Pretty fantastic show at CSUN’s main Gallery..

First Part: August 27 - September 15, 2012;
Openning reception: Saturday, September 8th, 4-7pm

Work by Patsy Cox

              Samantha Fields

              Edward Alfano

              Paula DiMarco

              Joy Von Wolffersdorff

The second part of the show will be held on September 22 - October 13, 2012;
Closing reception: Saturday, October 13, 4-7pm

Work by Christian Tedeschi

              Lesley Krane

              Laurel Long

              Mark Farquhar

              Jim Kelley

              Michelle Rozic

Yesterday’s sculpture crit went much better than I had expected. I usually second guess myself and, fortunately for me, the doubt lingering inside my head was wrong.

I mentioned this to Christian during critique but will rehash this here. For a long time I have been wrestling with my own emotions and personality with society and how those around me who have told me how to behave. Family members would tell me I was too critical and I would hear, “Well, what DO you like?” It was difficult for me to reconcile these comments because I felt that I had to lie to myself by pretending to like things that I really hated just to please those around me.

Sam perhaps gave me the biggest epiphany when she mentioned during a lecture that, as artists, we critique everything and that it isn’t uncommon to loathe everyday experiences, like going to the movies. I never connected these two dots in my life; that being an artist created a filter in my life for very few things to enter. Even more difficult for me than connecting these two dots is realizing that it is OKAY for me to have these kinds of thoughts. It is okay to hate most things and like very little. It is also okay for me to become obsessed with super weird and obscure imagery that very few will relate to. I cannot subjugate or minimize my interests or personality out of fear of being rejected by others.

While it is still difficult for me to ignore the pre-conceived notions of societal expectations that cloud my mind, I continually find it easier with the amazing feedback from my mentors and my peers.

This challenge is going to bring me to tears.

For my sculpture class we had to come up with an idea that was inspired by a contemporary artist. As previously mentioned my artist was Tom Friedman (who by the way I completely adore now). Anyways, if you’re familiar with his work you’ll know that he tends to be painfully detail oriented towards his materials. AND if you know me, you’ll know that I am somewhat, maybe, kinda, detail oriented as well… match made in heaven for sure. (Thank you Christian Tedeschi)

SO, what have I decided to create in response to his work??

I’m going to cut a piece of lined paper into 352 tiny squares and then put them back together to recreate the original piece of paper (negative space included). BAM.

It’s going to be vigorous work because I may be compulsive but I’m not always neat and this piece will have to look superb.

I’m nervous…. it’s going to be a blast! :D)