A Christian’s Spellwork: Advanced Prayer

Alright, alright, alright.

So, typically, a witch uses their own will to push out into the universe with, right? That’s usually how it’s done? So what’s going on with Christian witches?

Christian witches (typically) set up spellwork to operate more like “advanced prayer”. We can put all our will into it, but if God doesn’t sign the permission slip, it isn’t happening. That’s the jist of it.

Imagine that you want to do this Thing™. The way advanced prayer works, it’s like setting up a GoFundMe and knocking on God’s door. God is a mega bajillion million trillion billion-illion-aire. He could literally fund ever single damn GoFundMe you could ever fuckin make, no joke.

When you do regular prayer, you’re kind of just asking for donations. When you do ADVANCED prayer (i.e spellwork), you’re essentially asking for donations and also saying “here’s what I can contribute to this cause”. Of course, compared to God’s power, which is infinite, ours is like… not even 2 pennies and a ball of lint, but that’s a lot for us lil humans.

I think this about sums it up for me. How do you guys see your spellwork? How do you define “advanced prayer”?

So last year I was studying meditation and chakras, and found ways to incorporate my christian faith into it. Basically I went through each chakra and searched out applicable verses from the Bible and spiritual affirmations that could be used during meditation. I really like the concept of chakras and they make a lot of sense to me, and I think they can be extremely helpful in meditation and energy work, but I felt kinda funny excluding God from it. I like to invite Them into everything I do. So, I found a way to do that.

If I did share, it would be a series of posts, like probably one or two a week until I’ve gotten through all of them. They would explain what each chakra is, affirmations/verses you can use, gems or crystals that would help with each, and probably some music recommendations as well. Would anyone be interested in me sharing them?

manageable witch-things to do (almost) every day:

  • check your grimoire/book of shadows: you don’t have to necessarily add anything to it, but go through it. if yours is physical, run your hands over its pages. press your intentions for it with the tips of your fingers. if you have a digital copy, like i do, you can still press your intentions into it; it just may not be as literal as with a physical copy. just take a moment to appreciate all the work you’ve put into this thing that is entirely yours.
  • make a list of all the things you want to research. you don’t have to go ahead and research them. just keep a running list of things you may want to include in your grimoire or book of shadows at some point. my list includes adding a section on my god, angels, and saints, as well as fleshing out my correspondence tables and creating a section for prayers.
  • make a list of all the things you want to add to your witchcraft collection. this could be things that you want to buy, things you want to find, whatever. this could be tools you want to incorporate into your practice, that tarot deck you’ve been eyeing, plant clippings - whatever. make your witchy wish list and tuck it somewhere safe, but somewhere you’ll remember to check. 
  • make a list of your goals. where do you want to be in your practice? what do you want to achieve? what is the point you’re trying to reach? i like to set big goals and tiny goals and tiny goals that feel big. a tiny goal that felt big to me: writing my first spell. another goal could be making sigils on a regular basis. it could be adding something to your grimoire or book of shadows each week. give yourself tiny goals that work their way up to your bigger goals. 
  • do something to honor your god(s). light a candle, say a prayer, whatever. it doesn’t have to be big or elaborate. we don’t always have the energy for those types of things and that’s okay! 
  • do something kind for yourself. every list i ever write is going to include this. when you don’t have the energy for anything else, do something kind for yourself. take that bath. lay in that bed. take a nap. you can start again tomorrow, it’s okay. and if you still don’t have the energy tomorrow, don’t get down on yourself. you matter, you’re worth it. 

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I wanna see more Christians that aren’t trying to be the model idea of a Christian, but just themselves with the good Lord’s love in them.

I don’t want a religion of millions of carbon copies bent in prayer, I want all the different splashes of life that make a kingdom, His Kingdom. I want an end to the “good Christians look like a neat and trim person obediently doing whatever pastor-man tells them” and a beginning of “good Christians look like whatever the fuck they want and explore the universe with God holding their hand for the journey.”.

I’m tired of the Good Christian™ archtype.

I’m tired of the victims of that archtype that threw out who they were to be part of some religion clique, I’m tired of people who feel like they need to apologize for who they are instead of the sins they commit,

Do you really think God wants you to stamp out all that you are and become a husk of a person in the pursuit of righteousness?


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I was going to make this whole big beginner’s resources masterlist on witchcraft because I’ve been asked about it, but there are tons of other great master lists out there already and it’s not really my speed. Instead, I’m giving you a list of my favorite things for witchcraft. Feel free to let inspiration strike and make your own list so that I can creep on it

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As Above Alchemy, CrystalTonik, The Moon Mysteries, Adagio (here’s a $5 off gift code: 1309935961; expires 4/25/16), Bulk Apothecary, Mountain Rose Herbs

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Linestrider Tarot, The Wild Unknown, The Raven’s Prophecy, Tree Wisdom Cards, The Color Mage

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It’s all you guys!! You’re the best; thanks for making this journey so fun. Remember that my ask box is always open for you all and that I am always here to talk. If you’re ever like, “Hm, I wonder what opinions Bea has on x-obscure topic, send that in, because I’m sure I have opinions on it!” Or if you need help working through a spell or figuring out how to make something work, I’m here to help! 

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Made some fire salts today!
You can use these bad boys instead of an open flame/candle or in any spells that need a little extra ‘heat’ (example:love spells and curses).

2 parts sea salt
1 part cayenne pepper
1 part chili powder
1 part red pepper flakes

Stir in a small pan over low heat to infuse the essence of the heat/forew into the mix.

Store in a container once cool enough to handle. (Recipe credit goes to @pomegranateandivy)



•A small book of different Monet paintings
•Two organza bags (one purple, one green)
•Six small candles (black, red, yellow, green, dark blue, violet)
•A small spell vial to promote good dreams and restful sleep (I suggest pinning it inside you pillow)
•Two empty small spell vials (I can either create two more spell vials or send empty, up to you.)
•A medium spell vial, full of dried blue flower petals. I honestly am unsure the flower, I have always used them to help with anxiety, as is the point of this vial.
•Three mini jars with crystal chips (labeled on the bottom)
•Assorted crystals (A list will be included when shipped)
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•It’s not a requirement- it’s just what I was hoping for.

My altar / meditation space

So this is what my altar space looks like. It’s in my bedroom, as I’m practicing in the broom closet so to speak and my family would not understand or approve. 

I’ve got my altar set up in front of my window, which overlooks the trees in my front yard. It’s really nice and I can charge objects on my windowsill easily, and I feel more connected to nature when I can see the trees & sky (especially when it rains!). The cloth is a tapestry that a dear friend sent me from Japan.

Anyway, I’ve got my prayer candles - the main one in the lotus flower is what I use to begin every meditation or spell. It’s kind of like my grounding tool. The other candles are primarily used when I do centering prayer or my personal soul prayer. They’re grounded with some sea glass and shells I found on a beach last summer, and some river rocks. I’ve written fruits of the spirit (a christian belief that if the spirit of God is in you, then these “fruits” will be seen in your life) on some of them as well (love,joy,peace,patience,kindness,gentleness,faithfulness, self-control, etc). On the wall in front of my altar I have a small painting of Jesus, to help keep me centered. Also on my table I have an old coffee pot (the brass one in the corner of picture 1), which I use for potions.

On my windowsill I’ve got my gems charging in the sun (quartz, lapis, moonstone, amazonite, citrine, blue lace agate, chrysicola). Not on the windowsill (as the sun is dangerous for them) is rose quartz, amethyst, opalite, and amber. 

On my shelf next to my altar I’ve got my collection of herbs and spices, special waters and dried flowers, empty jars, and spiritual books. (The green book with the peacock is my grimoire). On top I have my lovely baby succulent (and a fake plant bc the other succulent I had died :/ ), and my himalayan salt lamp. 

That’s about it. If you have any questions about anything I’ve got here or my practice, my ask is open! 

Grace & peace to you! - WitW

Christian Witchcraft? WTF!

It’s the first time you are hearing about Christian craft and it seems so foreign to you. How can such contradictory things be part of a worship, you ask. How can you be a God-fearing Christian and a witch?

What is witchcraft?

Witchcraft is a practice that can include shaping energy and interacting with the spiritual world. No witch uses witchcraft in exactly the same way. Some use it for healing, some for divination, some for cursing, etc. Many use it to worship their deities and cultivate a relationship with them, but not all. Some are secular and do not work with deities. Some have relations with deities but do not incorporate them into their craft. A witch’s spirituality is not intrinsically tied to their craft. Alternatively, witchcraft is not a religion, but a practice. It can be an expression of a religion, but it is by nature non-religious.

What does the Bible say about Witchcraft?

Please read this post by phoenyxangel.

calyhex also did a lovely series (part 1, part 2, part 3)

My own analysis on a few verses:

I am a green witch. That means I use creation, particularly plants, in order to perform my spells. Green witches use the energy stored within creation in order to create effects.

We know God has invested power in creation because of the story of Cain and Abel. It is the ground that seems to convict Cain for his crimes. Before Cain killed his brother, the ground gave him strength.

And the Lord said, “What have you done? Listen; your brother’s blood is crying out to me from the ground! And now you are cursed from the ground, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand. When you till the ground, it will no longer yield to you its strength; you will be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth.”

-Gen 4:10-12

Consider also that if humans do not worship God creation must cry out to Him.

But he answered them, “I tell you that if they keep quiet, the stones will shout!”

-Luke 19:40

The power is there. Is it wrong to learn to use it? On the contrary, I find it to be an interesting way to study God. By knowing His creation, I come to know Him better.

Also note that when Jesus was confronted with magick (albeit, religious magick) he did nothing to condemn it. In the story of the healing at the pool Jesus heals a man who is waiting at a magick pool. Whenever the water was stirred it was supposed to be because an angel came and touched it. Whoever jumped into the pool first was supposed to be healed. (I’m assuming it worked, at least in part, for all of these people to be waiting so eagerly for their chance to jump in. The man in question had waited there for a long time and had missed many chances because he couldn’t move.)

Now in Jerusalem by the Sheep Gate there is a pool, called in Hebrew Beth-zatha, which has five porticoes. In these lay many invalids—blind, lame, and paralyzed, waiting for the stirring of the water; for an angel of the Lord went down at certain seasons into the pool, and stirred up the water; whoever stepped in first after the stirring of the water was made well from whatever disease that person had.

-John 5:2-4

If Jesus didn’t have an issue, then maybe we shouldn’t. I think Christian witches need to be judicious in what they practice. I think baneful magick is iffy at best. Jesus wasn’t baneful, so neither should we be. That being said, bindings and curses do not have to be baneful.

You can read more about my personal path on my FAQ. You can find book suggestions on my Books and Resources page.

What about Christopaganism?

That really isn’t my area of expertise. The Bible is clear that there are other spiritual forces in the world and God Himself refers to them as gods!

For that night, I will pass through the land of Egypt and kill all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both men and animals; and I will execute judgment against all the gods of Egypt; I am Adonai.

-Exodus 12:12

Do they exist? Yes! Should you have a relation with them and how should you go about balancing your time spent with each deity? You would have to ask a Christopagan yourself.

It’s important to note that not all Christopagans are witches. Not all Christopagans work with other pantheons either, some preferring to work within the Abrahamic faith. Please do not assume anything and approach them respectfully.


  1. norvicensiandoran
  2. thespringpagan
  3. thepaganstudygrouppage
  4. thechristopaganmystic

Also: christopagan tag.

Should I be a Christian witch?

I don’t know, because I do not know your relationship with God or the core motivations you have for pursuing craft. Being a Christian witch is about using craft to express your relationship with God. It is to help you draw closer to Him by experiencing Him through magick. It can also cause you to be an asset to other Christians and to this world. You can work magick for those in need.

You can be a Christian and a witch without being a Christian witch as well. You would simply be a practitioner who does not incorporate God into your magick. If you do work with other deities, it will be important that you keep a strict balance and healthy understanding of who these forces are to you in your magick. It will be a difficult road to navigate f you are trusting other forces for your power yet truly putting your faith in God, and perhaps impossible for you without falling into temptation.

Healthy Christian Craft is an article I wrote explaining some common ways in which craft can become unhealthy for a Christian. Remember, this path has as many temptations as any other, but the Christian community offers much less support than with other forms of worship. You will have to constantly be realigning your will with God’s will so that you will not fall into sin. You may also want to follow my meditations and work through them in order to come to a conclusion. This is a decision that takes a lot of reflection and soul searching. Christian witchcraft should not be approached lightly.

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