This is also me with my chocolate comp cake. Id like to say it was nicer in person but it basically looked like that but people liked it so ill just deal with its cartooniness and lopsidedness. A few people thought they had to go to the hospital because of the whole blue poop thing too so thats somewhat funny (but not in a good way)


My friend asked me to make photoshops for him and even though i dont understand if these have any actual significant politcal humor in them (i dont really find them funny and hope that im just ignorant), he was my first patron and yes i havent posted photoshops in a while so

Since i do not know how to respond to a comment on tumblr, i made this for an awesome follower who by what i understand enjoys foxes, playing sniper in tf2, and lives in texas (hence the cows). I do not know how to tag people so im going to go the twitter way and put @tracefoxer.