So i found this up on the facebook of a girl i go to school with. 


This is why I’m not a calvinist, and also one of the reason’s it is so hard to be a christian, because when people think christian, they think of this, and they assume we are all this girl. That rich americans think we’re better, more worthy, and more loved by God than the entire rest of the world. 

so just for the record,

I am a christian

but i am not this girl.


A friend (?) / former congregation member with me at my first church has been publishing these (literally) God-awful series of “visions” some hysterical group of teenage girls in Columbia claim to have had of Jesus taking them to visit hell. The visions include disgusting scenes of bestiality and rape, flesh melting off bones, tormented people begging Jesus for help and not being granted any …I can’t go on without spreading the poison, I think.

He’s published two of these “testimonies,” with five more to go. People applaud him for being brave and honest and bold about “the reality of hell” – an (as described) extra/anti-biblical reality that makes Jesus a monster and co-tormentor and allows demons to bodily violate these supposed sinners. It’s torture porn, he’s promoting it, and if Rob Zombie made these stories into short films, he’d be condemning the same things he now basically promotes as revelatory truth.

This man is a pastor now, and many people follow him. As far as I know I’m the only voice in these discussions begging for sanity, for an examination of the Bible itself, for prayer and compassion and wisdom to be employed. Everyone else is clapping like their favorite actor (Jesus) just won an Emmy for his portrayal of Walter in Breaking Bad.

If I ever tell you I’m a Christian, please believe that people who believe and celebrate such horrible ideas, and the Westboro Baptist church members, and the Mark Driscoll-like leaders, do not stand for my Christ, who is so precious to me, who represents someone who would rather suffer unjustly to demonstrate forgiveness than to condemn or wound anyone.

And if I tell you that, and you, as a conservative Christian, tell me I’m naive, deceived, etc. – I’m as broken as anybody, but I follow a God who cares about every fallen sparrow, every single lost sheep, and who invited me to trust him like a little child. And my child’s heart tells me my beautiful Jesus is not angry, is not vengeful, is not sitting contentedly above the suffering and conscious dead, like someone relaxing after a meal, saying, “well, they deserved it.”

Hell, if anywhere, is here, and many of us have lived it. And our tormentors are our own minds and our fellow human beings and the merciless nature of a chaotic world.

And if anyone ever threatens you in God’s name – don’t fear. There is no fear in love.

And I’m sorry for anything any of us has ever said that made you think differently.