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Thomas Sanders (Written by Joan "@jonerstrokes")

source: Am I ORIGINAL? | Thomas Sanders

written by joan (@ jonerstrokes [tumblr and insta])
sung by thomas sanders (@ thatsthat24 [tumblr and insta])
rap track by chris shaw (@ czekiel [insta]; @ czekiel_ [twitter]; christian shaw [soundcloud])

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yeah, i converted and downloaded an mp3 of the entire 12 min video onto my phone, edited it and then edited screenshots for an album cover just so i could have this downloaded. logic is my fav.

i figured i could upload it to tumblr for yall too. thanks to @thatsthat24 for always brightening my day!

So you know how my brain does the thing where it takes something cute and/or feelingsy and turns it into something angsty and/or hilarious? Well…

You know how people often compare Thomas Sanders @thatsthat24 to an angel? I just… I just imagined him shedding his human skin and being revealed to be a throne which if you didn’t know a throne is an angel that IS TWO GIANT WHEELS INSIDE OF EACH OTHER COVERED IN THOUSANDS OF EYES AND ARE ALSO ON FIRE.

Anyways that was a terrifying and also incredibly hilarious image and I’m gonna go pray to my God that this vision full of conflicting emotions I just experienced is not true.

Please fire me. I am a paralegal, and one of the basic pieces of information we need from new clients for legal purposes is their date of birth. Usually, we simply allow them to write down said information on an intake form.

Today, I discovered that one of my clients listed their DOB as “12/31/15.”

I guess the unborn ARE entitled to legal representation, after all.

There is trend going on of smearing Jews. 

I saw an article that whole premise of it was that Bernie Sanders in conformation hearing for deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget was making it hard for him because he was christian.

Now this wasn’t in some far right online thing or some over the top christian blog.

No this was in an Atlantic article.   

And I read it and then read it again to make sure I understood what I read.

See what actually happened was Bernie Sander, a Jewish man, was making sure that the nominee was going to do his job for all the people and not just some.

You might wonder why Bernie Sanders was concerned here is why:

Sanders took issue with a piece Vought wrote in January 2016 about a fight at the nominee’s alma mater, Wheaton College. The Christian school had fired a political-science professor, Larycia Hawkins, for a Facebook post intended to express solidarity with Muslims. Vought disagreed with Hawkins’s post and defended the school in an article for the conservative website The Resurgent. During the hearing, Sanders repeatedly quoted one passage that he found particularly objectionable:

Muslims do not simply have a deficient theology. They do not know God because they have rejected Jesus Christ his Son, and they stand condemned.

“In my view, the statement made by Mr. Vought is indefensible, it is hateful, it is Islamophobic, and it is an insult to over a billion Muslims throughout the world,” Sanders told the committee during his introductory remarks. “This country, since its inception, has struggled, sometimes with great pain, to overcome discrimination of all forms … we must not go backwards.”

Yeah I am concerned too, Bernie.

Later, during the question-and-answer portion of the hearing, Sanders brought this up again. “Do you believe that statement is Islamophobic?” he asked Vought.

“Absolutely not, Senator,” Vought replied. “I’m a Christian, and I believe in a Christian set of principles based on my faith.”

As Russell Moore, the head of the political arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, said in a statement, “Even if one were to excuse Senator Sanders for not realizing that all Christians of every age have insisted that faith in Jesus Christ is the only pathway to salvation, it is inconceivable that Senator Sanders would cite religious beliefs as disqualifying an individual for public office.”

The exchange shows just how tense the political environment under Trump has become. But it’s also evidence of the danger of using religion to deem someone unfit to serve in government.

Bernie didn’t take issue with this guy being christian. Bernie was rightly concerned that the nominee may not do his job for all the citizens.

Sanders: I don’t know how many Muslims there are in America, I really don’t know, probably a couple million. Are you suggesting that all of those people stand condemned? What about Jews? Do they stand condemned too?

Vought: Senator, I am a Christian—

Sanders: I understand that you are a Christian. But this country is made up of people who are not just—I understand that Christianity is the majority religion. But there are other people who have different religions in this country and around the world. In your judgment, do you think that people who are not Christians are going to be condemned?

I don’t know I gotta agree with Bernie here.

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It’s okay to change religion.

It’s okay to drop religion.

You are not a bad Christian because you weren’t born one.

You are not a bad Jew because you converted.

You are not a bad Muslim because you were raised differently.

You are not a bad atheist because you believed in a higher power.

You are valid in whatever you believe, no matter your past. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Below is a list of facts about the historical Jesus that are accepted by ancient historians – Christian, non-Christian, atheist.

These are compiled by non-Christian scholar E.P. Sanders:

From his book “Jesus and Judaism” (1985):

  • Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.
  • Jesus called disciples and spoke of there being twelve.
  • Jesus confined his activity to Israel.
  • Jesus was a Galilean who preached and healed.
  • Jesus engaged in a controversy about the temple.
  • Jesus was crucified outside Jerusalem by the Roman authorities.
  • After his death, his followers continued as an identifiable movement.
  • At least some Jews persecuted at least parts of the new movement.

From his book “The Historical Figure of Jesus” (1993):

  • Jesus was born c.4 BCE, near the time of the death of Herod the Great;
  • He spent his childhood and early adult years in Nazareth, a Galilean village;
  • He was baptized by John the Baptist;
  • He called disciples;
  • He taught in the towns, villages, and countryside of Galilee (apparently not the cities);
  • He preached “the kingdom of God”;
  • Around the year 30 he went to Jerusalem for Passover;
  • He created a disturbance in the temple area;
  • He had a final meal with the disciples;
  • He was arrested and interrogated by Jewish authorities, specifically the high priest;
  • He was executed on the orders of the Roman prefect, Pontius Pilate;
  • His disciples at first fled;
  • They saw him (in what sense is uncertain) after his death;
  • As a consequence they believed he would return to found the kingdom;
  • They formed a community to await his return and sought to win others to faith in him as God’s Messiah.
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