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Thomas Sanders (Written by Joan "@jonerstrokes")

source: Am I ORIGINAL? | Thomas Sanders

written by joan (@ jonerstrokes [tumblr and insta])
sung by thomas sanders (@ thatsthat24 [tumblr and insta])
rap track by chris shaw (@ czekiel [insta]; @ czekiel_ [twitter]; christian shaw [soundcloud])

credits taken from video description.

yeah, i converted and downloaded an mp3 of the entire 12 min video onto my phone, edited it and then edited screenshots for an album cover just so i could have this downloaded. logic is my fav.

i figured i could upload it to tumblr for yall too. thanks to @thatsthat24 for always brightening my day!

Please fire me. I am a paralegal, and one of the basic pieces of information we need from new clients for legal purposes is their date of birth. Usually, we simply allow them to write down said information on an intake form.

Today, I discovered that one of my clients listed their DOB as “12/31/15.”

I guess the unborn ARE entitled to legal representation, after all.

Below is a list of facts about the historical Jesus that are accepted by ancient historians – Christian, non-Christian, atheist.

These are compiled by non-Christian scholar E.P. Sanders:

From his book “Jesus and Judaism” (1985):

  • Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.
  • Jesus called disciples and spoke of there being twelve.
  • Jesus confined his activity to Israel.
  • Jesus was a Galilean who preached and healed.
  • Jesus engaged in a controversy about the temple.
  • Jesus was crucified outside Jerusalem by the Roman authorities.
  • After his death, his followers continued as an identifiable movement.
  • At least some Jews persecuted at least parts of the new movement.

From his book “The Historical Figure of Jesus” (1993):

  • Jesus was born c.4 BCE, near the time of the death of Herod the Great;
  • He spent his childhood and early adult years in Nazareth, a Galilean village;
  • He was baptized by John the Baptist;
  • He called disciples;
  • He taught in the towns, villages, and countryside of Galilee (apparently not the cities);
  • He preached “the kingdom of God”;
  • Around the year 30 he went to Jerusalem for Passover;
  • He created a disturbance in the temple area;
  • He had a final meal with the disciples;
  • He was arrested and interrogated by Jewish authorities, specifically the high priest;
  • He was executed on the orders of the Roman prefect, Pontius Pilate;
  • His disciples at first fled;
  • They saw him (in what sense is uncertain) after his death;
  • As a consequence they believed he would return to found the kingdom;
  • They formed a community to await his return and sought to win others to faith in him as God’s Messiah.
Zodiac Signs as Viners

Aries: Kingbatch
Taurus: Lele Pons
Gemini: Alex James
Cancer: Brandon Calvillo
Leo: Allicattt
Virgo: Christian Delgrosso
Libra: Tomas Sanders
Scorpio: Piques
Sagittarius: Jerry Purpdrank
Capricorn: Nash Grier
Aquarius: The Gabby Show
Pisces: Robby Ayala

I saw Heathers last night for the first time and I have some thoughts. JD and Veronica started off cute and then they ended up killing three people and I have no idea how that happened. Talk about a plot twist. That being said, I’m trying to imagine sunshine @thatsthat24 Thomas Sanders as JD and I’m struggling, man. I’m gonna need some video proof or something.

The problem with most pro-life Americans: They will always come up with 1000x reasons why a 4 week old fetus has to live. And they will never, ever stop coming up with 1000x reasons why an unarmed black teen had to die at the hands of heavily armed cops.

I’m honestly furious about all these articles that are like “Bernie Sanders may be Jewish but he embodies Christian/Catholic values!”

THEY ARE JEWISH VALUES. Social justice is a Jewish value. Tzedakah (charity or justice) is a Jewish value. There are many Jewish organizations and individuals fighting for social justice today. Please stop erasing that.

Christian privilege is cribbing half their religion from Judaism and then acting like they fucking invented social justice.


Cara Delevinge and Tom Hiddleston in Vogue Magazine

  • 1st: Chanel sweetheart-pink silk-charmeuse top
  • 2nd:Nina Ricci cardigan
  • 3rd: Jil Sander cashmere cardigan, Dior pearl earrings
  • 4th: L’Wren Scott halter dress; Balenciaga wool coat, Christian Louboutin heels.
  • 5th: Rochas shirt and trousers BOSS virgin-wool coat
  • 6th: Marc Jacobs leopard-print silk dress
  • 7th: Bottega Veneta Japanese-crepe dress
The signs as "taboo" conversation topics
  • Political views: Virgo, Gemini, Capricorn
  • Religious views: Cancer, Aquarius, Libra
  • Drugs: Sagittarius, Pisces, Taurus
  • Sex: SCORPIO, Aries, Leo