“Express” - Orange County Performing Arts Academy junior jazz small group, 7th overall, Showstopper Anaheim III, May 2017
★ Choreography by ?
☆ Dancers ☆ Riley Willis, Reese Willis, Michelle Cheng, Annika Zaborniak, Peyton Heitz, Haley Stoico, Jadyn Saigusa, Delanie Munger, Ollivia Nguyen
Express, from the film Burlesque ~ Christina Aguilera

last year i made a website for my students because hello kids are hooked to technology these days (tumblr loves to deny this, but let’s be real) so i wanted a place where i could put educational games, interactive resources, and videos (like scishow kids and crash course kids) all in one easy-to-access place (bonus because they could access it at home if they had internet!)

but each time we started a new standard i would erase the website’s content and put up new material and now i’m really mad at myself because PAGES. why didn’t i just make new pages?? the site i used even allows me to password protect the pages, so i can keep them out of all the pages with content we haven’t gotten to yet. my poor overwhelmed teacher brain just couldn’t process i guess.

oh well, you live and you learn i suppose. and i’m going back to 4th grade anyway, so those standards wouldn’t apply this year.

i already set up the reading and spelling page (that one doesn’t really change–it’s resources and sites we use all year), and i created pages for each of the science standards. now i just have to find the content for them. hopefully my new students will appreciate this as much as my previous students did.

Just a shout out to some of those amazing ladies who aren’t afraid to be powerful, strong and unique. They are all very different, yet all equally perfect.

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