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proverbs 26:4 and 5

Thought I’d give my own personal interpretation of these contradictory proverbs

4 “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him

Trying to patiently argue “reasonably” with bigoted internet trolls whose only agenda is to screw with people by being as offensive as possible is useless because they will only twist your words and make fun of you until you become weary and also a point of mockery among them, accomplishing the opposite of what you originally intended 

5 “Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes.”

On the other hand, if someone you respect is saying or doing harmful things the responsible thing to do is rebuke them before they let it get to their head and become self-assured and self-righteous, thus “wise in their own eyes”

The Wolf and The Witch (P1)

Paring: Theo x OC (Novaii de Lunas)
Word Count: 2148
Warning: FILTHY SMUT. IT’S LITERALLY JUST SMUT GALORE. Safe sex is a must kids!

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And Christ says
“I will never leave thee
nor forsake thee”
yet we feel like we are walking
on water alone-
we feel as if sinking is inevitable
‘cause we cannot “feel” the
presence of Christ,
the presence of Christ
is not a feeling-
it is a relationship with Him
on the mountains and
in the valleys.
it is looking around at creation;
it is staring into the sunset
trying to figure out how so many vibrant colors
can be so perfectly placed in formation
to create such a masterpiece and
it is wondering who that artist is.
The presence of Christ is
tears flooding from your eyes
and heartbreak taking over your insides
and suddenly
“I will never leave thee
nor forsake thee”
comes to mind
and it’s as if
Christ is sitting right next to you
in the passenger seat
with a box of tissues
reassuring you that
the tears aren’t forever
but His love is eternal
—  the presence of Christ is always present
On Virginity

They want you to be pure, untouched

Or else you are the quintessence of sin

Going to hell for your unholy desires

Feeding you lies, saying

“Your body is not your own”

After all this body has gone through

The screaming and crying

The smiling and laughing

The starvation

The recovery

Good and bad

Who are you to tell me my body is not my own?

This body has been mine

Since I took my first breath

And I am proud of it

The fading, nearly invisible now self harm scars

Curvy hips

Tired eyes

Even with my imperfections

I am allowed to love my body

The body that went from

A size zero to a size six

Is lovely

And it is my own

Therefore, I am in control

Respect me.

No Hands but Ours

“Jesus has no hands but ours.”

That means God’s hands are hands that shake
And feet that trip and make mistakes
And heads that scream, and hearts that ache.

And Christ’s own feet were feet that fell;
His body was an empty shell;
His sweat dripped on the stones of hell.

His hands, and ours, are hands that fight,
Despite the shaking, through the night
And break from darkness into light.