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So Loved

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For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. -  John 3:16


We’ve probably all heard it more times than we could count. It always feels like everyone’s “go-to” verse, to the point where I admit I practically roll my eyes when I see it posted somewhere.

But let’s never become too hardened in our hearts with a familiar part of God’s Word that we can no longer look at it with fresh eyes.

For this is the Gospel. That God so loved our sinful, rebellious, and broken world that He put His one and only son here on this earth to die in our place. Therefore, we are made alive in Christ. We no longer are slaves to sin and death, but instead receive the fullness of God’s grace and mercy forever in His everlasting Kingdom.


Are you truly Christian or do you claim to be one? We walk in error more times than we can count but the question is are we walking in active repentance? Take some time to think on this today.

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God has plans for us. From the beginning of time, God made His covenant to the people of Israel to grant freedom, prosperity, and success (Exodus 19:5). However, God wants us to obey Him in order for us to fulfill His plans. 

Yet, sometimes it’s hard for us to obey or we refuse to obey. This could be due to certain reasons: we might think we are not capable of what God wants us to do, we don’t know the heart of God, we fail to listen to God because we are too busy with our own agenda, we are out of focus or too focused on something else. As a result, we reach a point where we don’t know His intentions, and therefore don’t trust His instructions.

Knowing the heart of God will help us trust His commands. We will have the courage to obey Him because we know He only means well and greatness for us. However, if we don’t believe and trust in God’s plans, it will be difficult for us to obey Him. 

We have to remember, we were born with a hardened heart and if we keep moving away from the Lord, our hearts will become harder and harder until it becomes difficult for us to obey Him. The more we work on being closer to God, the more our hearts will be softened and be more willing and capable to obey.

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DAY 129 of 365

So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. - Luke 11:9

My dear sister,

1. He knows exactly what you need

Tonight’s verse is Jesus telling His disciples to ask for what they need when it comes to God. This beautiful truth is a reminder to us that it’s not about making a long list and handing it over to God and saying, “here God! I need these things by the year 2017.” It’s a verse about knowing that we must ask, seek, and knock when it comes to our Lord. This verse does not mean that we get to try and manipulate God and trick Him into getting what we want…because as we read through verse 13, God is not trying to trick us or play games with us at all. It is His will to give us exactly what we need, so we need not be afraid to ask Him, seek Him, and knock–even when it comes the things we desire in our future. Right now, as you’re waiting on the future, ask and seek God with all you have, and knock on that door to access HIM daily, in Jesus’ name, knowing that He will give you everything that He already knows you need.

2. He knows what you need even in those moments when you’re tired of being alone.

Don’t be afraid to talk to God even when it comes to those moments when you’re tired of being alone. For some there are these moments where loneliness just hits you. Maybe it was a picture of a happy couple you know, or an unanswered text, or a Saturday night by yourself that just has you feeling like no decent man who loves the Lord will ever be interested in you. Know that in that very moment, it’s not about picking yourself apart, but it’s about asking the Lord very specific questions about the things you are worried about in that moment. Because of Jesus, we can go DIRECTLY to God and He is not frustrated or angry when we come knocking. He WANTS us to seek Him. He WANTS us to pray real, genuine prayers when we are in need of comfort as we wait for the future. So as you wait for your future, go to Him right now, knowing that He has all you need…now.

Biblical context + further reading: Luke 11:1-13, John 16:24, Mt. 7:7, 21:22, Mark 11:24, John 15:7