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autoclave, live in 1991, via jessica hopper


Autoclave performing live in 1991.


Slant 6, “What Kind Of Monster Are You?” live in Chicago, 1994.

What did the senior Billottes put in young Christina and Mira’s spaghetti sauce? Because they turned out to be the coolest.

  • Clocks
  • The Casual Dots
  • self-titled

Fond memories of a record that itself filled me with fond memories.

Buy Olympia’s description gets it just right:

The Casual Dots minimalist sound, anchored by a propulsive back beat and weaving melodic interplay between the guitars, provides a sonic platform for Christina’s cool and distinctive vocal style. The result is a raw pop sound that reflects a uniquely angular and lean sensibility.


Stop what you’re doing, internet.  I found footage of Insider Spider.  Why is this cool?  This band features Guy Picciotto(of Rites of Spring/One Last Wish/Fugazi), Christina Billotte(of Slant 6/briefly Bratmobile/Quix*o*tic), and Amy Dumas…or to wrestling fans, Lita of the WWE.  Lita talked about this band in a Rolling Stone interview years ago and it’s mentioned in her book too.  It just seemed too weird to be true, but after reading the comments section for the Chunklet entry about Getaway Car recently, I got a clue on what to google for.  Musically, it’s scratchy post-punk with a garage rock feel.  Supposedly there’s an unreleased demo too.  This is just as cool as Hulk Hogan saying he’s a Stone Roses fan.

Ian Svenonius of Nation of Ulysses/The Make Up/Chain and the Gang gives the introduction.

edit: This is probably around 1997.  I can’t seem to find any recollections of this event online other than undated videos from the same show.


“Go Far” - Autoclave

That last post was a photo of D.C. quartet Autoclave, a band that included Christina Billotte and Mary Timony before they went on to Slant 6, Quix*o*tic, The Casual Dots and Helium, solo stuff and Wild Flag respectively. They had some moments that reminded me of early Throwing Muses, which is always a hooray in my world. You can also order the CD that compiles all of their recordings from Dischord Records.