Your Choices Define You.

Your Thoughts.

Your Fears. 

Your Actions.

All controlled by You.

You are the only one in this Universe that controls Your Choices. 

Be Love.

Be Courage. 

Be Kindness. 

The choices You make define you. 

Be Your own God. 


Thought is Frequency

Thought is Frequency. 

Taking action of Your Thoughts creates Vibration.

Creating something with Your Thoughts brings Mass.

From the Mass that is created. 

Brings others Frequency. 


Christian Scientists:
Dr. Paul Ackerman
Dr. William Arion
Dr. E. Theo Agard
Dr. Steve Austin
Dr. S.E. Aw
Dr. Geoff Barnard
Dr. Thomas Barnes
Dr. John Baumgardner
Dr. Kimberly Berrine
Dr. Jerry Bergman
Dr. Derek Burke
Alister McGrath
Isaac Newton
Nikola Tesla
Galileo Galilei
Max Planck
Nicolaus Copernicus
Francis Bacon
Johannes Kepler
Blaise Pascal
William Herschel
Gregor Mendel
George Washington Carver
If you actually look, you’ll find plenty of scientists who believe the Bible.

Oh wait, I forgot, scientists are too ‘logical’ to believe in God. I’m sorry, I’ll stop listing the ones that did/do believe in God.

Perfection is Geometry.

Perfection is Geometry.

Geometry is Mind. 

Mind is within the Body.

Body is Oneness. 

Oneness is Spirit. 

Perfection is the Balance between Mind and Body.


Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn: “Game of Life and How to Play It”, “Your Word Is Your Wand”, “Power of the Spoken Word” & … of the Spoken Word", “Secret Door to Success”

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Your body as The Tree of Life.

Bones become Branches. 

Muscles become Bark. 

Skin shifts to Leaves. 

Life resides in the Heart.  

Within the Brain is the Spirit.

Pith turns to marrow.

Roots grow from the nervous system.

Nutrients is absorbed by the organs. 



Christian Science (Part 1)
For eight years of her life, until the late forties and her break into the film business, Norma Jeane, like her idol Jean Harlow before her, was brought up as a Christian Scientis, after being taken along to Sherman Oaks Christian Science Church by “Aunt” Ana Lower. In 1938 there were around 270,000 members of the Christian Science church in America. 
Christian Science was founded in 1879 by Mary Baker Eddy, whose belief that God is the loving and all-powerful Father of all people led her to question the fundamental realities of the evils and sufferings people encounter in human life. The goal of the religion is to bring the unreal material body into perfect harmony with man’s real spiritual condition through prayer and study. In Christian Science the faithful can seek help in their prayers from registered practitioners of Christian Science healing (especially in moments of illness, as a basic tenet of the religion is to instill healing through prayer, and not through conventional medicine). Lower, with whom Norma Jeane lived on and off from 1938 and 1946, was one such practitioner.

We are all Vibration

We are all Vibration. 

Three lower Chakras create low frequencies.

  • Low = Angry, lustful and lack of motivation. . 

Three upper Chakras create high frequencies. 

  • High = Stubborn, wrathful and detached. 

Find your balance.