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What I liked about 12x18

(First notes after watching. I’ll make this quick since I’m super late.)

1. The classic horror: I loved all the tropes and the cinematography. The hammer shot at the beginning, the trap for Jared and the red storage room were my faves, along with the Soylent Green quotes.   

2. American Gods: I wanted the show to revisit other deities apart from the Christian ones for a long time now and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this episode airs a few days before the American Gods premier. I think they did an awesome job with the elements form greek mythology, the tips of the head to Cernebog  and at last the pagan god moloch.

3. The “eye” metaphor: watching, looking through things, seeing the whole picture were the most used story devices imo. The cutouts in the goat head, the sheriff’s magnifying glass, the telescope - I guess analysing all that could be fun.

4. The Winchester parallels: This was once a again a meta feast for everyone interested in the Winchester family dynamic. The Bishop half brother who had the better life? Jared and his abusive dad? “Hunting people, killing them, the family business” - pffff

Bonus points: Sam trying to reassure Dean that Cas is fine and Dean not buying it +++ “how does Sam get his hair so shiny?”+++ Dean’s underwear drawer - seems all the fanfic is right on the ONLY black boxer briefs +++ Dean’s hair looked mighty fine +++ low rate Christina Bale lol



PHOTO 1: Fans of Nasim Pedrad: watch MULANEY tonight. Nasim knocks it out of the park and does it all from a recliner. I am so lucky to work with her. 

PHOTO 2: Tonight is our Halloween episode. It was written by Dan Mintz. Mintz is a gifted writer who cleverly titled the episode “Halloween.” He has new album called The Stranger on iTunes etc.

PHOTO 3: Zack Pearlman is extra special on tonight’s episode. Zack is a joy who’s car is so filthy that he cleaned it for five minutes before giving me a ride and there was still a shoe on my seat. 

PHOTO 4:  This is a photo from Deadly Women on ID. This actor (Christina Bale?) is not on tonight’s episode but we promise we tried to capture the terror and intrigue of this pic and put it in the episode.