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Battle Chasers #7 (Variant Cover)

Art by: J. Scott Campbell, Richard Friend and Christian “Liquid!” Lichtner

13 june 17

happy summer to all! currently working on my shop, preparing to start work next week, journaling and reading the Bible… enjoying respite back in my sunny home, fighting jetlag, all that jazz. 

praying for a worry-free, lovely day for anyone reading x


アンデルセン物語 / Anderusen monogatari
(The World of Hans Christian Andersen)

141 in x of animated feature film history
Release: Mar. 19th, 1968
Country: Japan
Director: Kimio Yabuki

Released in 1968 by Toei Animation, The World of Hans Christian Andersen tells a fictionalized version of the life of 19th century Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, famous for writing fairy tales like ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘The Little Match Girl’. The film was released in the United States in 1971. 

“Young Hans’ father is the least wealthy shoemaker in town, though he’s good at his work. Hans has a good imagination; it helps that his town is a little on the fantastic side, with talking mice and cats, and the mysterious stranger, Uncle Oley, who comes by to have his shoes repaired and pays with a piece of red leather. The leather is well timed, since there’s a contest to make red shoes for the princess to wear to the opera, and Hans’ father couldn’t afford the red leather. Oley tells Hans that his jobs include polishing the stars weekly and acting as the sand man. 

The poor flower-seller next door to Hans is evicted––her granddaughter, Elisa, is a good friend of Hans. He later sees her selling matches to pay for her grandmother’s medicine and uses the money he earned for an opera ticket to buy all her matches instead. 

At the opera, the red shoes make the princess (the Mayor’s daughter) dance uncontrollably out the door and onto the rooftops. The audience panics and runs after her. When they return, Hans is telling a boy the story of the little match girl; he doesn’t notice them assemble, but they are enthralled by his storytelling skills, and the Governor, who came to town for the opera, takes Hans to Copenhagen for his education.

The film shares its title––’Andersen Stories’––with a 1971 Japanese television series by Mushi Production, a rival studio of Toei Animation’s. Also based on the stories of Hans Christian Andersen, the show aired 52 episodes.” 


The World of Hans Christian Andersen is available on YouTube.


Christianity still hates Jews and still demonizes Judaism. Christianity will never rid itself of its antisemitism.


  • Ministries that seek to convert Jews still exist.
  • Messianic Judaism is the product of Christian theft of Jewish culture and rite.
  • Christians still use the Gospels, all of which make false and hateful depictions of Jews.
  • White pride movements are primarily Christian or ex-Christian.
  • Christians regularly use Jews as if Jews aren’t people, but props.
  • Christians use genocidal actions targeting Jews as props.