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Pure (one night) ^_^

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Pure: Sex? What’s that? Muse suddenly has the mentality of a three year old, and can’t understand anything ‘adult’. Anon decides the duration.

Dark stopped in the mid-movement. Why in the world was he dressed like that? And what was that for?

He quickly returned back to his bedroom and changed the lacy underwear for his favourite jumper and sweatpants and made his way back to the kitchen to get himself some ice-cream.

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✆ Receiving neck nuzzles & ✯ Cuddling on the couch (Because mun is adorable and deserves cuddles :3 )

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Anti purred loudly as soon as he felt the little nuzzles on his neck and he instinctively leaned back against Lilith, trying his best not to take up all the space on the couch.

“This is so nice~ How come I deserve it?”


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Lilith was in one of her infamous silly moods, She ran over to Anti and pulled a stick from behind her back and poked him gently in the stomach and quickly ran away giggling like a small child (Oh dear :'3 )

Anti yelped as he felt the poke and turned his head around to catch the glimpse of the culprit. “Hey, Ginger!” he called after the girl, who was running away, “why did you do that?” He tried his best to osund offended, but he couldn’t help the smile creeping up on his face.

Awaken || Closed


Thoth was always drawn to darkness. Ever since he was a child, he was interested in anything mysterious, especially things that didn’t occur as completely legal to his people.

As he grew up, his attention was shifting more and more towards the power of the Underwold and its master, Anubis. Fascination and jealousy fogged young Toth’s mind as he performed ritual every single night in order to gain as much power as his idol.

The last ritual he performed required the sacrifice of his parents, and on that day he embraced a new name - Tenebris.

It wasn’t too long before people of his city found out about the horrific things Tenebris did and they punished him rightfully. Before he was thrown into his cell, he was severly burned,  then wrapped in a gauze, chained and locked in a sarcophagus - alive.

Before he fell unconscious he made a deal with a demon - when he would be awoken again and set free, he’s going to gain all the powers he’s been working so hard to get.

What he didn’t know he already gained was immortality and eternal youth, so his body is perfectly preserved, looking like he’s only been sleeping for more than 2000 years.