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reblog if you believe that youtubers can help you with emotional struggles.

my parents act really judgey when I say that youtubers like Dan and Phil and Tyler helped me and are currently helping me through my depression/anxiety/etc, so I wanted to see if anyone else believes that youtubers can genuinely help.


Of Mice & Men

Panic! At The Disco

Lana Del Rey

Fall Out Boy


American Horror Story

Patty Walters

Christian Novelli



Joey Graceffa

Shane Dawson

Sleeping With Sirens

Breathe Carolina

Bryan Stars


Dan Howell

Phil Lester



Tyler Oakley

Troye Sivan

Bring Me The Horizon

Grace Helbig

Mamrie Hart

Hannah Hart

Sprinkle Of Glitter

(and any other youtubers)

All Time Low

Warped Tour


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Growing up

I’ve never actually felt like I’ve ever wanted to make a meaningful tumblr post ever. I was reading something on twitter about YouTubers and how we all grow up and stop watching them! It really stuck a chord in my body. But the post I saw was completely right even though I didn’t want to believe it. For me, YouTubers are my life and imagining my life without them is quite heart breaking. I’m just going to use my favourite youtuber as an example which is Luke Cutforth. Luke is not going to be doing YouTube forever, maybe not in the next 10 years. Luke will grow up, get married, have a family and I can’t do anything about that. Luke is going to make a final YouTube video, and he’s going to start a new chapter in his life. The same as Dan&Phil, Emma Blackery, VeeOneEye, BriBry, Tyler Oakley and so on! And then we are going to grow up. Our teenage years will be over before we know it. A lot of us will have online friends now, but I know we won’t speak to them forever. The friendships we have now won’t last forever. I love everyone of my online friends and real life friends. The sad part is with your online friends is that, your conversations will get shorter, you won’t speak for weeks and then nothing at all. Imagine that! I know I will never forget any fandom that I was in. I made myself cry on twitter last night because I’ll be letting go of YouTube and my friends one day. 20 years on from now, this will be over! I won’t be a teenager anymore. But we can’t help that. Time is going away fast. It made me also think, I might never meet my favourite youtuber, he might forget who I am! When or if I have kids, i know I’m going to tell them about YouTube if it isn’t still a website. I’m going to explain to them everything to them, fandoms, tweets, tumblr and so on. I will explain to them, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here anymore. And that is completely true! It really sucks, it does! Growing up sucks because we really can’t do anything about it and then when youtubers leave YouTube, they sign off from their channel, it will be the saddest day of our lives! But I know I will be proud of them! And I’m sure a lot of you will too. I guess it’s all going to be a part of growing up.