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Like an egg in a pot
(Poirot is what you’d call a “foodie”)



With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we thought you might want some Poe Party Valentines to express your literary love. Perfect to share with that guy or gal down the street who never appreciates all the poems you write about them and all the ravens you send their way.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party NOW ON KICKSTARTER!

Harold Lloyd addresses himself at Coney Island’s Luna Park. (SPEEDY, 1928)

“Lloyd doggedly set out to create a type on-screen as close as he could make it to an average specimen—a mirror image of the American audience. The fact that the man who said this was anything but average, a brilliantly gifted physical performer with a genius for constructing comic gags, who moreover understood the film medium with greater sophistication than all but a handful of his peers, speaks to both his modesty and his vanity … He embodied the spirit of the American dream that any average individual with gumption could attain success …

Lloyd had a purer sense than most of what it meant to keep audiences laughing. He was a profound student of the art of comedy, as well as one of its most ebullient practitioners.”

– Philip Lopate, from Speedy: The Comic Figure of the Average Man


Lloyd wasn’t the only one doing stunts on SPEEDYas this clip shows, Ted Wilde and his crew took some wild rides of their own.