Taken with Canon EOS 350D digital SLR in February 2011 at Hyde Park, Sydney, NSW, Australia. St. Mary’s Cathedral was designed by William Wardell.

Unlike many of the cathedral’s English features, the entrance façade is more of French. The twin spires, which was also designed by Wardell was built in 2000, 132 years after the building was commenced.

Taken with Canon PowerShot S40 in May 2005 at Microbiology Lab, University of New South Wales, Kensington, NSW, Australia. Part of project for the course Fundamental of Microbiology and Immunology.

This is why it is unhygienic to drink milk straight from the bottle.

Motility test is often employed as a simple confirmation test. The agar consists of nutrient broth and 0.005% triphenyl tetrazolium chloride. This tetrazolium salts will be reduced by most microorganisms from colourless to an insoluble red coloured pigment called formazan. The microorganism in question is inoculated with a straight wire before incubation. Motile microorganisms – those who have flagella – will migrate from the stab line and the medium will appear uniformly red in colour whereas non-motile microorganisms will produce a red stab line.

My lab partner ALN and I were isolating Pseudomonas from pasteurised milk – which was left opened in the fridge – and this was one of the biochemical tests that we used to confirm that the colonies we got from the milk were in fact Pseudomonas. Both mediums have formazan formed uniformly at the top with a red stab line at the bottom, indicating that the microorganisms we collected from the milk were motile and aerobic, as the mass of formazan is mostly produced on the better aerated area of the medium. Both are characteristics of Pseudomonas.

Pseudomonas are killed through pasteurisation process of raw milk, however post-pasteurisation contamination can occur and the reintroduction of Pseudomonas to milk is capable of making them the dominant microorganism as competition has been eliminated and they still grow well in the fridge temperature. However, the milk sample that remained sealed in its bottle in the fridge showed very low concentration of microorganisms that can be considered negligible and they also grow long after the expiry date was over.

So, just remember to always look at the expiry date, keep the milk bottle properly closed in the fridge and use a glass.

Taken with Nokia E72 in February 2011 on Circular Quay West, The Rocks, NSW, Australia.

The Gilera Fuoco 500 is a three-wheeler scooter with two independent tilting front wheels that give the same riding experience as if only one front wheel were present but with much greater stability. It is also marketed as Piaggio MP3 500. Had a nice chat about it with the site security personnel, who happens to be a friend of the owner.

1 Shelley

The distinctive diagrid support façade definitely has made this building one of the most recognisable commercial premises in Sydney, It is wholly occupied by Macquarie Bank and from what I have seen on the net, the inside is even more incredible.

Taken with Canon EOS 350D digital SLR in February 2011 on Shelley Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Don’t Worry Be Happy
Part of assignment for the course Studies in the Print at UNSW COFA.

I was walking down on a street near campus early in the morning shooting street objects as part of my assignment. And then I saw this smiley thing chalk-drawn on the brick. “Haha… funny,” I thought to myself and kept walking. A few seconds later it hit me, “This IS the perfect object!”. So I took my chance card and took three steps backward and here it is, still smiling…

Taken with Pentax MZ-M film SLR in July 2005 on Selwyn Street, Paddington, NSW, Australia.