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🌟 - A Different Family Member 
👻  - Someone They Don’t See Meet Often

Arthur: My cousins, Jett and Christian Kirkland. They’re currently living on a different continent now so they can’t visit often. 

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Name: Cheyenne
Age: 17
Country: Australia

sadude, so already know the important stuff. I love the beach, love going out with friends or just hanging out with friends, Harry Potter, soccer, drawing n that shit, reading and just living life really. I love to travel, travelled around Australia and went to China last year. So I obviously know chinese a pretty good amount, about at a 4-5 year old level, know some Spanish and German but mostly English, open to all races n religions, but fair warning I’m Christian so if you are going to start shit keep on looking. Um yeah, love my friends and family, value them tremendously and will protect them with my life. Just trying to live the best life I can, yeah bro. Deuces xx p.s I am a meme lord so if you like memes we will be best friends

Preferences: 15+ and like no creeps because cya, but yeah whatever you are I’m down with that

anonymous asked:

Ok,I get it: you're a meme. That doesn't excuse the fact that the description to your video was offensive. Idk if Easter is sacred to you, but it is to a lot of people. To curse in the same sentence as Easter is rude, bro. The whole thing is mocking Christianity. (I know it's a meme, but s was an inappropriate place for one.) I don't mean to come off abrasively and I'm sorry if I do, but I hope next time you can be a little considerate concerning religious stuff.