Just a lil update!

I’m so sorry I’ve been a little inactive. There’s been so many things going on lately and I’ve been stretched thin physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I went to my neurologist appointment and after being poked with needles in my muscles and shocked in my legs some more tests are coming up (soon to have an MRI) so please keep me in your prayers as I go through this.

I’ll soon be back from a mini-vacation (needed to clear my head) and as soon as I get back home I’m jumping straight back into work mode. Ill have some things to show you all real soon and I’d love to give a few (free!) shirts away to some of my followers, if you’d like?

Bubble Bubble Bubblebath

- aka how to add unacceptable titlesinspired by this picture:

[photo credit: HIMSELF]

Reader x Christian Yu [again *sighs*]

Type: smut

Warnings: dirty talk, Christian Yu himself

Words count: 1534

Summary: after a rough week at work, your boyfriend wanna pamper your tired body and soul

You were having a really tough week at the office, there were many tasks with upcoming deadlines, important business meetings etc. Your boss was hiperventilating, pushing you to the limits and liters of coffee was your only energizer. But finally the week was over, you finished with everything only some paperwork was on your desk. You couldn’t wait to spend some quality time with your boyfriend who was listening your whining every day because of this rushed week. Today you called him in your lunch-break telling him that you’ll be at home earlier and no more nigh-shifts for a while. You also told him don’t plan any program for today, because you’re tired as hell, you just want some chill-time with him nothing extra.

You were done with the last paperwork, sent the mails to your boss and collegues and you were ready to go home. A sudden text popped up on your phonescreen:

- Where are you baby girl? U left already? Just come homeee, I miss u so much!!

You texted back, that you’re leaving now and rushing home to see him. And you’re dead tired and he should cuddle with you all night. But the next reply made you speechless.

- What about this babe? :P Come home quickly till the water is hot and I don’t eat all the stuff what I prepared for you, plus I don’t wanna be drunk without you. ;) ;)

He sent a way too hot photo… he was just casually sitting in the bathtub, drinking wine, foam surrounding his perfect body… this view was waiting for you at home.

- JEZZZ WHY YOU GOTTA BE LIKE THIS??? If I’ll get into an accident that will be your fault, exciting me and rushing me.. I’ll be there soon!! Wait for meee!!! xx

- I’M HOME WHERE IS MY SEXY MERMAID??? – you shouted from the front door, taking off your coat and bag, walking to the bathroom.

- I’m at least Poseidon babe, come here I missed you so much – he got up from the tub giving a kiss and revealing his wet body.

- Oh my oh my, greek gods were always breath-taking but this one here is my favourite, may I join to his underwater empire? – you said jokingly, taking off of your clothes while Christian was watching you with hungry eyes.

- Well Miss, this is my dearest wish, but I can’t guarantee calm waters if you join me – he said and a hand went down on his body touching his hardening member.

You got in the tub, feeling the warm water and the foam sea around you. You let out a satisfied moan:

- Oh God I was waiting for this all week. It feels so good.

- Now just relax babe – he hushed in your ear, giving small kisses down on your neck, while he started to massage your whole body with shower gel.

- Oh Christian what did I do to deserve this much care, ha? – you asked, lying on him and relaxed yourself in his arms.

- You’re my sexy goddess, you deserve everything – he answered, touching your breasts, earning quiet moans from you.

You turned your head giving him sloppy kisses and you felt his hands everywhere, carressing your body. Also felt his arousal poking your back, while you deepened the kiss and wanted more.

- Ah baby, you’re driving me crazy, but I wanna please you today a lot, really a lot – he poured water down on your chest washing down the shower gel and he started to wash your hair, his fingers doing magic with your head. You felt like you’re sitting in a massage parlor and at the hairdresser at the same time.

- Where did you learn all of this stuff honey, coz your fingers are no joke… - you were totally letting him to take care about you, bathing you fully.

- Aye, baby girl you know my fingers can do magic – he pinched your nipples and took the glasses pouring wine for the both of you.

- Cheers darlin’, for a free weekend finally! – you clinked your glasses, taking a sip of the wine.

- You even bought a cake Christian, you totally went overboard – you laughed and dipped your fingers in the creamy icing.

- I like to go overboard for you babe – he grabbed your hand licking off your fingers.

- Mm, tasty but not as tasty as you… come here baby girl lemme taste you here and there – he smirked at you, his eyes filled with lust, when he turned you around facing him and taking you in his lap.

You were digging in his hair, feeling the wet locks and kissed him passionately. He kissed back, biting your lips playfully, then moving over to your neck leaving kisses everywhere, sucking on your earlobe. A hand went down on your body, finding your clit and started to rub it at a slow pace.

- Mm, Christian at a normal massage parlor there aren’t special care like this… - your whole body started to feel the pleasure, making you moan louder when he took a nipple in his mouth, sucking on it harshly and twirling his tongue around it.

- Babe, your care-taker wants more of you… I can’t handle your wet body anymore, your wet lips, your wet hair and your wet pussy…

- I thought the same Christian… I want you inside of me so badly – you grabbed a fistful hair of him, sucking on his bottom lip.

- Ahh baby girl, then just lift yourself up a bit and ride me, I love it when you’re playful like this – he gave that sexy smile of his, then you lifted your butt and letting him to slip himself into you.

You closed your eyes for a few seconds, biting your lips, feeling him fully inside of you and you started to move on him. He grabbed your butt moving you faster while burying his face in your bouncing breasts. You were riding him faster and faster, tilting your head back, moaning loudly and letting out all the stress from you. Suddenly you stopped, an idea popped in your mind.

- What’s wrong baby girl? – he looked at you with a confused face.

- Well, first of all the whole bathroom is a sea, coz of this ehmm.. wild ride, second you told me you wanna please me right? – you asked him, lifting an eyebrow at him.

- Tell me your nasty idea babe…

- It’s not that nasty, but I want you to fuck me in front of that mirror, I wanna watch how you’re fucking me, I wanna see your cock slipping in and out of me… please Christian I really want this – he looked at you with a shocked face.

- You know baby girl there are times when I feel like I’m the luckiest motherfucker on this planet. And I’m feeling this right now too.

You shot him a smile, got off of him and from the tub too, took a towel and dried yourself a bit. You also cleaned the huge bathroom mirror from the steam. You always wanted to use this mirror for a bit extra and not only for to see yourself fully in your outfits or whatever.

You felt him behind you, hugging you and kissing down on your neck, squeezing your butt.

- Look how beautiful you are baby, how eager for my cock inside of you, wanting me so badly, but here we go baby, here we go – he inserted himself in, getting a hiss in response, and he started to pounding into you roughly.

- Ahh my bad girl, you’re enjoying the view? Coz so am I… we should have done this long before baby – you can’t help but moan and moan, while he was fucking you from behind, your leg on a drawer to fully see him slipping in and out of you. You felt like you gonna collapse from this pleasure, his throbbing member inside of you, seeing him pumping you hard, his muscles were glistening from the water and sweat.

- Christian I’m so close… you’re so good… fuck Christian don’t you dare to stop – you were a moaning mess in his arms. His fingers started to rub your clit, and with his another hand he was holding your jaws tightly, facing you to the mirror.

- Look at yourself baby girl, look what I can do with you and your body. Cum for me babe, cum now – he was whispering in your ear, watching you in the mirror, when your orgasm exploded around him, sending tightening waves down on your body.

- Yes that’s my girl, you’re doing good – he growled when your clenching walls pushed him over his edge, spilling himself into you while he was adding the last few thrusts. Your legs were trembling, he had to hold you tight when he pulled his cock out of you.

- Mm look at that baby, I think I need to bath you again – you looked at the mirror seeing your and his juices flowing down on your legs.

Just for fun, here is a VERY SMALL list of ridiculous sins that are mentioned in the bible:

-offending a Christian
-touching a Christian
-wearing clothes of the opposite sex
-wearing “evil looking” clothing
-anxiety or phobias
-complaining (especially about hardships)
-astrology (the penalty for which is death)
-being bitter
-eating blood(??????)
-speaking more than one language
-not spanking a disobedient child
-talking too much
-“filthy” conversation
-“foolish” conversation (all of tumblr?? Memes???)
-taking advice from anyone who is not a Christian
-giving advice if you are not a Christian (especially if you’re giving advice to a Christian)
-cursing MEN
-being discouraged
-having “filthy dreams”
-eating with people who are drunk
-arguing with employers
-believing in evolution
-listening to fables
-fearing men
-NOT fearing your parents (wtf?)
-not having God in ALL your thoughts
-striking a man in the balls
-not honoring all men
-being unemployed
-making jokes
-killing a mother bird in a nest (ok I agree with this one, don’t hurt birds you sinful fucks)
-being lazy
-believing lies
-bad manners
-offending a child
-being impatient
-not being perfect
-attending the lectures of Non-Christian professors or teachers
-being a “tattler”
-being angry

So if anyone ever tells you the bible says homosexuality is a sin just show them this post ok

An outfit Cinemagraph I created a few weeks ago with Christian for Revolve Clothing. Fish and chips by the ocean after, we spoke about details of the years we had growing up, seperate, somehow it feels like we were both always there! This night was unforgettable.