Of course schools should be required to teach evolution as the underpinning of biology, the same way geology wouldn’t be taught without learning about tectonic plates; or chemistry without the periodic table of elements. The only reason this remains such an issue of debate in America is because ‘religious freedom’ has become the ‘anything goes’ scapegoat to cry oppression or persecution; and simultaneously, those in positions of influence on school boards have pushed through legislation implementing negatively disruptive ideology (see: Creationism, Intelligent Design) into the curriculum for upcoming generations. And with the advent of the internet, those who would otherwise be perched on soap boxes to preach their chosen gospel have access to a viral megaphone for the world to hear; injecting pseudoscience and unscientific theology into the digital stream of human consciousness without impunity. When personal computers were introduced into schools, computing classes involved the teaching of elementary programs and basic computer language, rather than how to properly, safely, navigate the internet. The American education system failed the public generations over by excluding curriculum solely focused on critical thinking and healthy skepticism. Thus, scientific literacy became a niche, chess-club-elective only reserved for those with whom it came “naturally” without illuminating its purpose to all as a method and tool for everyday survival. Now, we have rampant religious extremism masquerading as political lenience; casual racism and sexism passed off as “straight talk”; runaway corruption as “business as usual”; bully pulpit “news” forums posing as intellectual discourse; voracious and unwavering science denial regarding meticulous research, accessible evidence, and an overwhelming consensus; and yes, harmful religious ideology determined to place a distracting wedge of doubt into a scientific subject for all the wrong reasons, and without an iota of research to support it.
—  @sagansense
Elements of Person

Those that live within Fire 

  • Seek Answers 
  • Rebel 
  • Me attitude

Fire allows one to purify the Path

Those that live within Water

  • Seek questions
  • Flow with life
  • Them attitude

Water allows one to cleanse the Path

Those that live within Air

  • Absorb information
  • Creative Ideas
  • Us attitude. 

Air allows one to prepare the Path. 

Those that live within Earth

  • Spread Wisdom
  • Connects all
  • I am 

Earth allows one to be the Path. 

Everyone comes from different Paths.

Create a smooth terrain for others Paths.