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I'm drawn towards Catholicism, but none of the Catholic Churches around me are affirming. I currently attend a church of a different denomination. My question is, is it still appropriate if I pray to saints or Mary for intercession or if I pray the rosary? These things bring me comfort and closer to God but I don't want to be offensive to other people or to God like I'm stealing part of their tradition or something. I hope one day I can find an open and affirming Catholic Church!

Hi there! Affirming Catholic churches are few and far between and I don’t think they’re accepted by the Vatican, unfortunately. I myself was raised Catholic and have a deep love for the Catholic faith, but became Presbyterian in order to follow my vocation and be a part of faith communities that accept me fully. And I still pray for the intercession of Mary and other Saints every day! You can absolutely do that, and pray the rosary.

The Saints are not “owned” by one group of people, you know? They will hear you, and love you, and pray for you. Plus, the Catholic Church is not a marginalized group, so you don’t need to worry about harming them by “appropriating” something from them. 

Best of luck to you on your journey! The Saints walk with you. <3

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I don't know what to do. I'm female, and lately I've started catching myself more and more checking out women right alongside men. I remember thinking a ways back in high school about dating friends that were girls, but never seriously and chalked it up to having dated bad guys. But now that I'm finishing up Uni, I'm starting to wonder if I actually am attracted to both genders? I don't know what to do from here. I live in a very Christian environment and I feel a bit lost...

It’s okay to be questioning, and to feel lost! It can be very overwhelming when you start to look back and see your past experiences differently. Also remember that whatever you figure out your orientation to be, you are never obligated to come out, and you should put your own safety and comfort first.

While only you can know how you feel and only you can choose a label for yourself, the fact that you thought about dating friends that were girls is a pretty strong indicator. Straight people might joke about that, but the idea of actually dating someone of the same gender isn’t something that appeals to them. Checking out women alongside men is also a good indicator. It can help to try to compare yourself to straight people. Does the idea of dating someone of the same gender seem like something you’d be open to, or do you get a “nope not for me” reaction? How about kissing someone of the same gender? For straight people, the idea might even make them uncomfortable, even if seeing a same-sex couple kissing doesn’t. 

I have no respect for Islam, but I respect Muslims. 

I have no respect for Christianity, but I have respect for Christians.

I have no respect for Judaism, but I have respect for Jews.

Do you see where I'm going with this? 

I am a tolerant atheist. But respect comes both ways.  

I don’t believe that I have to respect anyone’s faith as they are only ideologies.

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hi. im rly sorry if this is awkward and if it makes you or your followers uncomfortable but i need advice and you seem like you'd be rly nice about it. i'm Christian and recently I've been having a rly hard time w/my bf bc sometimes we make out and it goes rly far and I rly want to have sex with him but we can't. am I supposed to be feeling like that? i have always been told to stay away from sex and masturbating. should i break up with him to avoid any possible mistakes? thx sorry if it's awks

Hi baby! ❤

Ok, so, first of all: I’m very glad you were brave enough to ask for help and advice. It can be a tricky subject sometimes because of certain stereotypes and norms etc. And I hope I can help you 💕

The first thing you need to know (as a Christian, specifically) is that sex isn’t bad!!! Sex was created by God–it’s a gift. He designed you to feel sexual attraction (or to not, if you’re asexual). He lovingly made us all who we are and He doesn’t make mistakes ok? So you don’t need to break up with your boyfriend because you want to have sex with him–that’s totally healthy and normal. I mean I haven’t had sex, but I’m Christian and I LOVE writing smut and *blushes* yeah other things too.

Side note: if you DONT want to have sex, that’s totally normal and healthy too. It’s all about who you are as an individual.

Where it becomes a problem for Christians, specifically, is that we believe that sex was designed for marriage. That’s why a lot of us (me included) are waiting. But if you decide to have sex before marriage, that does NOT mean God does not love you anymore and that does NOT make you any less pure than the rest of us. Ok? Ok.

If you do decide to have sex, that is YOUR DECISION and NO ONE ELSE’s. Not your parents. Not your friend’s. Not his ( though he should be consenting, of course). BE SAFE. Use a condom if you can’t access other forms of birth control (and really even if you can access those, just to be safe). Make sure you are well lubricated, make sure you are ready.

If you need any more advice, I’d love to help you ❤ I can’t speak from experience, but I educated myself via the internet so I can most certainly try. That goes for everyone!! This blog is a safe space for EVERYTHING. No subject out of bounds. 💕

i kinda feel like attempting to reconnect with god lately — i mean christian god — but i’m not sure if this can actually work out, especially since i don’t exactly believe in some really fundamental doctrines such as trinity, but i also seek a rather traditional religion and despise weird modern cults.

My First Ramadan

As-salaamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi everyone! As we all know, Ramadan is tomorrow and I would like to say a few things as this will be my first time celebrating it. 

I discovered Islam at a point in my life where nothing made sense. I was looking for a sense of direction and knowledge, that I was unable to find through Christianity, Buddhism or Judaism. I looked into all the ‘major’ religions as a hope of finding self-peace. 

My therapist says that due to my PTSD, I need stability and clarity in my life, which is something Islam provides. My journey hasn’t been difficult but also hasn’t been easy. I read up on the origins of the religion, the main beliefs, and some things in the Qur’ān, and said: “yes, this is for me.” 

I live in a household riddled with Islamaphobia. It is because of this that I can not wear my hijab, or even talk about my faith with my family. I’m okay with that though because I have something of a ‘virtual’ family who always wants to hear about my faith. It is without these people that I wouldn’t be here today. I’ll put all their thank-yous under the cut. I’d just like to say I am so blessed to be Muslim. I am so blessed and thankful that Allah loves me, and that I love him. Thank you, massive thank you, to the entire Muslim community for accepting me as your own. Subhanallah. 

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I had a dream last night about a new type of church….the dream I believe to be prophetic. The dream goes as follows:

I was going to a new church with my mom. We were going there for the first time. The weird thing was this church was like internet radio based and was broadcasting online and kept their sermons rather short and worship was mainly their mode of church. It was called church .com or something like that? As we entered the seating was weird. There were couch cushions and people sat on the floor, some in chairs and pews, others on blankets. We sat on a couch and saw the stage with a bunch of tv screens and one lone guy came out. He had a guitar and he began playing worship songs like “our god is an awesome god”, “old time religion,” etc. and this was. Broadcasted live online. I remember feeling so much of the Holy Spirit in that room… like this is a church I wanted to be a part of.

The way they did offerings was similar to how churches normally do it but they also played some ads like pandora radio does online, and also asked for donations from online watchers. Anyway the worship kept continuing. There was a high school band that came and a blond girl played on her drums and everyone was just listening to her drums… I felt so close to God I was on my knees crying. Worship lasted a long time with different singers and themes and then the word was about to start.

A big tv screen pulled down and a video began playing as a sheet fell down behind, covering the stage. The sermon was on the screen as a movie or as a creative play.

I remember it distinctly. It was about The promised land and how Joshua and Moses were trying to get to the promised land and lead all the Jews to that place. But there were many giants in the way- many beasts and trials. I was amazed at the play… it was so amazing to visually SEE the Bible come to life. The video was so amazing- it was like watching a movie. In the video a narrator, the pastor, was telling of how God told the Israelites to conquer the demons and giants on their way to the promised land. Everything had to go. Nothing could be spared.

“Have you ever had God promise you your own promised land? He gave you a promise and you’ve been waiting a long time for it. But it hasn’t come and you’re not nearly close enough? For example, you’re stuck at your 9-5 job and you know there’s something better for you and you can’t seem to get out of your financial situation. You have been promised a calling on your life and it seems so far away because you say, ‘I can’t even get promoted in this job, how can I move on to the next job?’”

As the narrator said all this the screen showed a desert leading to the promised land with all kinds of evil villages and giants and bugs and other monsters the Israelites had to deal with. It showed someone dressed in cloths from the time period, and right next to them was the same person only dressed in modern times. They both had weapons- the Israelite had a sword, the office worker had a pen. Each was dashing and killing giants– and moving through this wilderness side by side. It was visually amazing and it was resonating within my heart.

“God has given you weapons and has given you others beside you who are all going towards the promised land. He will make sure his promises come to pass. Just remember all giants and all obstacles must be killed before the promised land opens up. Whether that means depression, or anxiety, anger or bitterness, all giants must be slayed.”

Then the backdrop opened and there was an interactive set up to go through. It was a maze set in the desert and so me and my mom went up and ran through the obstacle course side by side these people dressed in period appropriate garb. My mom and I and many others helped each other through this maze and we really understood the message from the sermon. It was time for us to leave, and we left… as we were leaving there was a prophetic room with many people receiving prophetic words.

My heart was so alive during this whole experience. I kept thinking, “this is a new type of church. This is something I need. This is something I want to be a part of.”

And then I woke up.

my dream??? Christian yu??!??




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Hi, im studying to become a christian minister and i feel ive really got to learn about every religion so i can properly help those in need through understanding and such. do you know of any good ways to properly learn about islam?


First of all that’s really awesome that you’re studying to be a christian minister! All the best for your studies and it’s even more awesome that you’re willing to learn about other religions too.

It’s a bit difficult for me to provide the *right* resources that would be accessible to non-Muslims (all the resources I draw on are written specifically for Muslims) but I’ll link them anyway and hope that they’re helpful.

For the very basic-basics, there is the Crash Course video about Islam which does a pretty good, pretty straightforward summary of what Islam is all about and its history, which is quite useful!

If you want to read an English translation of the Qur’an online, then is a really easy one to use. But be aware that it is just one English translation (English translations don’t always accurately convey the message) and it doesn’t have any footnotes/further explanation or context. There is a man called Nouman Ali Khan who does really in-depth, video translations of the Qur’an from a linguistic point of view but I’m not sure if any of his videos are freely available online 

@partytilfajr and @thegreaterjihad are two tumblrs who study Islam. Their posts explain a lot of the reasoning and historical context behind certain things in the Qur’an really well (check their FAQs/index), but their audience is Muslim so they do use a lot of terminology and concepts that they assume their readers would be familiar with.

Tariq Ramadan is a professor (I think of Islamic Studies? or philosophy I can’t remember) at Oxford University. He has written a couple of books - some of which are more academic and are accessible to non-Muslim people and because he’s French he deals with a lot of the typical misconceptions about Islam. He’s really good.

I can’t think of anyone else but if any of my followers have suggestions please comment with them! If you have any specific questions, I can try to answer them too!

xx Munira

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Prayer request? I'm feeling empty and awful. I've gained weight, gotten the worst grades of my life, and might be going to a dinner where I'll be nitpicked and questioned about every action, and possibly outed to my congregation, the first church family I have ever known, at which time I'll be fundamentally stripped of my membership. I'm scared, confused, and hating myself. I need help to bring it to God, and help to find peace.

Hi there, dear. I’m so sorry you are stuck in this hard situation, with these awful feelings. It might not help, but I want to assure you that your worth is not measured by your weight or your academic success – not at all! God loves you, as you are, without condition. And you deserve people in your life who do the same.

If it hasn’t happened yet, I’ll be praying that the dinner goes as well as it can. <3

Comforting and Guiding God, 
Please, let this person feel your love that pervades and sustains every part of them. Shield them from the hurtful words of others, and send people their way who support and love them. Protect them from the pain of being outed, from the harm that could be inflicted by their church family. They deserve so much better from their faith community. Whatever happens, be with them, giving them the strength and hope to make it through. 
I pray also that they may learn in time to love the person you fashioned them to be, even if society says they’re not fitting the right mold. Send your Spirit of peace, of understanding, of patience and hope. Help them know that they don’t need to have everything figured out right now, or to be fully comfortable with who they are right now. They have time – and I thank you that they have
you, guiding them every step of the way.