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Movie Scene(Christian Yu x Reader x Loco AMBW Smut)

Soooo once again she trying to deny daddy Yu  so why not fuck her up with two great guys?  As well as the rest of you lmfao yes come thru and tell me what you think about this @silhouetted-beauty just give in, it will only get worse.

Steam arose off the white surface as your hand ghosted over the plate, turning on the silver faucet on the sink making sure to rinse the dish off with cold water. Moving to sit it down in the dish rack your eyes skimmed the area beside you to make sure that all the dishes were clean and resting with the one you had just finished. Sweat started to drip down from your forehead and your cheeks onto your chest causing your brown skin to glisten under the bright kitchen light. The black tank top that you had on clung to your body, a bit disheveled and rising up in the front from where you had been pressed against the sink trying to clean off the dishes. Your pink shorts were also crumpled lightly, parts of your ass cheeks were on display as you paced side to side letting the water drain from the sink. In a matter of seconds your vision was blurred and suddenly black from the black gloves that rested against your eyes, the material making your skin heat up more than what it already was. You moved to grab at the hands that were trying to obstruct a view, a small yelp leaving your lips.

“Shhh, just let it happen.” A deep voice muttered against your ear sending chills up your spine, your body shuddered lightly as you nodded your head. “Good girl.” The voice complimented and you couldn’t see it but you could bet whoever said it was more than getting a kick out of this. One of his hands moved down from your eyes to your neck, cupping your jaw as the other hand secured around your eyes, he moved his hand to your breast groping them individually playing with your mounds causing your breath to hitch slightly.

“H-hey.” You called out in warning and he laughed, his hand sliding lower.

“Couldn’t help myself, you have a great pair.” The male complimented as his hand dipped down to cup your sex. Your legs squeezed tightly around his hand and that didn’t do anything but allow him to cup you harder, his palm moving back and forth grinding against your heat. Your legs trembled lightly as you stifled a soft moan from your lips, your head rolling back against the shoulder of the male who remained unnamed at the moment. “Does it feel good?” He asked you, but you didn’t answer, the only indication to his answer was a subtle roll of your hips as you took deep breaths.

“I think she likes it. I think she likes it a lot.” Another voice called out, you couldn’t see what the male was doing, but he was bringing his camera closer to you, recording every moment that was happening. He felt proud of himself for thinking of such things and he knew that you were loving this just as much. He couldn’t wait to see what you had to say when everything was over. Christian watched as Loco played with you, letting his hand continue to tease your clothed pussy, his bulge started to appear, pressing against your ass and the sight alone had Christian biting the inside of his cheek to stifle his own groan feeling his pants get hard at the sight. Looking at Loco and waiting for the male to make eye contact he jerked his head backwards signaling for him to go towards the bedroom.

“I’m going to move my hand, but keep your eyes closed. And if you don’t obey. You won’t like me in a few minutes. Understood?” The voice asked you and though part of you wanted to rebel and look or maybe even run you decided against it, giving a nod of your head. Soon after, the hand was moved and you were hauled over someone’s shoulder, his hand slid up to slap at your plump ass cheeks causing it to sound off in the kitchen. You were carried for a while until your back was hitting your mattress the soft dark blue sheets meeting your heated skin. “Open your eyes.” The voice called out and you did as told, blinking to let your eyes adjust to the light you looked in front of you. Two men with ski masks on, but the area for their eyes and nose was completely cut out showing off their skin. One man had a large video camera up and pointing at you. Both were dressed in black, black sweaters and black baggy jeans. Your eyes shifted between the two before it settled on the man you assumed were carrying you.

“We are going to take off our masks. But you have to promise us you won’t scream.” The male stated moving closer to you as the one with the camera sat it down on your work desk that was directly in front of your bed, the large lens facing you.

“What do you want?” You asked softly, your nerves spiked up while you were alert and slightly embarrassed from the fact that you were wet and the fabric of your shorts were dampened.

“We just want to have some fun with you. And then we will be on our way. No reason to not cooperate, right?” The male asked you and a pout graced your visage as you titled your head.

“I don’t sleep around with just anyone, besides how do I know that you’re not containing anything?” You asked the male crossing one leg over the other.

“We could be asking you the same thing.” The male with the camera countered and you dropped your mouth open.

“Well that’s a fucking risk you take when barging into someone’s house!” You yelled at the male.

“Ma’am. No attitudes- hey look at me!” The first male addressed you gripping your chin roughly with your hand. When your eyes met his darker orbs, he reached into his back pocket with his free hand moving to pull out two slips of paper. “Do you want to see proof?” He asked softly throwing the pieces of paper down onto your bedside table. You rolled your eyes at how conveniently prepared they both seemed. Biting on your bottom lip you had to think for a second, it had been a while since you could even fuck around. Between the stupid ass job, you had and the loss of your partner due to work, you could say you felt you deserved this.  

“If you can convince me that I should give in, then I will let you do what you want. If not, then you can just get out.” You shrugged nonchalantly but deep in your gut you wished that they would both do good jobs.

“It didn’t take you long to get wet, I’m sure it won’t take me long to have you screaming my name.” He chuckled, hands sliding up to grip at the hems of the ski mask pulling it off and over his head, revealing the blonde hair to compliment his baby face. He looked good, damn good and the sight alone had you tightening your legs together. He moved to grip at his black sweater to pull it up and over his head. His body becoming revealed to your eyes that were greedily looking over him. You hummed in approval seeing the taught muscles that rested on his stomach. Counting the abs silently in your head but the view was cut short by him moving to crawl on the bed gripping at your right ankle pulling you towards the middle of the bed. He took off his black gloves one by one as he climbed on the bed to join you.

“Hyukwoo.” He mumbled as he leaned over you, your hands moved to grip at his shoulders nodding your head.

“Y/n.” You spoke your name softly.

“Y/n.” He called your name out letting it roll off his tongue slowly. He continued to look down at you, his gaze was full of heat and want. The way he inched his body downwards to press against yours, his forehead pressing against yours, he tilted his head kissing your lips gently. You immediately kissed back, your hands moving up to wrap around his neck, playing with the blonde locks of hair at his nape, your legs spreading wide to press against the mattress. He groaned softly, his hips pressing down against yours rolling his bulge against your clothed heat. The make-out turned hot and heavy between the two of you. His hands gripped at your hips pulling you against him, your hips clashed as you dry humped the wet spot in your spots becoming damp again and even worse as it soaked your panties. His hands moved back up your body, his hands sliding under your tank top to crawl up your skin. He gripped at your breast, only covered by a thin bra, his fingers tweaking at your nipples, a smirk on his lips as he pulled back.

“Take off your top and bra baby girl.” He slapped at your thigh, his fingers dragging lightly down your outside your thigh.

You leaned up, pressing your forehead against his and biting on his bottom lip before you pulled back to take off your shirt, throwing it behind you on the floor and next your bra followed revealing your plump chocolate mounds. Hyukwoo gripped at your breast, eyeing them as his thumbs brushed over your nipples. “It’s so cute that you only have one nipple pierced.” He teased leaning down.

“Shut up!” You moaned out, trying to talk shit but he was flicking his tongue against your nipples at quick motions. Soon he was sucking on your breast harshly letting one hand wrap around your waist, to keep your body close to him. He nibbled on your nipples, pulling on the jewelry with his teeth lightly he pulled back with a wet pop kissing down your body. His hand pushed down at your lower stomach causing you to lay back down against the bed keeping your legs spread for him. He gripped at your shorts and slid them down your legs until he was throwing them onto the floor by his feet. He pressed your legs down against the bed, moving to flick his tongue against your wet spot, up and down and in a circle causing you to moan. He nibbled and bit on your pussy gently through the fabric, your pussy was becoming drenched in the panties, your back arching off the bed as you tried to be patient with him toying with you but It was becoming hard. Your head wandered to turn looking over at the male who had his mask off as well. Curly brown hair against his forehead, he had a charming smile and big kissable pink lips.

As Hyukwoo discarded your panties like he did with your shorts the other male stood up and started to strip himself as well. He didn’t stop until every inch of him was uncovered, your eyes basked in the sight of his tattooed upper body. Walking over towards you he moved your body upwards so that your head was hanging off the side of the bed. He gripped at his shaft, pumping it above your head until the tip was leaking with precum. He bent his knees, smearing the precum on your lips before he gripped at your chin moving it so that your mouth was open.

“A tongue ring huh? I’m sure you’re good with that mouth then.” He called out to you as he slid himself into your mouth. He leaned over your body, his hands resting beside your stomach on each side. Your mouth stretched around his dick but you didn’t mind it at all. Your hands fisted the sheets as your tongue flicked from side to side on the underside of his shaft. The male started to grunt softly, rolling his hips forward to start face fucking you.

“That’s right Christian fuck her pretty little face good.” Loco leaned down to flick his wet tongue against your pussy, spreading you open with two fingers he started to swirl his tongue around your clit, playing with and teasing the bud before slipping it into his mouth. Your whole body was on fire, shaking and shuddering as you were face fucked and ate out against the bed. Your lower stomach clenched and it felt like there was a fire in your bones. You tried to whimper out, but it only caused you to choke around the thick girth in your mouth, spit starting to form in the corners of your mouth as Christian sped up his hips, groaning as he watched his cock disappear in your mouth over and over again the wet warm space making him feel his pleasure and it took on a new high with the fact that you had a tongue ring. His hands moved to grip at your breast slapping at them and playing with them, he held your mounds in his hands jiggling the flesh with his large palms. Hyukwoo moved to slid his tongue into your pussy, causing a moan to slip past your lips and vibrate around his shaft, Christian moved to slap at your clit as Hyukwoo ate you out letting his tongue swirl around the inside of your pussy, he moaned and flicked his tongue curving it and tasting every inch of you that he possibly could. While he devoured you, Christian changed the slaps on your wet bud to quick circles with his two fingers, your hips buck upwards, your hands moved to tangle into Hyukwoo’s hair pressing his face against your pussy as you rode it feeling closer to an orgasm. It didn’t help that Christian was adding to your pleasure, with your hips twitching and your pleasured spot being grazed by the pink tongue buried deep inside of you, it was only a matter of time before your juices were sliding out of your pussy creating a mess as you on Hyukwoo’s tongue, your eyes screwed shut and as you moaned more you kept choking around the shaft slamming inside of your mouth. But instead of stopping, Hyukwoo slid two fingers inside of you thrusting them quick and fast. He curved and straightened them out until you were cumming again this time squirting on his forearm and his chin as he pulled back to make come hither motions with his fingers moving his arm and fingers as fast as he could.

Christian pulled back, letting his shaft tap on your parted lips and then across your face until he was cumming giving you a facial. You let out a deep moan, your chest heaved as you tried to calm yourself, licking the cum off your face, or what you could, soon you were flipped over on your stomach. Hyukwoo placed you on your knees and you felt like you couldn’t go anymore halfway spent. He undressed himself the rest of the way, aligning his tip with your member he rubbed his length up and down your wet slit, causing your hips to roll back against his. You ground your pussy against his shaft coating it with your juices until he got done teasing, he gripped at your hips and slid into you slowly, burying himself to the hilt he moaned softly at how tight you were.

“Fuck, I just stretched you out. You got such a good pussy.” He mewled softly as he started to move his hips feeling you had adjusted enough for him. He surged his hips forward slowly each time burying himself as deep as he could and pulled back until only the tip was remaining. Christian came back towards you, gripping at your hair tightly he crashed his lips against yours moaning as he tasted himself on your tongue whilst sliding his tongue into your mouth. He sucked and flicked his wet muscle against yours, having a mini battle between your tongues before you gave up and let him dominate the kiss because your body was feeling too much. Your hands pressed down against the mattress to study yourself as Hyukwoo continued to fuck into you from behind using your hips to slam back onto his cock. He slowly picked up speed, his hands gripping you so hard you knew it would leave bruises on your body later and for some reason that excited you more. Christian pulled back from the kiss and moved to climb on the bed laying sideway so that he could suck and play with your breast targeting your piercing the most as he lay on his back.

Hyukwoo started to switch angles trying to find your spot once again so that he could have you seeing stars and moaning for him. He was addicted to the sweet sounds you made, how your back ached lightly and shuddered under their ministrations. You were a sight to see, so beautiful in his eyes your chocolate skin was glowing to him under the room light, your hair wild and puffed from the humidity but that only aided in the beauty of you. Once he found your spot, he continued to abuse it slamming his hips forward creating a light smacking sound against you as he rutted his hips forward. Christian moved to flick and nibble on your clit when he could, trying to help you reach one more orgasm for the both of them, he leaned up letting his tongue flatten and glide against your sex as your hips rolled back. Your pussy was squeezing around the shaft buried deep inside of you, rolling your head back you tried to moan out that you were close but your voice was failing you.

“You look so beautiful. Come on baby girl cum for us, wrap this pretty pussy tightly around my cock and give me everything you got. Be my fucking dirty slut and cum.” Hyukwoo used one hand to grip harshly at your hair tugging it backwards making your hips arch until it was painful while his hips slammed against yours, his balls smacking against your ass.

“Hyuk.. Hyukwoo!” You cried out as you came for them once again. Christian pulled away to watch your face contort in pleasure as you lost yourself, Hyukwoo circled his hips and ground himself forward feeling the walls tightly suck in his shaft and cause a wave of pleasure to slam into his body. It only took a few more thrusts for him to be cumming inside you as well riding out the both of your orgasms. He pulled out of you slowly and moved to lay you down on the bed with him, Christian turned off the camera with a goofy grin and crawled on the bed.

“What did you think baby?” He asked kissing your lips softly.

“That was a horrible version of porn.” You admitted rolling your eyes. “Stop letting Loco write scripts.” You huffed and he chuckled from behind you slapping your ass.

“That was good and you know it. Don’t act like you didn’t like it.” He grinned pulling you close.

“I’m never doing that again unless I am in charge of the script.” You rolled your eyes before shutting them.

“Anything for my princess.” Christian admitted stroking your hair as he watched you relax and drift off to sleep.

Christian Chim Chim, you’re not being subtle

That is an actual scene from TWENTY and there are plenty more scenes like that… First he couldn’t name the book he was reading( cough, cough Fifty Shades Of Gray) and now this… I swear he’s giving me a heart attack

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I would let Monster Woo hit. Christian doesn't seem like the type to know what he's doing, as much as I love him. Plus I wouldn't wanna screw up his & Live's relationship bc after Woo I'm onto Dabin. Tryna not be a homie hopper

@snooopid you hear that Christian gon get lost in the sauce~D

Kerala Assembly election: Amit Shah meets Catholic Cardinal to woo Christian minorities into saffron fold

BJP national president Amit Shah has begun his three-day visit to Kerala with high voltage. With sole aim of winning minimum atleast six seats for the BJP in 2019 Lok Sabha election, Amit Shah laid down his road map for the God’s own country.

Shah at the meet cleared that “making a win and then claiming laurels and free gifts were not BJP’s political agenda”. Interestingly, his words sealed the fate of few who dreamt a cabinet berth soon.

He clarified that NDA in Kerala should be strengthened in the state without the support of minorities as coalition has no future in Kerala. His hard hitting delivery silenced many partners who grumbled over the “promised land”. NDA partners including Bharat Dharma Jana Sena vowed to fight for Prime Minister Modi in next election.

During meeting, Amit Shah clarified that there was no beef ban ordered by Union government. “Kerala High Court has clarified in its orders,” he said, when he cornered Catholic Church in his fold. He held a closed door meeting with Cardinal George Alenchery, Latin Archbishop Joseph Kalathiparambil and four other bishops.

According to a senior BJP leader in Kerala, the meeting was a “friendly affair” to know each other. “We want to establish a direct link with Bishops in Kerala,” the leader downplayed the event. But Catholic community damned the bishops for falling in BJP line.

“I think the Bishops and cardinals had gone with the BJP’s game plan. Their awareness level and integrity should be tested. Tomorrow they will appeal to their faithful to vote for BJP,” Mohan John a catholic based in Kochi told India Today.

ALSO READ:BJP shows flexibility over beef ban, says states are free to decide on slaughter of cows

Suits Fic Bit: Scotch Sharing Hour

A little ficlet for @justalltheselittlethings and the rest of the girls because, as usual, I have Harvey/Donna emotions.

Prompt: “Louis confronts Harvey about knowing about him and Donna sleeping together.”


Louis shows up in his office with a bottle of scotch. “A drink before we’re all in prison?”

It’s a fatalistic viewpoint, but considering the turns the case has taken and Louis’ eventual commitment to stay the course and fight to keep Mike out of jail and the firm intact, Harvey can’t fault the man for believing the worst might still be around the corner. And to be honest, his own nerves are shot, so he could use a drink.

It takes half the bottle before Louis is sufficiently drunk enough to relax and the atmosphere reminds Harvey of their first few years together. Harvey had forgotten Louis used to slaughter the other associates in rounds at the bar – Louis’ ability to hold his liquor often an advantage they’d use to win arguments and take lead on choice cases. Despite their rocky history, Louis had done a lot to help hone Harvey’s edge in the beginning, and though perhaps not always consistently or selflessly, look out for Harvey’s interests. It’s with surprise that Harvey realizes how much he still values their friendship.

“Thank you, Louis,” Harvey says. The alcohol is already going to his head, but he’s sincere all the same.

Louis mistakes the meaning and looks down at the bottle he brought. “It’s not a martini, but I know you like scotch.”

“No, for all the time we’ve worked together,” Harvey corrects. “For your friendship.”

He knows Louis is getting emotional because there’s a long pause and Louis unnecessarily refills their glasses. Then he holds his up in toast. “To my brother.”

Harvey’s not about to contradict the statement when Louis is like this, and he can admit there’s a part of himself that thinks it might even be true. He clinks Louis’ glass with his own and they drink in comfortable silence.

After a moment, Louis clears his throat. “Harvey, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, Louis.”

“How will you keep Donna out of prison?”

Even drunk, Harvey feels the way his body tenses at the thought. “I’m keeping everyone out of prison.”

“Yeah, I know, you’re Johnnie Cochran. But if you can’t.” He turns toward Harvey, expression serious. “You tell me if there’s anything you need.”

“Louis, no one is going to prison, least of all Donna,” Harvey assures him. He isn’t in this to lose, and he sure as hell will shield Donna from any fallout.

Louis doesn’t seem entirely convinced. “You know she’ll do whatever it takes to protect you.”

“She’ll never be put in a position where she’ll have to.” It comes out a bit harsh, his tone carried by the weight of the promise and the way it makes him defensive.

Even though he nods in response, Louis still looks troubled. “Don’t hurt her, Harvey.”

There’s something about the way he says it that holds Harvey’s anger at bay. “What are you talking about?”

Louis stalls for time by taking a drink of his scotch.

“Louis,” Harvey presses. “What’s going on? What’s this about?”

“I know about what happened,” Louis admits. He shifts on the couch like he needs to create some distance, but he boldly meets Harvey’s eyes. “I know you slept together.”

Harvey manages to hide his surprise under his irritation. “It’s not any of your business.”

“Well, you’ve made the women you sleep with my business before, and I care about Donna. I swear to god if you do anything to hurt her, you’ll have to answer to me.” Drunk or not, Louis sounds terribly sober. “Are you in love with her?”

“Jesus, Louis.”

“I’m serious, Harvey. Do you love her?”

And as angry as Harvey’s getting, the scotch in his system is doing a number on his ability to compartmentalize, and he actually answers the question without meaning to. “Yeah. Of course I do.”

Louis looks wholly unimpressed with the response. “Of course you do? That’s your answer?”

“What do you want me to say, Louis?” Harvey asks, annoyed that both conversations he’s had on the topic have devolved in this way when all he’s doing is admitting to truth.

“Something better than that! I didn’t expect Ralph Waldo Emerson from you, but it wouldn’t hurt you to try.” Louis looks at him with a mix of disbelief and frustration. “Maybe I’m being unfair. Even Christian only woos Roxane with Cyrano de Bergerac’s gifted poetry. So Harvey, I offer my services.”

“Okay, I think we’re done.”

But Louis continues, clearly on a roll. “This is a gorgeous woman in her prime, someone who has devoted 12 of her best years to being at your side like a tragic Ophelia to your Hamlet.”

Harvey sighs. “This is overly dramatic even for you.”

“What are you waiting for?” Louis asks.

It’s too complicated to explain, emotions so twined in the years that love has taken on every meaning, so Harvey doesn’t respond.  He loves Donna, but there’s no one reason, only a thousand small ones that he can’t begin to sort through. If he’s supposed to do something more, he doesn’t know where to begin.

“She loves you, Harvey,” Louis shares quietly, finally getting the message and winding down. “But before she risks herself again for you, you owe it to her to figure out where you stand.”

Rarely does Harvey really listen to advice from Louis, but this message resonates in a way he can’t ignore. He nods, the best answer he can give without committing to anything.

It’s only later that he recognizes the obvious symmetry.


A Brief Education

Hello Internet :) 

This man is DON BLUTH 

he is an artist 

a cartoon artist 

an animator, if you will.

He is responsible for some work on the following classics 

As you may have noticed - these are Disney films. 

This nice man worked for Disney.


Mr Bluth didn’t like the way Disney did stuff. He wanted the animation to return to its heyday. He thought the films they were producing were a bit lame. 

So he left! 

He left The Walt Disney Company.

And he started his own company. 

Don Bluth Productions 

(With a few other ex-Disney animators :) ) 

Now pay attention. 

He proceeded to make some really cool films you might have seen, such as: 

Now then.

These films were doing really well (look, that one has Steven Spielberg involved!) 

Don Bluth was happy :) 

Disney were doing this: 

**Disclaimer: I LOVE The Black Cauldron** …But 

Compared to

But then Disney made some decisions and fired some people and hired some people.

They found a story they’d shelved several years back and tried a few things.

So in the early 90’s Don Bluth accidentally did this 

Whilst Disney had managed to do this 

To combat that Mr Bluth tried a clever trick 

He ALSO took a Hans Christian Anderson story (woo) 

Made the protagonist a red head (yeah this’ll work!)

and cast Jodi Benson in the titular role (sure fire win) 

Woo Yeah! Genius we…


Meanwhile Disney had found their Renaissance and continued for the next 10 years with:

Oooh lets see what Don Bluth is doing! 

….oh….oh i’m so sorry. 

Oooh,how about now? 

….I’ll stop..

He used Disney’s successful renaissance tropes 

  • A sassy, resourceful princess 
  • A handsome, sassy ‘prince’
  • A scary, gross, evil villain 
  • Beautiful songs
  • Famous actors to voice the characters 

But it is not Disney. 

It’s still Don Bluth 













The Don Bluth Production Studios died a death, they had a couple more films afterwards (a shitty sequel to Anastasia focusing on the bat, and Titan A.E), but sadly they were heard of no more.

Don Bluths heyday was over :( 

In the early 80’s, he was meant to do an adaptation of East of the Sun, West of the Moon, which i’m convinced would have been a gorgeous hit. Unfortunately, it didn’t have the financial backing :( 

So there we have it. This post was spawned from a article that referenced to Anastasia as a Disney Princess - something the internet keeps doing. 

There’s a beautiful gif set on Tumblr that expresses the amount of animated women mistaken for Disney Princesses - but I felt Mr Bluth deserved his own brief historical explanation.