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Part of the prestige and tradition of the beautiful game; it’s a tradition that other sports have copied. The sport of soccer worldwide has only one captain. Vice captains will take over the band when the captain is subbed out, injured, or card suspended. But there is only one captain on the field at a time.

A captain is the coach on the field. She represents the team as a whole to answer or dispute any officiating within the game. A captain has earned the respect of her teammates. A captain will lead by example and doesn’t use a band as an attempt to stroke her ego. A captain will lead her team and pick them up when they are down. A captain wears the armband on her left sleeve. a symbol of wearing your heart on your sleeve.   


FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015: 24 Countries. Endless Stories

My ethics prof is a stupid bitch

Today during my ethics class, my professor said that no one watches women’s soccer.

So I so politely educated her on the fact that more people watched the World Cup final than last years Super Bowl.

Needless to say I was not impressed but all my soccer friends in class were after I got her to stfu.