saggykneeskin-deactivated201602  asked:

Dear Marilyn, are you going to be traveling to Starlight Shores anytime soon? I think you would fit in perfectly among the superstars!

I will certainly visit, that is for sure! But that glitzy town is more about singing and circus stuff. What I really want is to be a movie star and it seems like Bridgeport is the place to be for that! I mean, look at this studio!

It has an entire replica of a Medieval town! Shoot, it has a replica of everything. And the local movie theater here? All I have to say is Wow!

Now that is where I want my first big movie opening!

But I do confess, I am a fickle thing. Who knows, tomorrow I may decide I want to be a magician. I will certainly keep you posted though.

Thanks ever so much for the question Christian. <3 xoxo -MM