christian is the only one with a backpack

Seventeen as High School Stereotypes.
  • S.Coups: That one jock that is friends with everyone and gets perfect grades. Hes super friendly and everyone loves him. All the girls want to be with him and all the guys want to be him. Every fathers dream.
  • Jeonghan: That one popular pretty boy that you either love or hate. Comes off like a bitch sometimes but is super friendly if you get to know him. The girls aren't sure if they want him or want to be him. Confuses everyones sexuality.
  • Joshua: That one kid who brings his guitar to school and is part of the Fellowship Of Christian Athletes. Super friendly. All the teachers love him.
  • Jun: That one fuckboy. Super hot. Popular. Knows how to make any girl swoon.
  • Hoshi: That one class clown. Teachers generally don't like him. Will do anything to get a laugh out of the class.
  • Wonwoo: That emo kid that always wears a black hoodie and sits in the back. Only ever hangs out with small group of friends but is pretty cool if you get to know him.
  • Woozi: hat one kid with the rolly backpack. Mom doesn't let him eat gluten and has never touched a girl.
  • DK: That one kid who tries to be friends with everyone and is always smiling. Lets people step on him and use him but is still always happy.
  • Mingyu: That upperclassmen stoner who eats pizza during class. Always wears a grey hoodie and is always chill. Just wants to leave.
  • The8: That one kid. Gets average grades. Polite. Quiet. Just trying to survive High School.
  • Vernon: That one shy kid. Hes super insecure but super hot. Girls who notice him fall in love. Very smart but too scared to speak up in class.
  • Seungkwan: That one sassy kid who won't take nothin' from nobody. Always dresses on point and all the girls want to be his friend. Always the center of attention.
  • Dino: That one freshman who still looks like hes in fifth grade. Still innocent and untainted. Is really friendly and looks up to S.Coups.


okay, so i gathered up a little prompt list. i got inspired by a lot of different things and took about two weeks to come up with all of these. thus, i want to just state that i don’t want anyone to copy these and use in their own writing, thanks.

request a prompt in my ask box by putting the prompt number(s) and who you want it with in the message. currently i’m writing about cody christian, theo raeken, sebastian stan, bucky barnes, tom holland and peter parker :> (gif credits to the owners)


  1. “I know it’s gonna hurt so I’ll go first.”
  2. “I want you to be the one.”
  3. “Five more minutes, babe, five more minutes.”
  4. “I strongly believe how to annoy your girlfriend is a key to a healthy relationship.”
  5. “I don’t get how letting your life depend on two plastic … sticks is fun.”
  6. “Just … come and dance with me in the water.”
  7. “We could try bodypainting …”
  8. “Everything you are is everything I need.”
  9. “At least try to be cool.”
  10. “But how can you say no to that face !?”
  11. “What did you think ? That I enjoy the pain ?”
  12. “I’d be a little bit lost without you.”
  13. “Quick ! Let’s hide in the bathroom !”
  14. “My plan is to blame it on you.”
  15. “See, it’s the times like these that I need a dog for.”
  16. “I wasn’t going to say anything. I’m nice like that.”
  17. “Yeah, no. Those Shakespeare lines don’t work.”
  18. “We wouldn’t be in this situation if you would’ve just admitted I was right.”
  19. “You need to take a deep breath and calm down.”
  20. “[Name], we can’t fix what’s broken.”
  21. “When I say ‘netflix and chill’ I mean literally 'netflix and chill’.”
  22. “You watch too much MasterChef …”
  23. “You’ve been watching too much Supernatural and/or Teen Wolf.”
  24. “Oh god, you’ve watched Civil War too many times.”
  25. “Does dozing off for two minutes about an hour ago count ?” *slurps coffee*
  26. “This huge backpack on my back totally messed up with my balance.”
  27. “I want to, but I don’t think I’m ready yet.”
  28. “There’s only so many things I’m certain of. One of them is that I love you.”
  29. “So … how about a vacation ?”
  30. “But … it’s two a.m.”
  31. “Let’s get naked.”
  32. “I’m not even joking.”
  33. “I can’t stay mad at that face.”
  34. “You’re the reason why I’m here !”
  35. “What d'you think of Bahamas ?”