jensen and friends :)


…The second scene was the one immediately following, where Eliot talks Hardison down.  The scene had some serious emotional context for the show sure, as it was nice to finally say in text what we felt that relationship had become – brothers.  But it had a second layer.  A very dear friend of mine was in Air Force Combat Search and Rescue right out of high school.  When we were younger, and I was freaking out or insecure or nervous about something, he’d pep talk me.  He’d do that neck grab and tuck my head in, because touching helmets like that, that’s as close as you can get in a combat situation.  "Fucking relax.   Smartest guy I know,“ he’d say, often impatiently.

Well, that friend passed, not long before I wrote that scene.  So I was writing him in that scene. Writing one of the four or so guys who became my brothers, who lived in my house, ate at my mom’s table, sat around bullshitting in the Burger King parking lot for hours every night, who kept me from being a nervous, shy physics geek who never wrote, never performed, never joked.

When I explained that context to Christian and Aldis and Beth, I have to admit I teared up.  And then – and this is why I love them – they dug in on that scene.  They’d already rehearsed and committed to it, but then they really brought something extra. Kane in particular, knew he was playing my brother, and ran over after every take to make sure he was landing it. So know that for every time I say "Fucking Oklahoma…” because of some bone-headed stunt bullshit he did, understand I’ll always love him, and Aldis and Beth, for how they acted that day.

— John Rogers [x]



Eliot Spencer |  Leverage | “You have no idea who I was before all this started. That guy—kid—he had God in his heart, a flag on his shoulder. Clean hands. I haven’t seen him in the mirror in over ten years. And believe me, I get up every morning looking for him. So you can trust me when I tell you that if you pull that trigger, two men die: the guy you kill, and the guy you used to be.”


Leverage 5x02 — The Blue Line Job

There’s a pretty deep base of hockey players among the Leverage crew. Dean played in a Hollywood league back in the day (with Wil Wheaton, as a matter of fact), and there’s a pick-up team up in Portland. Aldis plays on that team. He was rather annoyed that he’s the only actor who does skate, and he didn’t get to strut his stuff.

Technically, he was the only actor who did skate. That changed. As soon as we knew we were doing this episode, we gave Kane a call.

“We need you to play hockey and fight on the ice.”

“When’s it shoot?”

“Third episode.”

“(beat) No problem.”

Kane flew up to Portland a month early, got a coach, and there he is — annoying me by doing his stunts in a whole new environment. Joy.

Yeah, that’s Kane doing all his own damn skating and fighting.

— John Rogers