bar she began to tend not long ago is located near both an airport and a hotel where flight crews are customarily housed. The hotel does not have a bar of its own, a fact for which Helena is grateful: she is also becoming familiar with the fact that people who travel for a living tend to tip well.

This pilot bears out that tendency: she finishes her drink, drops a ten and two fives on the bar. The ice cube remains, largely unmelted, in the glass. She says, “Thanks.” Then she stands and walks away, away and out, nodding to a flight attendant as she leaves.

She’s tall, this pilot.

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