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The crest on Piangi’s Hannibal armour. 

The costume design seems to indicate some sort of Roman insignia or crest, in gold, set on a silver background. But the details are loose enough to allow various interpretations. Most common is a “flower” circle or oval with decorations on the inside, or around it. Another common motif is a lion’s head. It varies if the armour is a gold/silver combo, or just golden/brassy. It’s held up by black decorated straps over a green tunic. 

1. John Aron, original West End, 
2. Charlie Serrano, Stuttgart, 
3. Jim Heath, West End, 
4. Thabiso Masemene, Johannesburg, 
5. Maria Bjørnson’s costume design (detail), 
6. Santiago Sirur, Buenos Aires, 
7. Evan Harrington, Broadway, 
8. Larry Wayne Morbitt, Las Vegas, 
9. Christian Šebek, Broadway.