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I hope with the Grace of God to continue along the path of Catholic Ideals and to be able one day, in whatever state God wills, to defend and propagate these rare and true things
—  Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati
If conservative Christians acted like irrational SJWs

“christmas is cultural appropriation of christians”

"saying christmas doesnt have to be religious is christian erasure”

“okay but???? saying ‘oh my god’ is rly offensive to christians????????? stop contributing to microagression”


“um sweetie, saying gays can’t be christians is super homophobic and you need to reevaluate yourself”

“catholics can’t eat meat on friday, nobody else should because it might offend them. it’s literally disrespecting their culture to do otherwise.”

“if you don’t 100% support my christian lifestyle you literally hate me because its part of who i am. you cant ‘disagree’ with christianity like that. either you fully support it or you’re christianophobic”

“christians were actively persecuted by islams for centuries?????its totally reasonable to fear all muslims. they enslaved my people. check your Atheist privilege and consider the validity of your thoughts on matters that you have no right to contribute to. christians can’t be racist to islams because islams were/are the religion that oppressed us. we can be PREJUDICE but not racist. #GetWoke”

I’m going to bed.

I’m going to bed in a country where more than half the population just proclaimed that they hate me, that they hate the diversity that has been the mark of America for decades.

I’m going to bed, thinking of those people that won’t sleep tonight–those people that don’t fit into the homogenous mixture of white, rich men that our new xenophobe-in-chief has deemed “Great America.”

I’m going to bed, praying for my fellow Americans that will now have unwarranted eyes glued to their backs, that will have their every move and motion scrutinized by a government that has deemed them a threat merely for reading a holy book not entitled “The Holy Bible.”

I’m going to bed, haunted by the rainbow flags and pride pins my friends will be forced to take down for fear of harassment, by the businesses they’ll be refused service at and the families they’ll be denied.

I’m going to bed, weighed down by the violence to come–the people murdered by our supposed protectors, the innocents thrown in undeserved prison cells, the parents and children thrust across borders into countries that have exiled them at the threat of execution.

I’m going to bed, worried about myself–about my own bodily rights that have just been snatched from me, about walking the streets under the leadership of a man that has told thousands of men and boys that I am submissive, that I am just an object for them to grab.

I’m going to bed in a feeble attempt to escape the nightmarish America that tonight has revealed to me. 

(But aren’t you supposed to escape nightmares by waking up?)


It’s so good that The Sun has taken the time to point out that the rise of the Far Right is A Bad Thing. Thank goodness we have a responsible press that wouldn’t dream of feeding a poisonous atmosphere of racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic hate over a period of months and years because like I said, that would be A Bad Thing.

Alternatives to Yoga, for Catholics

The New Year is an ideal time to begin to put into action your new plans and resolutions for the year ahead.

Health is wealth, and it is vital to take care of your body via diet and of course, regular exercise.

If like me, you hate the idea of going to the gym, there are lots of other activities to help keep you fit.

Yoga seems to be very popular, but as Catholics and Christians, we know that Yoga is not permissible due to it being based on Hindu philosophies and Eastern mystical theologies which is in dissonance with Christianity. 

Here are some alternatives to yoga you can use:


I am a big fan of ballet, which combines dance, stretching, flexibility and also strength training.  It not only improves your posture, strength and flexibility, but it can keep you trim and fit too. 

I am naturally very slim so I don’t do much cardio or fat-burning exercises, however ballet is a very good way to improve muscle tone and core strength.  


Originally created to help athletes recover quicker from their injuries, pilates is fast becoming popular.  It makes a great alternative to yoga as it also helps you improve flexibility, endurance and strength.  I also practise pilates and rotate between this and ballet 2-3 times a week for my strength and flexibility.


I used to do this years ago and rather enjoyed it.  A lot of men will love this too if they find Ballet not challenging enough.  Calisthenics helps improve muscular and aerobic conditioning, as well as improving, balance, agility and coordination.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:5
Just like a branch broken off a tree quickly dries up, so will we if we do not stay attached to the True Vine- Jesus Christ. We get our life, sustenance, nourishment and strength from Him. Without Him we are as good as dead. We can do NOTHING! But with Him we can do all things, bearing fruit in every good work.
Lord Jesus, This New Year, teach me to abide in You always. Amen

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I only have one resolution for 2017. This year, it’s simply this: I resolve to love you more.

Because the more I love you, the less it’s about myself and the more it’s about you and your awesome love. The more I love you, the more I pour my energy and strength and wisdom and resources to others. The more I love you, the more deeply I understand your grace and the better I’m able to love people near and far with that same fierce kind of love.

I can’t think of any better resolution, or any that I’ll fail more at. But when I fail, when I lose my way, it’s then that I find myself in your love once again. And that’s the place I most want to be in 2017.


2 years ago 21 men were martyred. One wasn’t a Christian until the last moment.

“Their God is My God”

“Following the brutal murder of a group of Coptic Christians by members of the Islamic State (ISIS) on February 12, 2015, the names of the 21 martyred men were widely shared. Prior to the beheadings, the victims were kidnapped while residing in Libya, where they were working in order to support their families.

Initially, it was believed that all of the men who were slain for their faith were from small impoverished villages in Egypt. However, while the name and background of one of those killed was first unknown, Mathew Ayairga was soon identified by friends who recognized him in the video footage of the killings released by ISIS. According to “Ahram-Canadian News,” Mathew, who had been missing since January of 2015, was from the country of Chad.

The video showed each of the kidnapped men dressed in orange jumpsuits, kneeling on a beach, with their black-clothed attackers standing behind them. Each man was then systematically beheaded. The video clearly captured many of the men praying, “Lord Jesus Christ,” in their final moments.

According to reports, Mathew was not a Christian. However, just moments before his death, when the ISIS militants demanded he follow Islam, Mathew turned them down. After reportedly witnessing the “immense faith” of the Egyptian believers, he decided to become a follower of Christ himself. On camera, one of the terrorists asked Mathew, “Do you reject Christ?” He responded boldly: “Their God is my God.” He then became one of the 21 men who laid down their lives for their faith in Christ.”