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here’s my iconic vine comp with over 120k views btw, in case u care

Being Cody Herbinko’s girl:

  • Calm car rides.
  • Him resting his hand on your thigh.
  • Calling you ‘his girl’ infront of his friends.
  • Posting aestetic pictures of you and him.
  • Let’s face it, intense making out sessions while The Weeknd plays on the background.
  • Him kissing you to the rythm of the music.
  • Heavy and loud moans/ groans coming from him.
  • You being completely obsessed with his hair.
  • Tracing the patterns of his tattoos with your fingers, which relaxes him.
  • You helping him deal with his anxiety.
  • You sneaking pictures of him.
  • His fans adoring you, you almost never get hate because they are incredibly sweet.
  • Comforting eachother through hard times.
  • When he tries to be romantic he messes up and blushes, but you don’t care because you love him anyways.
  • Lots of shower sex.
  • Him being turned on by literally anything you do.
  • Purposely teasing him.
  • Lip biting when you kiss.
  • Saying shut up just so he says ‘make me’.
  • Finding excuses to see you.
  • Being stupidly in love with eachother.

noah fence,, but i’m in love w this