christian tychsen

Wearing the Black Panzer jacket with officer’s piping around the collar is Sturmbannführer Christian Tychsen, who won the Knight’s Cross during the battle for Kharkov in March 1943; this photograph was taken after the battle in April-May 1943.

Obersturmbannführer of the Waffen SS ,Christian Tychsen became 2nd SS Panzer Rgt commander on November 1943, and held command until he replaced Heinz Lammerding as temporary Commanding Officer of the Das Reich Division.

He died in Normandy in July 1944 when the Kubelwagen he was in, was fired upon by an advancing American tank. He died of his wounds in American captivity. Looters took his tunic with all his decorations and all other types of identification, so he was buried as an unknown soldier, but was later identified

Knight’s Cross winner SS-Sturmbannführer Christian Tychsen won the award in March 1943 while commanding II. Abteilung, SS-Panzer-Regiment 2 of the ‘Das Reich’ Division and in October that year received the Oak Leaves to the Knight’s Cross. Wounded at least nine times, he was killed-in-action in Normandy while deputy divisional CO during July 1944.


SS-Sturmbannführer Christian Tychsen, commander of II./SS-Panzer-Regiment 2 of the Das Reich Division, photographed during the Kursk battles in July 1943 as he takes a little pause for smoking and drinking between heavy combats. He is wearing the tanker’s one-piece camouflage suit.


SS-Gruppenführer Walter Krüger, the commander of the Das Reich Division, has just given Knight’s Crosses and other awards to officers from his division for the superb conduct during successful counterattack at Kharkov, April 1943. Click on to see their names.