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A priest who never actually read the bible

and he turned uh water into..bugs

But the thing about healthy relationships is that they’re never forced. The facts and the feelings go hand in hand, paving the way for trust, communication and growth along the way. When it comes to building a healthy relationship, it’s important to have the right ingredients. Just like baking a cake, you can’t pour a cup of salt into the batter and expect it to taste right.
—  The 5 People You Should Never Marry

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1. Were the founding fathers deists, agnostic, or Christian? 2. Was this country founded under Christianity and the bible, the teachings of Jesus Christ, or did America choose Christianity later on as a religion to abide by? All I hear today is that the founding fathers were not Christian and that middle-America shoved Christianity into our value system because it was believed that a moral system was needed.

  1. All of the above.  Most were Christian though.
  2. The original colonies were created by European Christians fleeing religious persecution.  Many of these colonies saw little to no separation of church and state.  In fact, many had established churches.  Their number one goal was to freely practice the religion of their choice in a new land of opportunity.  Christianity, specifically protestantism, was a way of life for nearly every American.  This is very clear when you read some of convention debates.  The Bible was referenced more than any other enlightenment philosopher.  But there were of course some Roman Catholics, Jews and Deists, but they were the exception; not the rule.

    That being said, yes, their religious backgrounds (even for the Deists) played an important role in our founding.  Where most people (namely libs and atheists) misinterpret the First Amendment’s establishment clause is that they don’t understand the word “establish.”  As I mentioned earlier, many colonies actually had established churches which made it hard to freely practice a separate religion in these states. The First Amendment made sure you had absolute freedom to practice your religion and that the state could not establish a statewide religion that would prohibit your religion.

Like it or not, we were a nation founded on Judeo-Christian values.  This does not mean we are a Christian nation per say, but these values did help us become a more free, prosperous nation.

Day 3 of 7: How to overcome peer pressure and temptation

He went away a second time and prayed, “My Father, if it is not possible for this cup to be taken away unless I drink it, may your will be done.” - Matthew 26:42

My dear sister,

Now is not the time to give up! In tonight’s passage (Mt. 26:36-46) we are reminded that even Our Savior was tempted to give up, but He didn’t. He still continued to pray that God’s will be done, not His. In verse 39 in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus fell on His face before God and prayed: “My Father, if there is any way, get me out of this. But please, not what I want. You, what do you want?” We see in today’s passage that our Savior was tempted, too. The weight was so heavy, and He wanted His Father to pull Him out.

It is important that we remember today that He didn’t give in to the temptation. He went about His Father’s will. Even though it was an uphill battle, He continued on, even to the death of the Cross.

This is our example. Let Jesus be your example of continuing on, no matter how much you want to give in. When you’re faced with temptation to give up on:

1. Your dreams of finishing school
2. Your dreams of starting your own business
3. Your desire to wait on your future husband
4. Your desire to be a wife and mother someday
5. Your dream of getting healthier and more active
6. Your desire to deepen your relationship with God
7. Your desire to get more involved in your community
8. Your desire to know what it is God is calling you to do

Despite the temptation to give up, God wants you to seek Him daily in prayer and by reading His word to get closer and closer to being quite the woman He would have for you to be! The reason why this is SO important is because if you’re looking to find reasons to not give up in other people, you are not guaranteed to find it! God is the One who is going to pull you away from that tipping point and into His arms! So when you feel like giving up, stop what you’re doing and seek Him. I know it feels like an uphill battle, but He is right here, strengthening you throughout this entire process.

Biblical context + further reading: Matthew 26:36-46, Matthew 6:13

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In the past few years I started studying different forms of paganism and recently started practicing a few things. I feel honest with myself, but a small part feels like I'm betraying the Christian god I was raised with. Any thoughts? Love your blog!

This is really common for those who come from Christianity. I can’t say exactly what will make this go away (for some, the feeling lasts for the rest of their lives) but you might wish to maybe perform a small goodbye ritual for Him. Tell Him you’ve found where you belong and that you mean no disrespect. Part ways on good terms. Maybe what’s blocking you is that you never really had closure for that part of your life.


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hi! this is for that anon you got and anyone else that's worried or curious about God and sexuality- this site breaks down the scripture and explains what the bible really says about homosexuality. to be succinct, it doesn't actually say it's wrong, the original words have been translated badly and twisted. hope this helps! hoperemains(.)webs(.)com

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For your religious anon, I’d like to recommend checking out the quaker church. They’ve been performing same sex marriages for over twenty years and have groups dedicated to LGBTQAI+ causes, so the anon may find a religious basis to feel ok with themselves. :)

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for the anon that feels guilty about their sexuality: i know how you feel. although i was not raised in a christian or anti-lgbt home, i still feel guilty for “rocking the boat.” the unitarian church is accepting of absolutely everybody, and offers a more spiritual connection. try looking at it!! and give yourself time. i know it’s hard, and you just want to get over it, but to some being lgbt/coming out is incredibly difficult and fragile. just like angela said: be gentle to yourself. <3


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This is from a Facebook post - for your anon I’m very disturbed by many of the “Christian” comments regarding marriage equality and today’s news. I’m not a theologian or scholar, but I do know that there are upwards of 10 translations of the Bible, both from Greek and Hebrew, all instigated by mankind and not sent down in entirety with annotations from God. If you search the many versions out there, there are approximately 5 times when homosexual practices are mentioned, often in context with other egregious sins such as lying, whore mongering and murder. So I can see where the point of view may have a foothold. However, the descriptions in context are more akin to pederasty that abounded in the Greek and Roman societies, which was NOT CONSENSUAL and NOT EMOTIONAL. It was used as a way to express lust for only the sake of lust without relationship and in Romans 1 26-27, this lust for the sake of lust is compared to having no relationship to God. On the other hand, the commandment from Christ to love one another is repeated 19 + times. If you are going to use a bible based argument on marriage equality, please consider this: Christ loved Mary Magdalen the prostitute. Christ commanded we love each other. The interpretation of the bible and the beliefs you have were TAUGHT to you by human beings. Human beings are fallible, as only God is perfect. The Bible has been rewritten, reinterpreted and revised. Please, look into the heart of Christ’s message and find your OWN truth. Two people, regardless of gender in a long term, committed relationship can not be seen as equivalent to killing your parents (1 Timothy 1:9-11). Allow God to be the judge of a life, as being the judge on someone’s behavior is also a sin. He will determine the right and wrong we do. If mankind is to err, isn’t it best to err on the side for love rather than hate?