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Sierra and her husband have an announcement to make….

When Mommy’s Away...

His eyes scanned the crowded airport in search of his wife. He didn’t care whether any fans spotted him hanging around though he did try to disguise himself as much as he could with a hoodie, a hat and glasses. All he was trying to do was find a sign of her.

He had sent her various text messages to let her know he was waiting by the area she was expected to exit her plane but he wouldn’t have been surprised if her phone had long ago died and she hadn’t bothered to charge it. That was his wife. He couldn’t even remember how many times he got upset with her because his calls went unanswered because she had stowed her phone somewhere she couldn’t remember or just let it simply die because, as she put it, she didn’t want to be bothered by the many messages that filled her inbox on a daily basis.

He stepped past a family that stood greeting each other in a large hug. He couldn’t wait to do the same exact thing whenever he found the love of his life in the mass of people but it seemed she found him first.

His eyes fell on the petite woman waving his way. She had nearly left the suitcase she was wheeling behind her where she stood until she remembered that she probably shouldn’t just have that lying around the airport for someone to snatch up. Reluctantly, she dragged it behind her until she reached his arms.

He quickly enveloped her into a large hug that nearly suffocated her considering his large build and her small one. Her head didn’t even reach up to his shoulders but instead fell into the middle of his chest. She always liked that, feeling as if it was comfortable to be the shorter, more vulnerable one. “Sergio.” She breathed out his name as if it was the greatest thing she had said in the last 24 hours.

2 weeks would have been more correct.

She had been selected to go on a business trip with a few of her colleagues to New York. It was a great opportunity but 2 weeks in New York meant 2 weeks away from Sergio.

2 weeks away from his boisterous laugh, his infectious smile, his mediocre cooking that he was working to improve just for her. That was a long damn time.

But now she was back and if she didn’t realize before that she missed him it was evident now by the way she tightly clung to him. Sergio leaned down to place a kiss to her lips. It was soft but longing as he briefly slipped his tongue into her mouth. She uttered a small giggle as soon as they parted. “Let’s save the lust for a little later when we’re not in public,” she reminded him. Sergio had a habit of losing himself in their kisses like the time he nearly took her down on a bench in the public park.

It was a passionate kiss that made its rounds all over the internet and the media who didn’t have lives of their own or partners of their own to kiss the way Sergio kissed her relished in it.

He grabbed her bag for her and began pulling it down the corridor so they could quickly get out of the airport and make their way home.

“Are you hungry?” He questioned.

She nodded her head, remembering the food on the plane she had barely touched.

He broke out into a mischievous smile. “It’s time for me to try my hand at that empanada recipe.”

AKA she would be the one making empanadas for dinner.

She spent practically the entire ride staring at him and running her fingers through his hair which seemed to have grown fairly long since the last she had seen it. She liked it. In her daze of staring at him the ride went fairly quickly.

Once they arrived home he grabbed her things out of the trunk while she quickly headed to the door. She was eager to see her children and it seemed they were eager to see her as well because as soon as she slipped the key into the door and opened it, they were scrambling over each other to the door.

The sound of her name being called caused a wide grin to spread on her face. She had missed the chaos that was her household. The three children clamored around their mother, each taking a hold of her legs in some manner while she bent down to place a kiss to each of their faces.

“Have you been driving Papá insane?”

“Yes,” they all seemed to sing out in pleasant, giggling tones. At least they were well aware of the torture they had put Sergio through in their mother’s absence. If it wasn’t for the babysitter it may have been way worse for the footballer.

Sergio mouthed ‘insane’ to himself as all the memories of the past two weeks came rushing back to him though it wasn’t like they ever really left. The chocolate bar Sierra somehow had let melt in her hands still had a faint stain on the sofa to remind him. Christian would have nearly kicked a ball through their front window if it weren’t for Sergio’s impeccable goal keeping skills.

Who would have been to blame if that precious, expensive glass would have shattered? Sergio.

That explained why there were so many missing wine bottles.

The triple threat that was Christian, Sierra and Camila ran the Ramos’ household and their parents knew that as well. It was hard to upset the adorableness that was a mixture of the both of them.

“We had a lot of junk food while you were gone,” Camila admitted lowly to her mother but not low enough for Sergio to not hear her confession.

“Hey! That was supposed to be between us!”

The children broke into loud laughs, finally letting go of their mother’s legs they were still holding while she stood up and looked to her guilty husband with a smirk. “I knew you would give into them while I was away.”

“How could I not? Look at them!”

And so she did. When she turned to look back at them they were all three lined in a perfect row beaming wide, white smiles and showcasing the missing teeth between them all. That caught her attention. “Did someone lose another tooth?”

She bent down and inspected Christian’s mouth closer, taking his chin into her palm while she turned his head side to side to get a good view.

The boy enthusiastically nodded. He was excited to share this story. “Papá pulled it out with a string. There was blood EVERYWHERE!”

Her mouth dropped and she turned to look over her shoulder at her husband who was now standing with a hand covering his face.

That left a stain too.

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Here’s a video of my mermaid box in action!! This piece took me several weeks to make (the wood box took about a week, I painted it all this week, and the mermaid herself took about a week in her own right). It’s inspired by The Little Mermaid, with a lot of inspiration coming from the Glenn Casale-directed production of the musical with designs by Bob Crowley, as well as classical painting and woodcut illustrations. I hope you enjoy it!!

So those of you who do not know- this is me and my best friend Christian Alberto Sierra. Nearly two months ago Christian was shot and killed by a police officer, who responded to a suicide call. My entire town was up in arms about losing him, but as the second month with him gone comes around, people are forgetting, just as people do. Most of them just wanted to be apart of the hype, which is incredibly disappointing. But i will not let his memory simply be forgotten, and i will not stop until the cop is behind bars. But in the small town i live in, the cops are trying as hard as possible to sweep this ‘indescretion" under the rug. So im coming to you guys, my 3,000 followers and begging you to reblog this. Make him known. Too often lives are taken by the corruptions of our authority. So i ask you please- share this, get his story known. 

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A year ago today, Norm Lewis became the first African American man to play the role of the Phantom on Broadway. This added to the shows numerous historic moments through the years. He came in with a bang and left the same way. In the short time he was there, Mr. Lewis was able to show the world that it doesn’t matter what color, gender, or religion you are, you can achieve what you want. He made a huge difference. What a voice, what a Phantom, what a man. We miss you Norm!

How come Christian didn't get the attention this ferguson case is getting?

My best friend was shot down by an officer nearly 3 months ago but the hype is nothing compared to this. I feel for this cause and all but honestly where the fuck was this when he was murdered? Why the fuck didn’t anyone care this much? It’s bullshit. I’ll tell you why. Because this is now a hate crime, and suddenly people give a shit when it’s a race thing. Racism goes two ways people.